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[Lifestyle] Drop & Relax Car Service with Citicars, Sunway Pyramid

For the purpose of this blog post, lets give my car a name - Ah Red.

Ah Red was due for an engine oil change and this would be my first time sending it to service by myself. Usually I will ask my dad to do it because going to workshops just scare me. Dirty, sometimes secluded places with rude men who might charge me exorbitant prices x_x Plus the horrible wait of at least 2 hours with nothing to do. If you're lucky there will be a mamak nearby.

Then I was introduced to Citicars, an auto servicing centre in shopping malls. What! Why haven't people thought of this earlier!? We went to the Sunway Pyramid outlet. A bit anxious since it's my first time after all..

At Citicars Sunway Pyramid

Once you enter the basement carpark from in front of the lion head, you will see this at the end. Turn left and Citicars will be on your left.

Directions to Citicars in Sunway Pyramid carpark

Ta-da! Most awesome part? You don't even have to search for parking OMG! This is even better than ladies' parking ok.. It's right in front of the escalator to the shopping mall too. Super safe, bright and easy.

Citicars auto service in Sunway Pyramid

Their office is right across, beside the mall escalator.

Citicars office

See you in 1.5 hours, Ah Red! This is like a car daycare. 

They offer several packages here with fixed prices that are written on the banner so they cannot simply overcharge you.

Left Ah Red in their capable hands while I went to have lunch in Pyramid. The service time of 1.5 hours is perfect for a meal, a movie or some light shopping.

Signature 30 Point Inspection Check
This is awesome! Especially for such an oldie like Ah Red who needs a full body checkup occasionally. I don't know anything about cars so I leave it to the pros to play doctor.

Old car problems - many things are dirty and require fixing. Ivan snapped pics one by one, painstakingly explained what each item is for, how it affects my driving experience and how much it would cost to fix it. Like wow. Not everyone would take the time to do this. 

I'm loving their concept where you drop your car and relax in the mall. However, if you have car problems like Ah Red, be prepared for messages and phone calls asking you if you would like to repair them.

Also, Citicars is open daily including public holidays! So you don't have to take leave to service/repair your car anymore.

Sunway Pyramid

Entry A or C, Basement 1, Pillar R14 - 03-5611 0398

Garden's Mall

Zone B, P2, Pillar B60A - 03-2201 3639

Paradigm Mall

Entry A or B, Basement 1, Next to Pillar P13 – 03-7886 7960

Empire Shopping Gallery

Entry A or B, Basement 2 – 03-5612 0092

Contact number: 011-26182498

Operation Hours: 10am-8pm, 7 days a week including public holidays


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  1. It's cool to be able to service the car and go shop while waiting for it, usual mechanic shops always felt like wasting time

    1. IKR I'll usually sit at the mamak and rot

  2. I've only known about Eneos but this is new to me. It's a great idea to have it in a mall (easy parking is a bonus!) I love the idea of them taking photos and explaining what needs to be done and why. Hope they keep up the good service!

  3. The price is reasonable for car service that you have do. I love where they did not charge for the labour as outside they charge at less RM 15 - RM 30 and it depend on what type of inspection.

    1. Actually I think the labour charge is already included =) It's a package price

  4. nice red car you got there. i saw citicar outlet available in a lot of places. haha

    1. Yup! There are 2 near me so quite convenient

  5. oh, their services seems to be good! and they are open on public holidays, that's a plus point!

    1. Yup! Workshops are always closed on Public Holidays or by the time I get off work =(

  6. wow, super convenient and professional service they have! hope they can continue their good service!
    Love your red car though because not many car are in red xD


    1. Haha thanks! I went at lunch time so the carpark was packed but I easily drove into Citicars wahahhaa

  7. Always loved the concept of this and seen it a few times! The price seems pretty reasonable too.. Now just gotta find out if they cater to my car.. :p

    1. What car are you driving? I see they do service all sorts of cars haha

  8. Thank you for this! I am never the person who can sit quietly and wait for a carwash or check and I usually like to throw it at the centre and go for shopping or something. I should go check it out! :D

    1. Haha I can't even stand car washes. Servicing is like 1.5 hours sumore

  9. How convenient! :)

    I can just drop off my car and go do my stuff at the mall. I go to Sunway Pyramid quite often. I've always wondered about these auto car services, only use them when there's no parking HAHAHA but actually the prices are pretty competitive.

    1. A movie would be just perfect. I prefer these over car wash because car service is more of a necessity to me


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