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Golden Egg Game at Aloha Getha Roadshow!

Wanna find out how we scored ourselves these awesome Getha Galaxy Pillows worth RM2xx? It's really simple.. Just head down to the Aloha Getha Roadshow and play the Golden Egg Game!
The game is really simple. You just have to jump a set number of times within the time limit like Tania here!
Actually quite impressed by how bouncy and soft it is! If you're still using a spring bed like me, you gotta drop by the roadshow to lie in one of the Hawaii Series beds on display there!
All of the Getha Hawaii Series (Aloha, Waikiki, Honolulu, & Grand Pacific) feature their AO (anti-oxidant) Technology and 100% Natural Latex.
There are also fun stations that you can participate in and learn how to get a better night's sleep with your body's 5 senses. My favourite station was definitely the popup coconut shack where we got to redeem actual coconuts! Yeah, nothing like sipping on a coconut in the middle of Midvalley Mall LOL! After everything is done, you can even bring home a free goodie bag.
Don't miss out the fun! Join the next Aloha Getha Roadshow:

  • 26/2 - 1/3 at Bangsar Shopping Centre
  • 24/3 - 29/3 at 1Utama
There are also lots of event limited promotions - you could even win yourself a 5D4N luxury trip to Hawaii!!
For more info:

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Redoxon Celebrates Chap Goh Meh with Digital Lake of Health, Love and Prosperity

It’s the season when ‘huat ah!’ rings out and ‘yee sang’ is tossed with an abundance of hope and auspicious wishes for a new year. In celebration of Chinese Valentine’s Day or the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, Redoxon®, The Defender of Health, is sharing goodness from its digital lake of health, love and prosperity, on the streets of Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
At the first-of-its-kind digital lake filled with digital oranges, hopeful hearts can choose to either throw oranges with their personalised message or try their hand at netting, to win attractive prizes from Redoxon®. The Redoxon® Chap Goh Meh rovers will make its final stop in front of the iconic Penang Town Hall, at the Penang Esplanade’s annual Chap Goh Meh event on the 8th February 2020!

“Just like love, maintaining good immunity is a necessary, conscious and continuous process that begins from the inside out. As the guardian of health, Redoxon® is a daily supplement that helps to support and defend our body’s immunity against various threats. In the spirit of Chap Goh Meh, we want to share the gift of health, love and prosperity with a playful take on a cultural tradition,” said Vivienne Wang, Marketing Manager Redoxon MYSG, Bayer Co. (M) Sdn Bhd.
The orange tossing tradition on the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year is said to have originated from the Hokkien community in the southern part of China, and is believed to have made its way to Penang around the end of the 19th century. As the tale goes, maidens would toss oranges into seas, rivers or streams in the hopes of finding a good suitor amongst the eligible men who picked up them. Amidst practicalities of modern life, this tradition is still widely celebrated with enthusiasm across Malaysia.

For more information and updates on the locations of the digital lake of health, love and prosperity, visit
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Visit to Spinalive Uptown After Slipped Disk

As some of you may know, my sister has been undergoing treatment at Spinalive for her scoliosis (aka s-spine). Right before Chinese New Year, she got a slipped disk too (aduii...) so we rushed to Spinalive hoping they can relieve the pain before CNY.
"A visit to Spinalive is a must for CNY preparation. I'm achieving more flexibility and mobility since the last trigger of my slipped disc. Under Dr. Elaine, a scoliosis specialist, I learned a lot about my body along the way. I responded better to mild approach without bone cracking."

Every session with Dr Elaine starts by checking my sister's condition before anything is done. She's incredibly patient which is great cos my sister is very 'fragile' and treatments have to be gentler over a longer span of time.
Spinalive consultation by Dr Elaine
"I'm currently undergoing mild adjustments coupled with other techniques. Dry needling gave me immediate relieve from muscle spasm."

What is dry needling?
I introduced dry needling in my earlier post - basically using a needle to target tight muscles and knots. The needle is really flexible and the treatment is done by a trained professional so even though it looks scary, it usually doesn't hurt. You will love the relief it brings after!
Spinalive dry needling
"INDIBA helps to reduce the inflammation surrounding my lower spine. As my chiropractor mentions, sometimes less is more. I can now reach for the CNY goodies easily. Time to 'lou sang'!"
Spinalive INDIBA
That's all for now! We'll be back after CNY and I'll share some progress updates in my next post.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Address: Spinalive Sdn. Bhd, 79G, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama, 47400, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone number: 03-7732 8003 / 017-797 7678 (WhatsApp)
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Win RM3,333 Ang Pao and a Lion Dance Performance from Jack ‘n Jill Calbee this CNY!

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and apart from gathering with family and friends to share good food and great times, one thing synonymous with the celebration are the customs and traditions to bring in more luck so that the year ahead will be prosperous or in Chinese, “ONG!”

Want to try something new this year? Take on a new custom to be ONG with Jack ‘n Jill Calbee, the newly popular potato chips brand. Jack ‘n Jill Calbee will Elevate Your ONG with its golden potato chips and auspicious Chinese New Year Fortune Ang Pow Giveaway where you stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of RM3,333 cash ang pow and a Lion Dance Package Performance to usher in even more ONG!

P.S. There are only 2 packs in this photo because my colleagues already 'chup' the chips!
“To celebrate the new cycle of the Chinese Zodiac of 2020, Jack ‘n Jill Calbee is giving a big offer in-store for our consumers. With the year of the ‘Rat’ 鼠and ‘Chips’ 薯 both pronounced similarly (as “Shu”) in Mandarin, we want to take the opportunity to encourage more consumption of our Jack ‘n Jill Calbee Golden Chips as a symbolic act of welcoming ONG for Chinese New Year,” says Emmanuel B. Puno, Senior Vice President (SVP) of URC Snack Foods Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

“We hope consumers can share Jack ‘n Jill Calbee Golden Chips with their friends and family during Chinese New Year visits, as though they are gifting prosperity and ONG to their loved ones. Additionally, for every purchase of RM10, consumers can redeem a set of limited-edition Jack ‘n Jill Calbee Fortune Ang Pow packets. We call it Fortune Ang Pow because each one is designed with an auspicious Golden Money Tree, symbolizing giving or receiving ONG for the new year ahead,” he continues.
RM3,333 cash & Lion Dance Package Performance (at your home)

RM333 cash each

RM33 cash each

Three Easy Steps to Elevate your Ong!

Step 1 
Purchase RM10 worth of Jack ‘n Jill Calbee at any participating outlets.

Step 2
With every purchase, you’ll get a set of limited-edition Jack ‘n Jill Calbee Fortune Ang Pow packets.
*While stocks last.

Step 3
Scan the QR code on the Fortune Ang Pow. Submit your details and proof of purchase.
Elevate Your ONG now with Jack ‘n Jill Calbee’s delectable flavours – Classic Salted, Smokey BBQ and Flamin’ Chilli – in all participating stores like Giant, Aeon, Aeon Big, Econsave, TF Value, The Store, Sogo and many more!

For more contest information, go to their Facebook page or Instagram (@jacknjillcalbeemy).
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[Food] Catcher in the Rye, Seksyen 17 Review

Wow this is an extremely throwback post 😂 If you haven't been to Catcher in the Rye in Seksyen 17, here is my review! Even if you've been there, the menu changes regularly so you'll probably taste something else.
Catcher in the Rye in Seksyen 17 review
Yes, it's the chair that is on everyone's Instagram! Seriously this chair is like the shop's mascot or something. Now, on to the food!

Probably my favourite thing here - Nutella souffle with a scoop of the best Earl Grey ice-cream evaaa! We took too long taking photos of it until it deflated but still so gooood! It's fluffy and soft, not too sweet.
Catcher in the Rye Seksyen 17 souffle
Next: Tania's Sweet Potato Rosti with Chicken Karaage. The portion is reasonable for the price of RM20+ as the chicken's actually quite big. It was juicy and tender with a crispy skin mmm...
We chose to sit at this 'outdoor' area as it has the best lighting for photos LOL It does get hot near noon as the position of the sun shifts so I would recommend you to sit inside if you're uncomfortable with heat or you're with children.
Since the next table ordered this, we proceeded to get it too since it looked quite pretty (yes, I'm shallow like that LOL). This was not just any regular French Toast as it had wolfberries but you barely taste them. Unfortunately, the bananas weren't ripe enough and not caramelised enough. Sadly this dish was a let down. Looks nice for photos though 😂
Would I return? Probably not since there are so many new cafes opening next month. You can definitely order their souffle though. It's like clouds melting in your mouth!
Address: 605, Jalan 17/12, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7497 1184
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Fuss-free Cafe Style Experience at Home with Philips Coffee Machines

If you've been following me, you might know that I'm a total fan of cafes and coffee! One problem with that? You have to go outtt! Fortunately, Philips has just launched their new range of fully automated espresso machines so coffee lovers like me can enjoy coffee ala cafe style right at home.

Wait but these canggih coffee machines are hard to use 

Not at all! I tried the Philips 3200 Series LatteGo myself and it's incredibly easy to use. Just press a few buttons - beep beep - and your coffee is done!
Pick the type of coffee you want (I chose cappuccino cos that's how I roll), the coffee level, water level and milk level. That's it! This simple process can give consumers a bean-to-cup experience with speed, convenience and freshness. Because nobody wants to deal with a difficult coffee machine early in the morning guys!
The high performance Thermoblock boiler feature heats up water to the optimal temperature for every cup while the Aroma Extract system strikes an optimum balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction by keeping the water temperature between 90 and 98°C, while regulating the water flow rate.
Knowing consumers hate cleaning up, Philips introduced their two-part, no tubes LatteGo milk system which can be easily disassembled and rinsed clean under the tap in as little as 15 seconds, making it the fastest to clean milk system ever! The LatteGo system mixes milk with air at optimum temperature for silky-smooth froth.

With these new easy-to-use Philips coffee machines, you can spend more time with your friends and family!
The Saeco PicoBaristo (SM5473/10) (RRP RM5,999), Philips 3200 Series LatteGo (EP3246/70) (RRP RM4,599), Philips 5000 Series LatteGo (EP5335/10) (RRP RM3,999), Philips 2200 Series (EP2220/10) (RM3,299) and Philips 3100 Series (EP3510/00) (RM2,999) are available at selected retail outlets.

To find out more about Philips’ range of products in Malaysia, visit
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[Food] The Barn @ Pavilion KL Review

After attending the launch of The Barn in Sunway Pyramid, I was invited to a food review of The Barn Pavilion. I noticed that they boast a variety of everything - from alcohol, to the food and even their salad bar! You'll find an assortment of Asian cuisines next to a long list of Western food like steak and ribs.

I like the idea of sharing platters and small plates at The Barn as it gives you the opportunity to bond over food and wine. Here, Tania and I ordered a few dishes to share. We previously had their pasta at Pyramid and the portion was so big, two could have shared it!
The Barn Pavilion KL Food Review
I'm a total fan of cheese so we started off with the Cheese Board (RM45) - a spread of assorted cheese, crackers and dried fruits. Out of the Brie, Edam & Cheddar, I enjoyed the gooey Brie most followed by the crumbly Cheddar.

Spicy Top Shell RM 22.90

We got to try a new treat here - bite sized molluscs tossed with The Barn special homemade marinade. Surprisingly good with a bite! It's spicy and sour, just perfect with some ice cold beer. The tangy taste reminds me of a Thai salad and really hits your tastebuds.
The Barn Spicy Top Shell

Flaming Pork Spare Rib

Next up, the dish we were waiting for.. Oh my god.. when the chef brought it out, the aroma was just overwhelming! The Iberico baby back ribs are slow-cooked to tenderness then smothered in the best barbecue sauce ever. The ribs were flambé before serving with a side of vegetables and crispy fries.
The Barn Flaming Pork Spare Rib
Flaming Pork Spare Rib at The Barn Pavilion KL
They switch up the daily soup but the pumpkin soup we had was deliciously creamy! Help yourself to the salad bar too.

I've already been to The Barn in Sunway Pyramid previously and loved the selection of red wine there so I made sure to order a glass here too! When it comes to alcohol, red wine is my favourite and so far, I've loved every glass from The Barn.
The Barn wine
The outlet I'm reviewing here is Pavilion KL and they have a variety of seating options. Although it looks like a wine bar, IMO you can bring your family here too as there's even a kid's menu.
The Barn Pavilion KL
The Barn Pavilion KL
The Barn Pavilion KL
Level 4, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Raja Chulan, Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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[Food] Gin Rik Sha Indian Cuisine Review

I was recently invited to a food review at Gin Rik Sha in Bukit Damansara. From the name, we couldn't figure out what this restaurant serves. It sounds like a Japanese restaurant but Gin Rik Sha actually serves an array of Indian cuisines + alcohol.
Gin Rik Sha shop front
Started with some small bites to open up our appetites. I simply loved the Mango Chicken Pappadoms (RM20). It's like salsa with a twist - so tangy with a variety of textures. On the right is Pop Corn Tempura (RM14), basically corn fried in tempura batter - couldn't dismiss the thought that this would be perfect for movies nights!
Gin Rik Sha Mango Chicken Pappadoms
Gin Rik Sha Pop Corn Tempura
The treats just keep rolling in. Up next is the table favourite - Paneer Piccata (RM22). Slices of heavenly paneer cheese topped with generous amounts of savoury capers. This is a must order.
Gin Rik Sha Paneer Piccata
Now on to the mains! We had a hearty serving of Chicken Biriyani (RM30) and Bombay Masala Salmon (RM38). I'm not usually a fan of fish nor spicy food but this salmon was so goooodddd!! I loved the spicy masala and even had it with the biryani wahahahaha... By itself, the biriyani was already so flavourful but the masala makes it even better.
Gin Rik Sha Chicken Biriyani
Gin Rik Sha Bombay Masala Salmon
As if the food wasn't already impressive, this Pistachio Kulfi with Caramelized Bananas & Sesame Brittle (RM22) was just MMMMMM....... Oddly enough, it tasted like Horlicks and you know how we Malaysians love our classic Horlicks! Caramelised bananas were perfectly done using bananas with the right ripeness. Next to the Kulfi, I thought the Baked Yogurt Pudding with Berry Coulis (RM20) paled in comparison but I guess it's a good balance for the intense flavours we've been tasting the whole evening.
Gin Rik Sha Pistachio Kulfi with Caramelized Bananas & Sesame Brittle
Gin Rik Sha Baked Yogurt Pudding with Berry Coulis
Their mixologist also recommended a unique gin concoction made with pandan for me. It was delicious and refreshing! Don't be shy to try some of the other combinations. I found the few cocktails we tasted to be light, focusing on the flavour instead of just alcohol content.
Overall, it's a nice place to have dinner and drinks while spending quality time with close friends and family. Each dish is unique in flavour and packs a punch with spices so I recommend ordering many plates to share so you can taste them all!

Would I return? I do want to but the location is pretty far for me. Is there a chance they will open another branch nearer to me? LOL
37, Ground Floor, Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
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