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[Beauty] Philips Satinelle Epilator - Is The Pain Worth It?

I've been shaving my legs forever and just got my FIRST epilator from Philips. Why didn't I get one earlier? Honestly I'm really scared of the pain especially since I've tried waxing strips before and know how much it can hurt.
That familiar sound when you rip a waxing strip off with pieces of your skin stuck on it LOL But okay.. Anything for beauty right? xD Here goes!
Wow fancy-nya.. 
Exactly my first thought. Didn't epilators just have one button that says press to turn on the pain? The Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet and Dry Epilator comes with 2 speeds and the battery indicator blinks red when you need to recharge it with a cord. Each quick charge lasts approximately 40 minutes which I find reasonable since you won't be epilating often.
Check it outtt.. Don't underestimate this light. It will help you scan for every single hair strand on your body.
You can use it both dry and wet, lathered with shower foam. I prefer dry since I can aim properly but for more sensitive areas I use wet to lessen the sting.
Feel free to zoom in LOL wow my legs haven't felt so smooth in a loooong time! I did use waxing strips once and they also removed hair from the roots but they weren't 100% effective plus they left my skin so dry after. This is totally different!

After seeing how smooth my hairless leg is, I can now answer the question.
Yes, it is worth it!
The pain is not unbearable after all.. When you're new to eyebrow plucking it's also painful but somehow it fades after a while and you get used to it. Besides, hair grows back slower so you get to enjoy smooth skin longer! =D
Unlike waxing strips, there was barely any redness after using the epilator! I'm impressed..

P.S. I did try this on my bikini line and it's very effective but you should avoid it if you can't take the pain. Switch to the Shaving Head instead! =)
I still do apply body lotion afterwards to sayang back my skin and make it extra silky smooth.

5 body care heads

Because Philips understands that 1 device simply cannot be used on the whole body, they have provided 5 extra heads to cater to different body parts. Each head clicks on and off easily.

Facial Area Cap & Delicate Area Cap

For smaller areas like your face, underarm and bikini area, attach on the facial and delicate area caps for more accuracy and comfort.

Massage Cap

If you're new to epilating (me) or your skin is just really sensitive, attach the Massage cap to ease to pain. The rollers are also great to guide your hand and as they roll along, you can kinda trick your mind into feeling less pain.

Shaving Head

Don't wanna epilate? No problem! Switch to the shaving head and trimming comb for a close shave and added gentleness. I use this for spots where I just can't bear the pain. You can use both sides which is really convenient for your wrist and the middle part is for a smoother shave to remove the last bits.
The Shaving Head is actually the same as my Philips Ladyshave which I love. It gets close to the roots and isn't as damaging to skin as a regular shaver. I do prefer the S shape of the Satinelle though.

Trimming Comb

In case you ever want to keep some mystery or you're prone to ingrown hair, snap on the Trimming Comb so it doesn't shave all the way in.

Pricing & Where to Buy

Recommended price: RM449
This Philips epilator is available at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery Kuala Lumpur and the Philips Experience Store in Bayan Lepas, Penang, authorised Philips retailers and on

For more information please visit
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[Food] Top 10 Japanese Buffets in Klang Valley

Japanese cuisine is one of my favourites and we love trying out new places. I found this list of the top 10 Japanese buffets in Klang Valley through the help of OpenRice. The rating is based on votes from customers. Looks like this will be our new list to try out! Maiu is one of my recommended places as it's affordable and the quality is good.

#10 Maiu Japanese Restaurant

Location: Damansara Perdana
Budget: RM21 - RM40
Photo from marskrn

#9 Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

Location: Central Plaza KL
Budget: RM11 - RM20
Photo from huixian

#8 Umai-Ya

Location: KLCC
Budget: RM41 - RM80

#7 Jogoya

Location: Starhill Gallery
Budget: RM81 - RM150
Photo from edwin win

#6 Saisaki Japanese Buffet

Location: Wisma UOA II
Budget: RM41 - RM80
Photo from johnny79

#5 Restoran Mo Mo Paradise

Location: Kepong
Budget: RM11 - RM20
Photo from annabella_yl

#4 Zipangu

Location: Shangri-la Hotel KL
Budget: RM81 - RM150
Photo from daminako

#3 Sagano Japanese Restaurant

Location: Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Budget: RM81 - RM150
Photo by pamelaybc
Amazing presentation!

#2 Gen @ 10 Japanese Restaurant

Location: Chow Kit
Budget: RM41 - RM80
Photo from nicole.chong.1029770

#1 ROCKU Yakiniku

Location: Bukit Bintang
Budget: RM41 - RM80
Photo from SaimnicyKim
"Where to Eat?"
Finally your answer to "where to eat?" is here.

Step 1: Key in whatever food you're craving for & search for restaurants in seconds
Step 2: Browse through all the restaurants
Step 3: Invite your friends to makan at your chosen restaurant.

Meal Invitation

Don't Say I Bo Jio.. Because I sent you OpenRice Meal Invitation leh! Complete with the time, date and venue - now meal gathering is so easy..
"What is there to eat?"
"Where is the shop?"
"Got people review ah?"
Guess what..! You don't even need to answer all that because all the information is available in the OpenRice mobile app itself.

Be the First to Try New Food

Be the first among your friends to try out the latest food and upcoming restaurants by checking out the OpenRice news. Your friends will love you for recommending all the good places to eat.

Your Travel Buddy

One reason I travel is because I want to try new food but once I reach there, I'm almost always lost and unsure of where the good food are. With OpenRice, I can easily find for the best places to eat nearby as it is has restaurants, news, meal invitation and travel all-in-one.

OpenRice is established in major cities in Asia so you will be able to find the Best Food Across Asia - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan just by using one mobile app.

Download the OpenRice Mobile App
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[Beauty] 5 Foods for Naturally Brighter Skin

“You are what you eat.”
Not even kidding! As cliche as it sounds, beauty does come from within. What you feed your body will reflect on how your body looks and feels. Here are some of the foods you can eat for brighter skin to battle dullness.


Yes! These are not only yummy to eat but are rich in Lycopene - a red carotene found in orange or reddish foods. Other fruits and vegetables such as carrots, watermelons, and papayas also contain lycopene but the highest percentage of lycopene is found in tomatoes.
As an antioxidant, lycopene helps to fight free radicals which are produced when you are exposed to the sun and protects your skin against ultraviolet lights. When taking regularly in your diet, tomatoes boost the reversal of skin ageing while whitening and firming skin. The high content of Vitamin C also works to revive dull and tired skin while treating acne.
How I eat them: Raw with a sprinkle of salt, in a salad, chopped up to make tomato pasta sauce, tomato omelette.


Clear skin will help you look brighter and less dull. Diminish acne, pimple scars and blackheads with this bright yellow fruit. With the high content of vitamin C, it promotes synthesis of collagen and has anti-ageing properties when consumed regularly.
How I eat them: Half a lemon squeezed into a bottle then mixed with warm water. I leave the peel in the bottle and refill it throughout the day. You may add honey or sugar but I think going natural without sweetener tastes the best.

Pumpkin Seeds

These tiny seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants. They help your skin retain moisture while controlling oil production. Also, the zinc and vitamin E content boost skin cell renewal. As a result, skin is clearer, more youthful and hydrated.
How I eat them: You will find that pumpkin seeds make excellent movie snacks! I like to sprinkle them on my salads and overnight oats to add some crunch too.


Apart from being another rich source of lycopene, carrots contain lots of beta carotene which becomes vitamin A in your body. This vitamin is beneficial to your eyes and fights wrinkles too. Regular inclusion in your diet will give you glowing skin.
How I eat them: Chopped up as a salad with other greens and some roasted sesame sauce, as a midnight snack when I’m having cravings, stir fried to accompany rice.


No way. Not only are berries super delicious but they also help your skin look brighter? Berries such as blueberries, strawberries and cherries are naturally rich with antioxidants, which give you a healthy radiance from within while fighting pimples. Malic acid also acts as a natural whitening agent.
How I eat them: Chopped and layered in my overnight oats, as part of my fruit infused water, salad, cereal topping, fruit juice.

To complement your new brightening diet, match it with drinking loads of water, use some whitening serum made in France, exfoliate regularly and wear sunblock whenever you leave the house.
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[Home & Living] MajuHome Concept @ Citta Mall

Buying furniture for your home is honestly really personal. Most of them remain permanently unless you move or the furniture is broken. Before buying, I also like to plan the whole layout and colour scheme of the room. Dropped by the new MajuHome Concept, a new furniture shop outlet in PJ (specifically, in Citta Mall) to get some room inspirations and to check out their trendy products!
Another HUGE furniture shop is now in PJ! Perfect for lazy bums like me.. It spans an impressive 60,000 square feet spread over 2 floors.

I like how the furniture selection isn't too old or boring. Many of them are very functional yet pleasing on the eyes. Le Bf & I would really like a white + wood + grassy green theme that would make it feel like a picnic being at home.
You can find a large array of items including, sofa, dining furniture, decorations, branded bedding products and more. Even furniture for kids are available here. All of them are in really modern and trendy designs.
"Redefining Lifestyle, Your Way"
Probably everyone's favourite wall at MajuHome Citta Mall!
Compulsary OOTD location ni xD
That wooden study table would look great on my Instagram xD That's my goal! To have a home that is very Instagrammable.
Also congrats to all the winners of MajuHome Snap & Win contest. Someone won my dream L-shaped sofa!
And ta-da! Former Formula One racer, Alex Yoong was also there as he was appointed as the new brand ambassador.


Level 2-01, Citta Mall,
No. 1, Jalan PJU 1A/48,
Pusat Perdagangan Dana 1,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

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[Food] 10 Smoothie Bowls You Wish You Had

If you're all about feeding your body good and feeding your Instagram as well, here are some of the best looking smoothie bowls I've seen so far. Who knew toppings like berries, pomegranate, nuts, coconut and seeds could look so good?

I can't help but stare at each of them because they look so uh-mayzing! The burst of colours, variety of ingredients and how neatly they are arranged are just absolutely gorgeous! Who says eating clean and healthy has to be boring, eh?

Let's start the smoothie bowl beauty pageant!

Acai Bowl

Get the recipe from

Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Cacao and Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Vegan Berry Banana Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Easy Green Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Get the recipe from

Hope this has inspired you to make your own smoothie bowl! What's your favourite combination of toppings?
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