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MagicColour Ballerina Pink

Contact lenses have become a big part of my life. Not only do they allow me to see clearly, they enhance my features and I can choose different colours to wear based on my mood ^_^

My love for huge lenses started with my pink Puffy lenses. Some girls are intimidated by the 16mm diameter but honestly, I love it! Ever since then, I've always thought of going back to pink lenses cos well.. It's PINK!

This is a pair of MagicColour Ballerina Pinks.

The design is so fine and delicate. I wish it was pinker like the 'wrong side' though xP

It's not as bright as my fav Sparkling Aquas but it's a different look. This gives a more subtle colour (although pink itself is not a natural eye colour) since there's more black.

I always pose with this pair of shades even though I never wear them out since they're uncomfortable and the shape doesn't suit me =/

Pink ribbon clip from night market is just LOVE..

Eyes : Empro eyeliner, Triangular Brow Pencil, falsies, Maybelline mascara on lower lashes, Silkygirl eyeliner (Frosty) in inner corners, Silkygirl eyeshadow
Face : Stage concealer on undereye, Elf HD Powder, Daiso Beige blusher, Elf blusher (Innocence)
Lips : Rimmel Nude Delight, NYX RLG (Sorbet)

Silly pose.. I am still unable to wink properly in photos =_="

I realize my winks look better if I include my fingers. Some kinda stupid psychological thing I guess =_="

Btw, if you think my skin looks GREAT, it's not Photoshop Cream but... e-portrait mode on my new Olympus Pen Lite *falls in love* It automatically makes my skin smoother x1000. I didn't even conceal my blemishes or put on foundation here! No editing was done except to crop and change the colour.

Awesome, eh?

Gosh, I look amazing here.. Especially love how my face looks smaller in the first photo and how I managed to pull of those cute poses without looking li-..

Wait.. Did you hear that?


Brain source : HERE. I swear I tried drawing it and phailed badly. Worst part? After completing step 2, I realized I drew it on the same layer as the oval & line *bangs head on table*

Yea yea I know it doesn't really look like a zombie lol But the first time I wore these lenses, I felt like they were dark with red in the middle so it had that 'creepy feel'.

Actually I couldn't decide to be a vampire or zombie so my friend said vamzombie =_="

Vampire version *wipes mouth after having a drink*

(should have added sparkly skin? LOL)

So as you can see, this lens is versatile. You can be a pink Barbie or a er.. vamzombie. Just change your makeup! ^_^

Base Curve :  Median
Diameter : 16 mm
Price : RM 40/year
Bought from : MagicColour
Made in Korea

Pros : Enlarging effect, comfortable, low irritation, not drying, opaque colour
Cons : Prefer a brighter colour/less black

My conclusion : Not my favourite series for this brand but I don't mind wearing it. I think the intricate design just adds to the girliness of this pink lens =) I recommend this if you like looking sweet & girly (or if you wanna be a vamzombie).

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Hahahhahaha I loveeeeeeee this post! ^_^ The falsies look SO good and natural on you! The contacts are alright! I've quitted wearing circle lenses for almost two years now.. boo!

    I love your zombie drawing HAHAH ! ^_^ So cute gal! 


  2. I've just started wearing falsies out and getting comfortable with them ^_^ Why did you quit wearing circle lenses? That day I wore a plain brown one and I kept thinking that I look strange LOL

    hahah! xD Thanks for your kind words lols~

  3. LOl, interesting review!
    Hmm, the website takes ages to load :(

    Time for me to go scout around for some contact lenses again :D

  4. ha! ha! many expressions... you are cute.. nice contact lense.

  5. That's strange.. It loads pretty fast to me. They're currently having a promo + contest where you can win an iPad2 :) I think info is on their FB or you can find it a few posts down

  6. I love the 16mm Pink lens~
    And you look so cute wearing it ^^~~

  7. thanks for the review. i think the lenses look cute on you. =)

  8. Thx~ This is my fav contact lens brand atm :)

  9. Look so nice! thank you for the review!

  10. Loled at the zombie (picture 2). Nice blog u have here btw :)

  11. wow those lenses are crazy!!! makes your eyes look so cool =] 

  12. Glad to have made you loled hahaha..

    Thank you :)

  13. Cool contacts!

  14. this gotta be the cutest pink lenses i've ever seen!
    most pink lenses are just baby pink or... pink but this is hot pink like and I love it!!
    suits you soooooo well XD

  15. Im bettin... you have not seen the Hello Kitty lenses yet :P

  16. i have seen the hello kitty one!! its crazy!!! XD

  17. Then wouldnt THAT be the cutest pink lenses ever?

  18. Why are you so cuuute? Love the contacts btw :)

  19. Contact lenses are a huge part of my life too!! These look so amazing on you! I've never bought lenses that come in plastic packaging though o_O except for acuvue define 1 day disposable...

  20. Oh its quite normal for me.. only the ones I buy online were contained in glass bottles. Almost cut my hand many times opening that metal cap!

  21. you're awesome hahaha! love your pink contact lenses :) I have a new post up! Hope you can check that out too :) Thank you!
    P.S. I am now following you via Google friend connect! Hope you follow me too :)


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