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What Makes a Good Website - Simple Guide for Beginners

Okay, you have your company and brand ready. Now you want to get your website up but what's all this gibberish your website guy is telling you? Is it even English? Let's get a basic understanding of websites.

Domain Name

This is basically the link/URL/name of your website that goes..
Ideally, it should be as short as possible, easy to say/remember and doesn't sound like another brand name.

Good Website Hosting

Hosting is the space you're renting to place your website or you could say it's like renting a store space in a shopping mall. Make sure your hosting is sufficient, fast and reliable. You wouldn't want users to open your website and be greeted with a big white page with the words 'Bandwidth Exceeded' on it! This would be equivalent to the shopping mall being closed.

There are tonnes of web hosts out there so take your time looking through and comparing them. You can see some of the web hosts that Wordpress recommends or take a look at this list where WHSR recommends the 8 best web hosting companies for Malaysia/Singapore websites.

Fast Loading Speed

With technology advancement, people start getting things they want faster, and they also start getting very impatient.. A popular store should rent a bigger shop space (hosting) to accommodate the number of customers and also products (website content). Web hosting has a significant impact on the page load speed but it is only one of the factors. Removing unnecessary elements and optimising images for web use before uploading them will greatly reduce the loading time.

Mobile-friendly Responsive Design

In this day and age, your website really should be mobile-friendly already as most visitors are using their phones to access your site. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are also penalised by Google and their ranking on the search engine giant becomes lower.
The design on a responsive website 'moves' depending on your screen size which are loosely categorised into: computer, tablet and mobile phone. The aim here is to make your website look good on ALL 3.

Provide Value in Your Content

Many brands make the mistake of only writing what they want to write. Below is part of an actual conversation I had with a client:
"I paid for this website so I should put all the information I can."
Yes, I understand where you're coming from but I call this brand narcissism. Stop talking about yourself. Instead, try telling your audience how your brand/product can improve their lives.
❌ We sell movie tickets and have been awarded with Best Innovation Award.
✅ Buy your tickets online in advance to ensure you get the seats you want!

Call to Action

What do you want a user to do at your website? What is your ultimate goal?
  1. Sign up for my course
  2. Go to my e-store
  3. Provide their contact number
Whatever your goal is, make it easy to access with the least number of clicks possible. This doesn't mean making a flashing pop up appear immediately when visitors open your page though - place it strategically!

Get a Copywriter & Designer

If you want to make your brand look professional, invest a little more to get a good copywriter and design. This potent combination can express your brand message faster and effectively.

Add a Blog Section

What is a blog and why do you need it? No, it is not a space for you to dump event photos and newspaper scans. Read up on the purpose of a blog and how you can use it.

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8 Ways to SAVE Money During SGshop 11.11 Sale

The most anticipated shopping event of the year is here! Now now.. I've had my share of buying through Taobao agents so let me share some tips on how to maximise your savings!
The platform here is SGshop, which basically helps you make purchases from different sellers on Taobao, consolidates all your orders into one or two parcels then ships it to your house. You can pay with RM and the listing is also in English which is great for bananas like me =D Now this #20181111, #SGshop is having the #1111TreasureHunt with lots of promos you can take advantage of:

1) “SHIOK!” Membership + 100% Rebate

Date: 1–30 November 2018
When you're buying a large quantity of items or bigger items such as furniture or even shoes (they come in shoe boxes), they will be merged into an even bigger parcel. Bigger items can result in a surprisingly heftier International Shipping Fee. To keep shipping fee lower, I recommend subscribing to SHIOK! Membership:
  • 30% Discount on International Shipping Fee for parcel heavier than 3kg
  • No maximum cap, unlimited times
  • Priority order handled ahead of others
“SHIOK!” Membership costs RM18.80 (1 month) or RM188.00 (1 year) BUT you get 100% rebate (in the form of SGreward) for each friend you refer to sign up during this promo period.

2) Pre-order your 11.11 Discounted Items

Date: 1–10 November 2018
Things really go crazy during 11.11 and items sell out so FAST! Stay safe and pre-order the things you really want before 11.11. As an incentive, SGshop is offering 50% discount on service charge for “Buy-For-Me” and “SmartShop” pre-orders.

3) Buy 1 Get 1 Free Flash Sale

Date: 1 November 2018, 3-5 pm only
For just 2 hours, get 2 items for the price of 1! Limited to “Buy-for-me” orders below RM50 only and you must add "Flash sale" in the product page remark to notify them. Take note you will need to pay shipping fee for the free item as well.

4) Money Money Come

Date: 2–10 November 2018
Try to purchase during this period as you will get cashback in the form of SGrewards! Every RM 1 spent on purchase order, service charge or international shipping fee during this period = 1 SGreward Shard. 20 SGreward Shards can be converted to RM 1 SGreward later.

5) Lucky Red Packet

Date: 6–7 November 2018
For 2 days, go to the game page “Grab Your Lucky Red Packet!” and play the game to win prizes (RM10, RM5 and RM2 SGreward). It is free to play and you can play unlimited times.

6) Spin the Lucky Slot

Date: 8–10 November 2018
Spin the Lucky Slot game to win SGreward, Cash Voucher and Discount Code. Make sure to login everyday as you get 3 tries per day.

7) Massive Discounts & FREE Service Charge on 11.11

Date: 11 November 2018
Obviously, this is THE DAY with massive discounts! You will also get 100% Discount (free) on Service Charge. Applicable to "Buy-For-Me" and “SmartShop” only.

8) FREE Service Charge

Date: 12-15 November 2018
Even after 11.11 is over, you will still enjoy FREE Service Charge for Buy-For-Me & Smartshop in case you missed any items.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping and saving at!
More info at

Terms & Conditions

  • SGreward can be used to deduct item price, but cannot be withdrawn. Refer SGreward for more details.
  • Purchase Order placed within activity period cannot be consolidated into same parcel with other orders NOT placed within activity period, or the discount will not be applicable.
  • SGshop reserves the right of final explanation towards this activity.
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[Shopping] Robinsons Flagship Store in KL Launch

So happy to be part of the Robinsons Flagship Store launch in KL! We had a blast exploring the vast shopping haven that aims to #CurateYourWonderful by bringing in brand names you can't find elsewhere and providing customers with a wonderful shopping experience.
Robinsons Flagship Store in Shoppes
Located at Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, this flagship store is truly majestic. An impressive 200,000 ft² of retail therapy over 4 equally stunning floors.
Robinsons Flagship Store outside
How is the Robinsons flagship store different from a typical shopping mall? Firstly, everything there is so beautiful, Rebecca Bloomwood would be in heaven. The spacious floors allow you to browse comfortably and the stylish layout is simply eye candy.
Robinsons Flagship Store
You can find almost anything you need here - clothing, bags, accessories, cosmetics, perfume, home appliances.. you name it. Try spotting the Strathberry bags here - a brand often seen on Meghan Markle.
Beauty section at Robinsons Flagship Store KL
A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Chanel Counter at Robinsons Flagship Store KL
Bags at Robinsons KL
I gotta say, this selection of bags from the Repleat brand is quite interesting and stands out!
Repleat bag at Robinsons Flagship Store
The variety of unique and fashionable pieces is blinding. But worry not as the team of Personal Shopper Suites are ready to provide you with product curation and style tips! The level of attention from the staff is commendable - they will make any customer feel like VIP.
Female fashion Robinsons Flagship Store KL
Men's Ted Baker at Robinsons Flagship Store KL
Ties at Robinsons Flagship Store
Children wear Robinsons Flagship Store
I just noticed that I took photos of both men's and women's collection from Ted Baker. I guess I have a thing for this brand!
Ted Baker Women's Robinsons Flagship Store
Robinsons Flagship Store
Your kitchen can be stylish too with Smeg appliances from Italy - I've had my eyes on the Retro Style refrigerator for some time now. These beautiful premium French Le Creuset cookware were also irresistible!!
Smeg and Le Creuset Robinsons KL
It's truly more than just shopping at Robinsons. This Gentlemen's Tonic offers a variety of lifestyle men's grooming services. It's about time men get their own place to be pampered too!
Gentlemen's Tonic Robinsons KL
For the women, we have the one-of-a-kind Leekaja Beauty Salon located on the ground floor. So so pretty inside!
Leekaja Beauty Salon
Leekaja Beauty Salon Robinsons KL
When you're feeling a little tired, take a rest at Starbucks Reserve on the same floor or grab a bite at Croisserie Artisan Bakery! La Bodega will be opening next month too.
Starbucks Reserve at Shoppes at Four Seasons Place
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[Food] Indobowl Cafe @ Lake Fields Food Review

IndoBowl is a must-try for IndoMie fans! Here, they serve IndoMie with a unique twist by adding top-notch ingredients and their amazing sambal.
Photo from
We were here on a Saturday at lunch time and parking was aplenty.
IndoBowl Lake Fields
Address: 72 Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields, Sg Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
The place is quite nice and comfortable. You can take nice nice Instagram photos too haha

There are various items on the menu but their concept is basically Indomie served with your choice of quality toppings and lots of sambal. Personally, I LOVE a good sambal and theirs is perfect! It packs a punch and tastes very fresh.
Consider this Indomie heaven.
Let's move on to the food!

Soda Gembira & Giant Es Cendol

I really liked the Soda Gembira and had 2 glasses of it! Considering the spicy level of the food, you should just go for Giant size.
The regular Indomie with cucumber, egg and sambal is RM6 but I recommend you to try one with the topping.

Indomie Dendeng Balado RM10

My favourite out of the bunch! Thin slices of spiced beef braised, dried then grilled. Seriously RM 10 for all that effort? The beef is really tender and sooo good! Highly recommend to order this.

Indomie Iga RM18

Tania's favourite ribs which were fall-off-the-bone tender. Braised short ribs with special mix of soy sauce, shallots, onions, chili, and lime leaves.

Indomie Ayam Balado RM10

Prefer chicken? Can try this one with grilled chicken chop and fried egg.

Indomie Ayam Madura RM12

(Price is including the Indomie) Grilled Madura style chicken chop with special mix of savoury and sweet soy sauce, shallots, onion, chili and lime leaves. I have to give a fair review here. This dish was a bit sweet for our taste and I prefer more savoury flavours.

Indomie Salted Egg RM11.90

Chicken pieces covered in golden salted egg yolk.

Indomie Mambo Jumbo RM59

Order this if you're up for the challenge! It's also great for sharing (3-4 pax) and looks so fun! Includes chicken madura, lamb rack, ribs and 2 pcs of chicken satay. I noticed this also comes with different types of sambal.

Mambo Jumbo Seafood Soto RM39.90

There's also a large soup version which I quite liked as I love spicy & sour dishes! Nyum nyum.. Topped with fishball, fishcake, sotong, prawn, crabstick, and egg. Suitable to be shared by up to 4 pax. Love the mix of sambal inside. Aiya basically the sambal is really good lah okay?
Photo from

RoPang (Roti Panggang)

Time for dessert~ Bread topped with shaved cheese and chocolate. The latter was a hit with the children. Not too bad.. Didn't really get to try this as it was snatched up by the kids ☹️
Photo from
Meals are prepped fresh in the kitchen and served piping hot.
They've even received a certificate of recommendation from FoodAdvisor!

Final verdict?

Worth a visit if you enjoy Indomie! At first I was hesitant because honestly how good can instant noodles be right? I was wrong. It was not loaded with MSG and they throw in lots of good ingredients to balance it.

Sambal was really good. I wonder if they sell it 😂 Can get spicy so please separate the sambal if you have kids dining with you or you can get some of the rice dishes. Again, it is NOT suitable for young children.
IndoBowl Facebook | IndoBowl Instagram
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[Food] Making Leftover Food Fun with Mission Foods

We waste 15,000 tonnes of food daily
20% are untouched leftovers that are still edible - imagine all the hungry people we could have fed! This is a very alarming number and I'm guilty of contributing to it as well.
Why do we waste so much food? For one, sometimes leftover food looks so 'sad' and unappetising while others simply do not want to eat the same thing twice in a row. But what if we could change up your leftovers and transform them into a new dish?

Satay and Peanut Hummus Pita

I don't think we ever have leftover satay but you can just use any leftover meat!
-Marinate red onions in lime juice and salt for 10 minutes
-Blend chickpeas, satay sauce, garlic, lime, and olive oil for hummus
-Stuff the pitas with satay (or any meat), chickpea-satay sauce hummus, cucumber, coriander, and marinated onions
Review: Pitas are a good choice if you like carbs as they provide a soft bite.

Szechuan-spiced Chicken Wrap

Made from.. Chicken rice LOL
-Wrapped in Mission Onion and Chives Supersoft Wraps along with cucumber, coriander, and the yum yum sauce
-Sauce is made mostly of ingredients we already have : ginger, garlic, sesame oil, spring onions, soy sauce, chilli oil, black vinegar, and Szechuan pepper.
Review: This wrap style is good if you have a lot of leftover and it's so easy to eat.

Curry Chicken Foldover

-Add your choice of veges to your leftover chicken curry; zucchini and corn were added here
-Place your wrap on the pan, sprinkle cheese and place chicken curry on top
-Once the cheese has melted, fold the wrap over and press to seal (the cheese holds it together)
Review: Despite the name 'Mission Supersoft 6-Grain Wraps', it's not dry and coarse at all.
I actually forgot about them in the fridge so my leftovers became leftovers. As we all know.. leaving food in the fridge really dries them out so I was concerned that my food would be hard and dry already but to my shock, they survived! After a few rounds in the microwave, they were superbly soft and not dry at all. None of them got soggy and still held their shape. I especially like how convenient they are and how they're not oily so it feels healthier.

Thank you Celebrity Chef Sarah Benjamin for taking your time to show us some of your recipes. You might have seen her before on Asian Food Channel.
As Randall Tan, Brand Manager for Mission Foods South Asia said, "Ending hunger should begin with each of us". Not only do you reduce waste, you can also save money on the long run. Let's do our part and #FoldoverYourLeftovers !
Sarah has produced 12 exciting recipes from leftovers that will be available in a limited edition booklets, free with purchase of 2 Mission products starting from November. You can also view plentyyy of recipes at the Mission Foods Instagram account or Facebook.
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