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The World’s First Starbucks Signing Store Turns 3!

I was there at the opening of the world's first Starbucks Signing Store located in Bangsar Village II and it's amazing to know that they're turning three now! Their Deaf partners have now achieved the certification of Advanced Coffee Masters, an achievement that further develops their barista skills and coffee knowledge.
“At Starbucks we always endeavor to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. This was how the concept of the Signing Store came about more than three years ago by offering the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Malaysia with employment and career advancement opportunities. Today, we further recognize our Deaf partners (employees), who are also all certified Coffee Masters, with the progress they have achieved in completing their Advanced Coffee Master program. Our deaf partners have come so far in achieving this certification through hard work and determination,” said Rina Siew, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei.

Leaning into growth opportunities at Starbucks, the Advanced Coffee Masters Program teaches qualified baristas new coffee mastery skills for different coffee equipment. Thus, the newly-certified Deaf Advanced Coffee Masters are able to brew coffee using the Pour Over method. In addition, these Deaf baristas are also qualified to conduct coffee chat sessions with the public using sign language much like the baristas at the Starbucks Reserve™ stores in Malaysia. Throughout these three years, the Starbucks Signing Store advocates continuous learning and development of each barista.
Given an equal opportunity as any Starbucks barista, the Signing Store partners have proved their confidence in working and handling a variety of brewing equipment professionally. This has further raised awareness about the Deaf culture at the workplace to surrounding communities. The Deaf baristas are making more than just a cup of coffee but also sharing the warm approach of Starbucks through their perspective. The Deaf Coffee Masters in Malaysia are distinguishable by their black aprons that feature a special embroidery with ‘Starbucks’ in Malaysian Sign Language.

Dedicated to empowering the hearing-impaired community throughout Malaysia, Starbucks Malaysia has announced plans to open the first Starbucks Signing Store in Penang. Mimicking the Starbucks Signing Store in Bangsar Village II, the Deaf baristas in the Penang Signing Store will get the opportunity to develop soft skills, such as work ethics, teamwork and career attributes. The Penang Signing Store is scheduled to open by the end of this year.
The Pour Over brewing method is available at the Signing Store starting 25 July 2019 and customers can now experience a coffee signing session on a scheduled basis by Advanced Coffee Masters. Starbucks Malaysia has also launched a series of new exclusive Signing Store merchandise collection in conjunction with the 3rd anniversary celebration. The merchandise is priced from RM25 onwards and is only available at the Starbucks Signing Store at Bangsar Village II.

So.. How do you order?

As customers place their order here, they will notice something different, as the usual greeting and sound of baristas calling out beverage orders is replaced by sign language. Customers place orders using a simple menu card which they mark before passing it to the barista and Deaf partners use handwritten notes to communicate with customers. Upon placing the order, each customer is given a number on the receipt and once the beverage has been prepared, the number is displayed on a screen telling them it’s ready.

Ok la try to order my drink in sign language too LOL If you want to get a unique Starbucks experience you can drop by BV2!
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[Beauty] Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules Review

Early aging signs can be unexpectedly shown around face and neck area from late 20s to early 30s and continue to deteriorate with the passage of time. Fine lines, pores becoming larger and skin turns slightly yellowish are the symptoms of pre-matured aging. Areas around the eyes, nasolabial folds (smile line) and jaw line will gradually change its shape as it begins to lose its elasticity.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules Review
This uniquely formulated Cellnique Reversal Peptidic Capsules with advanced oligopeptide reinforces the resilience of skin against all these pre-matured aging appearance by applying the high potency content inside capsule day and night. Reversal Peptidic Capsules has been clinically tested and sold in more than two hundred professional skin care centers since 2015.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Note: Place in a cool, dry area. I left these in my car and the capsules stuck together LOL Managed to pull them apart though. The capsules were tougher than I thought.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
One capsule a day (or night) is the perfect amount.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Pinch and twist the top to open and squeeze out to apply. To be honest, the smell is not pleasant so don't go sniffing it! Reminds me of collagen supplements or vitamin pills.

It's a slightly viscous liquid that feels slippery. I was rather concerned at first because this amount of such a thick liquid could not possibly absorb into my face, right? Wrong! I use the slippery opportunity for a little facial massage and it absorbed so well! No problem topping up with a moisturiser as well.
Applying Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Personally, I was surprised how an anti-aging product isn't too heavy or oily for me as that is usually the case. I wouldn't mind using this except it costs about RM250 for 21 capsules which is rather steep for me.
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Experiencing Coffee from Around the World at Malaysia’s Largest Coffee Festival

Being a coffee lover, I couldn't miss the Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 (the largest coffee festival
in the country)! First, I dropped by Roastedly - the coffee brand which promises to deliver good quality coffee from around the world to its consumers without compromising quality, price and convenience.
World coffee champion Jason Loo was there in person to give us some tips on how to extract the best brews out of our coffee beans. The right method can really make a difference.
There was also this special edition box containing five exclusive coffees from Malaysia's top roasters! I loved how one could taste a variety of coffee beans without purchasing a huge bag of each. This is possible with Roastedly's method where beans are packaged individually and separately from the drip bag. This ensures you can get a cup of premium coffee on-the-go as long as you have a cup and hot water!
1 Utama was packed with people there for the various caffeine-fuelled fun and festivities, and to check out the collection of Malaysia’s top-class baristas, local artisan coffee bean roasters, independent specialty coffee houses, coffee beans specialists and suppliers, and coffee equipment distributors and manufacturers.
I enjoyed the various tastes of coffee from over 30 local and international exhibitors. This booth - JWC Roastery - had quite good coffee.
Was entertained by this 'rainbow coffee' which has different unique flavours that really stood out from the crowd.
According to a March 2019 report by Euromonitor International, 2018 saw Malaysia’s volume
sales of fresh coffee beans increased at a faster pace in the foodservice channel than in the retail channel, as out-of-home consumption gained traction. This was due to the recovering consumer sentiment where consumers spent more in foodservice channels.

Patronising specialist coffee shops also became part of the local lifestyle where consumers prefer to socialise and enjoy freshly-brewed coffee at these outlets. Influenced by the developing coffee culture in the foodservice channel, consumers sought to elevate their coffee-drinking experience at home by recreating the quality of freshly-brewed barista coffee. Fresh coffee pods in retail also witnessed a trend towards premiumisation and flavour sophistication.
Looking forward to the next Malaysia Coffee Fest!
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Under Armour Official Apparel Sponsor for Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2019

Witnessed Under Armour join Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2019 (SCKLM 2019) as its official apparel sponsor for the 11th SCKLM! Under Armour will outfit 40,000 participants with their running shirts this year.
“We are excited to be a part of SCKLM 2019, one of the nation’s most-anticipated marathons. It will be one of the highlights of the year for us as we believe the partnership will allow us to reach out to more runners,” quotes Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer of Triple Pte Ltd and UA Sports (SEA).
In addition to gearing up the participants, Under Armour will also outfit the 30-member Pacer team for the marathon with the newly designed UA HOVR performance running footwear and race kits to enable them to train better. 24 pacers will be assisting runners in the Full Marathon category under a variety of finishing times and another 6 pacers for the Half Marathon category.
A runner’s pace is often the all-important factor that will ensure a runner finishes according to his or her set time objectives. Pacers are usually very experienced runners who can run at a steady pace for other runners with similar time objectives to follow. As inexperience and fatigue set in for lesser experienced runners, it is the Pacers who will provide the right encouragement and motivation to get runners on track to finish the race within their set times.
“Experience is key for Pacers and we have been very fortunate to get a returning group of runners who regularly volunteer their expertise for every SCKLM,” said Rainer Biemans, Project Director of SCKLM and Director of Dirigo Events, the owner and organiser of the race.

“Some of our Pacers have been with us from day one and are quite well known to the local running community so their popularity and more importantly, their experience is a big advantage for us. We are very grateful for their selfless service over the years” he added.

Kartini Ahmad Kamal, 41, who hails from Sandakan and works as an Admin. and Accounts Manager, decided to become a Pacer to give back to the running community and is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Pacer team for SCKLM2019 for the third year running.

“Being a pacer is not an easy task and I trained harder for my pacer job compared to when I race. I have learnt so many things since my first pacer duty in 2015. The best part of being a pacer is seeing runners get to the finish line in a time they did not previously believe was possible. We may have played a small part in that and for us, that's a real honour and privilege,” said Kartini.

Chan Wai Yee on the other hand will be making her debut as a Full Marathon Pacer after trying her hand at the Half Marathon distance previously. The KL resident works in retail marketing and like Kartini, is eager to do her bit for the running community.

“I enjoy being a pacer as I feel sometimes, we are too absorbed in our own personal improvement that we forget to support other runners, especially new runners. I also want to encourage the slower runners who are often forgotten or disregarded. I do it for the love of running and hope to pass this spirit on to other runners as well,” said Wai Yee.
This year’s run will see a record breaking high of 40,000 participants who will converge at Dataran Merdeka on the 28th and 29th of September 2019.
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Australian Avocados - Creamy Goodness with Various Health Benefits

If you love avocados like me, you will know that it's not easy finding good avocados and when you do, it isn't easy trying to find out when is the perfect ripeness to consume it either!

Taste Australia, the national brand representing the Australian horticulture industry to support and drive the demand of fresh produce through engagements in key export markets, recently launched a Tasty and Nutritious Avocado campaign at Jaya Grocer Starling Mall. There's a little guide on the best time to eat avocados too.
“When customers buy Australian Avocados, not only do they get ‘farm to table’ freshness, they are also buying into the country’s very high environmental, food safety and employment requirements. And because we’re so close, we can deliver the freshest products to Asia in 48 hours,” Austrade Trade Commissioner Caitlin Noble said.
“Many know of the buttery and tasty appeal of the avocado but not everyone is aware of its powerful health benefits,” certified nutritionist and health advocate, Alexandra Prabaharan said. “The unique combination of vitamins and minerals found in avocados can help keep your immune system strong, boost your energy, enhance brain power, increase bone strength, aid gut health, support healthy skin and, they can even put you in a better mood. Basically, avocados make everything better.”
Ms Prabaharan said avocados could also boost the nutrition of other healthy foods, with research showing that adding avocado to a salad can increase your ability to absorb key nutrients in other fresh vegetables such as lycopene from red tomatoes and beta carotene from orange carrots.
We were also treated to some easy avocado recipes. The Taste Australia Hass Avocados are in season now, from May till January so what better time to experiment a little in the kitchen?
The Avocado Smoothie really stood out with it's super yummy localised taste! The rich, creamy and thick Malaysian Avocado Smoothie was perfectly complemented with gula melaka. Must try, must try!
To see the Taste Australia campaign in action and try the flavoursome Avocados head down to participating retailers including Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer & AEON supermarkets.
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realme Malaysia's New 'Dare to Leap' Tagline & New realme 3 Pro Price

Smartphones under RM1,000 are getting really competitive with realme Malaysia now joining in with an attractive price tag of RM999 for their flagship smartphone, the realme 3 Pro.
  • 6GB+128GB RRP RM999
  • 4GB+64GB RRP RM899
“In conjunction with the celebration of our new tagline Dare to Leap, realme Malaysia is proud to announce a leap-forward price tag for our flagship and fans favourite realme 3 Pro. We believe that everyone should have fair access to revolutionary smartphone technology at an affordable price. Hence, we’ve decided to make such leap-forward announcement for our Malaysian fans today and putting RM999 price tag to realme 3 Pro (6+128GB) . Here at realme Malaysia, we will leap forward and continuously bring more innovative technology to our young fans,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager, realme Malaysia.
Apart from that, our new tagline represents realme’s passion and spirit to provide fans with leap-forward experience in terms of performance, design and quality. The performance of our products will overwhelm users through powerful performance and superior configuration. Our products are designed for fashion and design lovers through our engagement with global design masters setting international design standards.

They also launched their new ‘Dare to Leap’ tagline with lots of fun activities at the roadshow in Sunway Pyramid including car racing, hoop throws and the very popular wall climbing.

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Royal Valens LetItGo, Fitunix & Qinova 14 Days Plan Review

A while back I joined a 2-week detox programme with Dr Esence using a combination of 3 products. I learnt that a healthy body starts from a healthy digestive system. This makes sense as all the goodness we put into our body will be useless if our body cannot digest it properly right? This programme aims to improve 3 key points: Detox, metabolism, and immunity.
Royal Valens LetItGo, Fitunix & Qinova

Results after 2 weeks

I prefer to rely on what I see/feel instead of weight. Overall my whole body was slimmer and less bloated. The most apparent part was my tummy, followed by a sharper face. Ah yeah, you might say "eh she just went to toilet lah.." and.. YES YOU ARE RIGHT! The Royal Valens LetItGo product helps you to go toilet and detoxifies your body. It is not a meal replacement nor extreme diet product. I would consider it something like a supplement - it improves how your body functions.
Results from Royal Valens LetItGo, Fitunix & Qinova


During the first week, I still became slimmer even though I ate normally with rice and all. 2nd week, I followed it with lots of salads about 5-7 times a week. I love salads so I replace lunch, dinner or supper with them. This combination works for me and I do like how my body feels running on fresh greens.

Royal Valens LetItgo 14 Days Cleansing Plan

For me, the star of this programme is definitely Royal Valens LetItgo. It contains a whopping 14 different types of digestive enzymes, inulin, mixed berries juice powder, psyllium husk, antioxidants and more. LetItGo functions to stabilise blood sugar, improve bowel function and kick-start weight loss and detox. The garcinia cambogia extract in it is supposed to curb appetite as well but I guess it's too mild to affect me.
Royal Valens LetItGo review
Mix one sachet a day in 200ml of room temperature water and consume before dinner. I mix it in my shaker as it's easier than stirring. If you let it soak a bit, you will see it's packed full of highly concentrated fibre (corn, apple and oat fibre). It has a very nice berry taste and fragrance you will definitely enjoy. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.
Royal Valens LetItGo 14 days cleansing plan
Royal Valens LetItGo supplement
The programme is completed with:

Royal Valens Fitunix 14 Days Revival Plan

If you're always feeling low on energy, this is the one for you. It's also the best tasting one formulated with prune, honey, pomegranate extract, guarana and vitamins. Guarana is a natural caffeine that provides an energy boost and increase your metabolism without affecting your liver.

Royal Valens Qinova 14 Days Revitalization Plan

Made from curcumin, lingzhi mushroom, blackseed oil, multi vitamins, and fucoidan. Fucoidan is a seaweed known in Japan for over 2000 years as a substance for longevity. With ingredients like these, I was wondering if I'm going to drink 'turmeric soup'. On the contrary, it was nice and sweet thanks to the addition of peach juice! Qinova increases the antioxidant capacity of your body to protect against free radical attacks and boosts the immune system.

Both of these are liquids packed in small convenient sachets which you can throw into your bag even when you're traveling.
Royal Valens Fitunix & Qinova
Overall, I like the effect especially LetItGo. For best results, of course you have to change your diet and add in workout. It is not a miracle product but can help kick-start your healthier lifestyle and help you achieve a healthy body.

Are results permanent?

Of course, it will revert back if you go back to your old lifestyle right? This is a long-term thing. There is no shortcut. It was suggested to take 2 weeks break between each 14 days plan.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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Energizer® Introduces New Brand Identity & Partnership with

The Energizer® brand which has been trusted by Malaysians for more than 40 years is getting a new look now! I've always found myself preferring the Energiser brand but I'm loving this new bright and modern design. The distinct colours also help consumers more easily and intuitively find the best product to suit their needs.
Energizer® Introduces New Brand Identity
“We spent three years developing our new look, talking with consumers and researching their preferences to deliver an experience that’s both powerful and fun,” said Diane Lee, Business Director – Malaysia & Singapore, Energizer® Holdings Inc.
We'll also see more of Mr Energizer who is the embodiment of physical energy, a living Energizer® battery who’s quick with a wink and a smile and always up for a new challenge or a friendly competition. His lasting endurance and fun-loving personality reflect the spirit of the Energizer® brand.
Mr Energizer

Introducing Max Plus™ - Energizer®’s No 1 Longest Lasting AA & AAA alkaline batteries

As Energizer®’s No 1 Longest Lasting AA & AAA alkaline batteries, the Max Plus™ range is designed to have increased energy density, power storage and optimised voltage. They have a 12-Year Shelf Life and last up to 14% longer during use, thus creating less waste from the disposal of drained batteries!

Energizer® Holidays campaign with

The Energizer® Holidays campaign for is a partnership with where
  • Malaysian customers will be able to redeem a RM95 rebate from
  • Be eligible for the ‘Win A Year Off' global draw, where Malaysian residents stand a chance to win RM30,000 worth of credits

To participate, Malaysian residents aged 18 and above just need to:
  1. Purchase a new pack of Energizer® batteries, battery chargers or flashlights
  2. Save both the receipt and packaging
  3. Register your full name, email address and the barcode from the pack at
  4. Wait for an email containing a unique code/link, which will entitle you to a RM95 rebate for your next accommodation costing at least RM300
Malaysian registration: 12.01am on 1 July 2019 - 11.59pm on 30 September 2019
*Each account holder is entitled to only one rebate claim

'Win A Year Off' Global Draw

You will also be concurrently entered in the 'Win A Year Off' global draw. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the campaign website. The prize will be delivered via a prepaid Mastercard loaded with RM30,000 issued to the winner, and is eligible for any accommodation of the winner’s choice on
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