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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go To Dash Resort Langkawi

Dash Resort Langkawi was recently launched and there was a hype around it. Is it really worth going? I have so much to say about this resort:

#1 The beach was too clean

The resort cascaded right into a private beach with access to the Andaman Sea, and lush greens providing privacy. We could even spot the resort from our flight! However, we didn't expect that the sand would be so clean, soft and fluffy.
Dash Resort Langkawi beach
Dash Resort Langkawi sand
There were ample daybeds with complimentary sky view for guests.
Dash Resort Langkawi daybed on beach
If you're feeling hot, the cool sea is right there in front of you!
Swimming in the sea at Dash Resort Langkawi

#2 The pool was ridiculous

-ly beautiful. The water was so inviting especially during those sunny days. A bridge ran over the uniquely shaped infinity pool which overlooked the beach. This was the favourite hangout spot for the guests.
Dash Resort Langkawi infinity pool

Dash Resort Langkawi Beach front infinity pool
Dash Resort Langkawi

#3 We ate non-stop

We were hungry all the time from the activities and swimming. Time to head to Mya Kitchen & Cocktails! The menu changes throughout the day so we got to try a variety of fusion food influenced by Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Balinese food. The big portions are perfect to be shared and passed around the table.
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails
Went light for late lunch with Mexicana Salad - a rainbow combination of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cheddar cheese, baby romaine, red cabbage, tomato salsa and sour cream. I do recommend adding the Seared Prawn mmmm...
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails Mexicana Salad
Lunch with a side of Amazing View. Seafood Spaghetti Aglio E Olio was superb! Seafood was fresh and we (technically I) cleaned the plate. Next to it is Rusty Anchor pizza and a huge Nasi Lemak Chef Zilal platter.
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails lunch
Food at Mya Kitchen & Cocktails
For dinner we had a hard time choosing from a menu which included Golden Fried Soft Shell Crab, Peking Duck, Salt & Pepper Squid, Kalbi Jim (Korean style braised beef short ribs slow cooked with Asian red dates, chestnuts and kimchi), Lamb Shank Rendang and so much more!

Pictured are Asian Long Eggplant stir fried with Thai basil and minced chicken, and Tom Kha Gal served in a coconut.
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails dinner
You might also catch one of their monthly Mad Hatter Tea Parties where they serve up a variety of pastries to go with some tea (or coffee).
Dash Resort Langkawi Mad Hatter Tea Party

#4 Morning Yoga & Sunset Pilates

I regret to inform that yoga will never be the same for me after experiencing the most beautiful Savasana at Dash. As we lay on our backs, I was greeted not by my ceiling fan but a bird flying gracefully across the blue sky with the sound of waves crashing onto shore in the background.
Morning yoga at Dash Resort Langkawi
If morning is not your thing.. you could always switch to sunset version.
Sunset yoga at Dash Resort Langkawi

#5 No massage beds on the beach

Only a whole spa for guests to relax and unwind for a truly good night's sleep. The Rabbit Hole Spa offers a full range of treatments in an oasis of peace and tranquillity.
Rabbit Hole Spa
Rabbit Hole Spa massage options
Outside Rabbit Hole Spa

#6 Sunset only once a day

Imagine my disappointment to find out the sun set only once a day at Dash Resort Langkawi! The sky turns a beautiful flaming colour as night fell upon us.
Dash Resort Langkawi sunset on beach

#7 Couldn't sleep at night

Because we didn't want to end the night yet! Cocktails on the beach to complete the island experience. The Dash Beach Club became alive thanks to the DJ and a few glasses of delicious cocktails.
Dash Resort Langkawi cocktails on the beach
There is an actual bar inside the restaurant and at The SHACK Pool Bar with seating in the pool (yup).
Dash Resort Langkawi cocktails
Dash Resort Langkawi bar
Right when the night breeze starts to feel a little chilly, the fire show starts.
Fire show at Dash Resort Langkawi

#8 We had to return to our rooms

Sadly, we had to end the night for a fresh morning tomorrow. We stayed in the Studio room and my mornings consisted of a hot cup of coffee and some morning sun.
Dash Studio room at Langkawi
I absolutely LOVE rain showers in hotels! Dash Resort has also put a lot of thought into the rooms as they provided hair conditioner and moisturiser which were sorely needed after swimming under the sun.
Dash Studio room rain shower
Guests were also welcomed with a sweet treat - a box of cookies or scrumptious peanut butter macarons.
Dash Studio room table and free macarons
I admit I normally spend minimal time in hotel rooms when I'm on holiday as the trip is all about exploring and being outside right? For once, it was nice being in the room. Curling up on the rug with macarons, coffee and a good book or movie on the super king bed?
Dash Studio room review
Dash Studio room
You may also opt for an upgrade to the Dash Garden room with an outdoor bath in your private garden. Oooo!
Dash Garden room
The old ballroom was converted into a row of exclusive Dash Deluxe Jacuzzi rooms. You will have your own private terrace with day bed, outdoor Jacuzzi and private access to the Dash lounge.
Dash Deluxe Jacuzzi room
Didn't mind skipping the lift as this is the stairwell to our rooms!

#9 Had no chairs for breakfast

Because we dined by the pool! Ok this is absolutely optional as you can eat in the restaurant or at the outdoor beach club. Please be careful not to drop anything into the pool okay..
Dash Resort Langkawi breakfast by the pool
They had an extensive menu for breakfast including super seed bowls, yoghurt, granola, smoothie bowls, international full breakfasts, and pastries. I recommend the Royal Berry Smoothie as it was delicious!
Breakfast at Dash Resort Langkawi

#10 The staff were too amazing

Anywhere you go in the resort, you're always greeted by a smiling staff. They were very friendly and always ready to help. Just give them a buzz if you need anything. For everything else, there's the dashoppe right downstairs for your beach necessities.
Dash has indeed taken local vacations to the next level with this picturesque island getaway. My friends were shocked to know this beautiful paradise was right here in Langkawi! I hope you enjoyed my full review on Dash Resort Langkawi and it has inspired you to take a trip there. It's an amazing location for a girl's weekend, birthdays, anniversaries and... actually you don't really need an occasion for a holiday 😂

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Why You Need ezbuy's RM 8.80 Flat Rate Shipping + Prime Benefits

Confession: For the past year, my family & I have been going crazy shopping from USA, China, Taobao using ezbuy Malaysia. This is made possible by ezbuy's English translation. Not only are the goods cheaper but there are more variety as well!

Btw, they're having 12.12 promos now so do check it out!
I didn't really take photos of the items but these are some of the clothes I bought from ezbuy.

So much to buy

Love browsing the huge number of fashion items here and they update the new stocks every now and then too! Apart from a wardrobe of clothes, we also bought carpets, furniture, household items, shoes, bags, and lotsss of stuff for my niece and nephew. You can view the millions of Prime products HERE.

RM8.80 Flat Rate Shipping

The flat rate international shipping is simply ridiculous! We usually buy a lot of items so ezbuy consolidates (collects) all our orders from different sellers, repacks them and ships one big parcel to us. This bulky parcel is charged RM 8.80 only! FYI, we ordered one moderately bulky item without Prime once and the shipping was over RM100 OMG
Many items come with free China domestic shipping as well so we save sooo much money with Prime! It's super worth it especially for items like:
  • Furniture - tables, chairs, cupboard, kid's furniture
  • Large kids' toys like mini cars
  • Shoes (because of the shoe box)
  • Heavy items
  • Carpets
  • Pet bed and house

Prime Wishlist

Obviously with so many items, not everything is listed on ezbuy. That's where Prime Wishlist comes in! There was this pair of shoes that we really wanted from Taobao but it wasn't listed in ezbuy Prime, yet.
  1. Copy the original product link
  2. Submit for Prime Wishlist
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Start shopping!
We ended up buying like ten pairs of the shoes in different colours LOL Wishlist is awesome because you convert the original RM100+ shipping to RM8.80 only by adding it to Prime.

ezbuy Taobao Agent Review

ezbuy's service is not bad actually. When an item is out of stock, reached the warehouse broken, needs changes/comments, price changed etc, they will message your account so you can make arrangements. They will even repack or flatten boxes to make your parcels smaller so the shipping is cheaper. This Agent Fee is waived for Prime members.

Shipping duration: By default, Prime orders are shipped by air (3-5 days) but bulky parcels use sea shipping (16-22 days). Sometimes they split the parcel so you can receive part of it faster even though they only charge for shipping once.

If you have any questions you can message the Prime dedicated chat support.

Sign Up for ezbuy Prime

There are 3 packages for you to choose from:
5-day Trial: RM 18.80
Prime Lite (6 months): RM 99
Prime Annual (1 year): RM 188

I went straight for Prime Annual as I knew I would be using it allll year looongg and it was the best decision ever!

Cash Voucher + Shipping Discount for New ezbuy Users

Want to get RM15 cash voucher and 15% shipping fee discount? Simply register for your free ezbuy account using this link HERE.

ezbuy 12.12 campaign

Best time to shop is when they have campaigns and promos! Don't forget to signup for Prime before you shop so you can enjoy RM8.80 flat rate shipping.
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Understanding What Drives Real Estate Prices

When you think about the ability to secure a given piece of property in the real estate world such as development like the vales, there are obviously some factors that must first be considered. After all, if home prices were only based upon what the building materials cost to make, then almost every home would have exact pricing and there would be no real estate speculation. Therefore, because of the fact that you know multiple things drive prices, then you also know you should be aware of the top price drivers for a given property and perhaps any other places in the world. Pay attention to the following so you are prepared to look into the specifics of real estate price drivers for your next purchase.


According to Bigger Pockets, schools not only influence the price of a given property, but they can also be one of the strongest influences across the board. There is consistency with this category and it does matter because you want to be aware of not only what would bring a property value up, but what would bring a property value up for most people. The thing about something like a pool is that it doesn’t add as much value because while many people would love it, others see it as a liability or as a chore to take care of constantly. With a school, however, you have something that almost everyone desires.
The reason that schools can effect pricing so much is pretty simple to follow. Almost every family that is out there cares about the education of their children. When parents find a good school, therefore, it means that the school has many people who are looking out for the children. It also means that the teachers and administrators are fairly well paid, and that means the taxpayers in the area have a certain level of income to be able to afford the district taxes. It also means that others have seen the good school district and have moved into the area in order to continue their children’s education in a great district. The success of the school continues to attract others from the outside, and that drives up property values.


The thing about crime is that it is essentially the opposite of the school example above. No one wants to deal with the crime, so they will either pay the police force and other authorities to stop it, or else they will move away. Every time someone moves away that could be less money in the public coffers to fund additional authorities, and that means the value of the properties starts to go down as crime rises.

On the complete other hand, if you can keep crime low then it means the local police forces are able to fully investigate every detail and they won’t be overwhelmed when incidents come up. In short, in areas where crime is low, people feel safe and real estate values are high. That’s why when you are searching for real estate with PropertyGuru in order to find one of the best buys you can, you have to be aware of the general crime statistics in the area or else you could be buying into a parcel that is both dangerous and will be costly if you try to resell it and it loses value.

Land Topography

The plot itself that you are buying will have a significant impact on the value of the market price. On the one hand, you could have a wonderful plot of land in a terrible neighborhood or out far away from the modern conveniences, but if you have privacy and the plot is shaped in a way where you can fully utilize everything including the view and surrounding scenery, then that property might be through the roof in terms of how expensive it is.
Meanwhile, if you have a terrible plot but it is in a good area, then you might still be paying more than you are comfortable with just to be in a so called good area. The key is remembering what is important to you, but try to remember the topography so you aren’t situated on a hill, have your property be cut awkwardly so you can’t use the land, or even be butting up against a set of railroad tracks or under a power line. All of these things could tremendously cut down on the property value.

Immediate Neighbours

You have to be cautious when you are looking for a home because the surrounding neighbors will definitely influence the potential value of your property. You might not think that they will have too much of an influence, but you have to recall you need to be aware of signs and red flags for what people do. Having an unkempt yard and property could show that the people aren’t going to pay attention to the details, and it could also mean that criminals and mischief makers will see the area as a target if they think no-one is paying attention and keeping things up to date.

Even The New York Times has done a piece on appraising home values and it only makes sense to think that what they say regarding the values of homes being effected by their immediate surroundings and neighbors is accurate. After all, why would someone truly want to pay top dollar just to live next to a home that is a mess, deal with people who as neighbors just don’t care, and even could attract pests and other critters. The fact is, even if you don’t like how appraisals work, your home is given a value and a portion of that value calculation is due to the surrounding properties and the general upkeep of the neighborhood as a whole.


It wouldn’t be a true article about real estate if you didn’t mention location as an important factor at least one time. In short, people pay money to live where they want and they are more than willing to overpay if it means they can be close to all of their conveniences and amenities. To a certain extent it does make sense because if you can save both time and money when it comes to commuting all of the time then you could wind up being in a much better position compared to if you bought a cheaper property but did so far away. However, while location is one of the most important features, you also need to know what is important to you personally so you can see if the deal is worth it or not.

When you take all of these things into consideration there are at least a few items you need to consider before you buy. Obviously you should weight all of these depending upon your unique situation and also depending upon your personal needs. However, one thing is certain and that is as long as you are going to be looking for the perfect place to move into and call your own then you have to be aware of these factors long before you put a bid in on a house or think you have found the place of your dreams. Take the time to review this list when you are searching and you will be in a much better position overall.
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Functional Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Question: Is it wrong to buy household appliances as a Christmas gift?
Not at all! Some of these items are not exactly cheap so we can't bring ourselves to spend the money. Furthermore, they're so useful and we can use them almost everyday. I would love to receive my wish list items as gifts.

#1 Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL HD9630/99 (RRP RM1,699)

Fried food without the heat and sweating? Yes, please! Fry, bake, grill or roast in the largest Airfryer capacity yet, perfect for families. Twin Turbostar technology removes up to 50% of fat from food too.
You can view some of the meals you can cook in the Airfryer in my recent blogpost.

#2 Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker HD2145/62 (RRP RM1,099)

The latest pressure cooker, fresh out of the AirFryer oven.
I have a Philips Pressure Cooker and it's amazing for both beginner and advanced cooks! Dishes and Cantonese soups I never imagined I could cook can be done so much faster and it's cleaner than stove top. This new multicooker has many multi-cook programmes including steaming, baking and yoghurt-making.

#3 Philips ComfortTouch Garment Steamer GC552/46 (RRP RM753)

Trust me: People who have to iron their clothes secretly wish for a steamer!
Dream of wrinkle-free clothes with the wave of a wand? This steamer is perfect for tricky outfits like silk, frills, layers, pleats and more! Safe to use on all ironable fabrics with no risk of burns and easily kills odour-causing bacteria.

#4 Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler BHB876/00 (RRP RM593)

Here's one for the ladies~
Getting ready can be faster and easier even for those of us who do not curl our hair regularly! Easily create beautiful curls even at the back of your head. The longer barrel can curl twice as much hair at one go while the smart curl guards prevents hair from getting jammed. The protective ceramic coating with keratin infusion cares for your hair, while the improved chamber protects both your hair and your fingers from burns.

#5 Philips Air Cleaner Series 3000i AC3259/30 (RRP RM2,451)

If none of the above apply, there's always the Air Cleaner for homeowners!
It effectively removes particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses for fresher, cleaner air. This advanced air purifier allows you to control it through the app - turn it on, change the fan speed or check your filter lifetime. It can also check indoor and outdoor air quality and pollen levels.

More info at
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