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Would You Hire a Private Investigator for Your Blind Date?

Some years back, I was still pretty active in online chat forums. Someone from the forum suddenly asked me out for a movie and I agreed. At that time I did not even know what he looked like or if his name was real. Naive and young I was. Thinking back, it was quite dangerous but lucky nothing happened. Well, not like I could have hired a PI to find out his background before going out with him right?
There is a company that stalks your date for you.
Kind of.
Introducing Lovestruck, an online dating platform that can actually check the background of members so you don't date creeps. This dating site and app originally from UK has actually won multiple awards! It was designed specifically for busy single professionals seeking serious relationships and is now in Malaysia!

Why is Lovestruck special?

1) All New Profiles Are Checked

The profile and pictures of all new members are checked by real humans to make sure none of them contain inappropriate content. No more getting messages from people using cats as profile pictures. After all, you're dating the person, not the cat. Don't believe me? See the list of singles for yourself!

2) Background Checks

And here is where it gets interesting.. Lovestruck is the pioneer in profile validation. To get a blue verified tick on your profile (similar to Facebook's), provide your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook account so that the Lovestruck team can confirm that you are single, professional and local. This will get you more dates since you are confirmed to be 'real'.

3) Accurate Recommendations

Once you get your profile up, start viewing, sending winks and adding single people to your favourites! This data will go into Lovestruck's smart partnering feature that recommends singles you will more likely be interested in. Finding the right one just got easier!

Register on Lovestruck for free and start your love story today!
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[Beauty] PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Moisturising Cream Review

Will you just look at that! I simply LOVE skincare that look beautiful. It makes me happy whenever I have pretty things to apply on my face xD
The brand has a number of items including CC Cream and Lip Gloss but I opted for a moisturiser since really it's one of the most consistent things in my routine apart from facial wash. I can skip the rest but definitely not moisturiser with my dry skin!
The description says.. "Come from the depth of the sea, bring forth natural moisturizing cream that give 24-hour skin moisturizing protection."

Surprised to find that this moisturising 'cream' is actually a very light gel! I have dry skin but it's still moisturising enough for me, even at night. Due to it's light and comfortable texture, I highly recommend this for oily skin as well. If you're having trouble with skin that oils up easily or makeup that slides around, you can give this a try.

Product is very quick to absorb and requires just a tiny bit of massaging in. It's strangely a bit cooling when applied. If you have used aloe vera gel, this feels the same minus the stickiness and smell that comes with certain brands. Well, it DOES contain aloe vera gel after all..
I took some before and after shots to see the comparison. I had just finished washing my face and scrubbed so my skin was particularly dry and irritated. The product immediately soothed my skin and pumped hydration into it.
Not convinced yet? Check out the other reviews on BFFsays! You can write your own reviews too and then use the points to redeem freebies =D
** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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Christmas Gifting with Flower Chimp

Has your neighbour/boss/relative invited you over for a last minute Christmas dinner? Or just don't know what to buy someone for Christmas? Flower Chimp has a solution! Sometimes functional edible gifts are better!


9 Cavity Box with Lavand Chocolate
This box of chocolates look really good as gifts. Each piece of chocolate is double wrapped and placed in a pretty box. These were completely gone in less than 5 minutes!

Lavand Gourmet Cookies
Add some warm homely touch to your gift hamper with this box of cookies. VERY yummy and crunchy! Half of the box is gone already as I'm writing this. You might consider opening this on the spot so everyone can share xD

1 Mini Jar with Crunchy Pearl
Each pearl has a sweet milk-yogurt taste with a crunchy core - quite an interesting combination. I'm sure Carlson would love this but let's save it for Christmas, eh?

1 Jar Lavand Gourmet Nuts
A jar of assorted nuts ranging from almonds to peanuts. Perfect post-Christmas dinner snack with some wine.

Gingerbread Man
We were quite surprised at the flavour in this gingerbread man! It tastes so authentic with its full ginger flavour, unlike others that are just sugar. Carlson thoroughly enjoyed this gingerbread man (we stole a few bites).

Lavand Swiss Chocolate
Lavand Christmas Chocolate

If you're interested in this Jingle Bells hamper,  you can get it from Flower Chimp for RM 210.

Also enjoy the following when you're buying gifts, hampers or flowers from Flower Chimp:

  • FREE same day delivery
  • FREE delivery across Malaysia
  • FREE card message

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Beauty] Irresistible Me Jade Ceramic Straightening Brush Review

I'm so excited because I got my first hair straightener! My hair is relatively straight but sometimes I just have bad hair days. Plus, having shoulder length hair + fringe can be hard to manage when your hair refuses to listen.
Since I don't have much experience with hair styling tools, I opted for a brush type which was surprisingly easy to use! One of my main concerns was burning my hair and hand. Problem solved with this Irresistible Me Jade ceramic straightening brush =D
Watch the video below for my review!

I LOVE it! Apart from it being so safe, it's super easy to use. You really just comb through like a normal brush.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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Catch AMA 2016 LIVE on RTL CBS Entertainment on 21 Nov 9am!

Who's excited for the American Music Awards?!? With artists like Bruno Mars, Niall Horan and The Weeknd topping charts with their latest tracks, the AMA 2016 show is bound to be full of excitement.
And guess what?! Supermodel Gigi Hadid will be co-hosting the AMAs alongside SNL alum, Jay Pharoah. Drake currently holds the record for most AMAs nominations with 13 nods, beating Michael Jackson's previous record of 11 from 1984. Any wins in his nominated category will make it his first AMA win.
Adele and Justin Bieber picked up five nominations each, followed by four nods each for Beyoncé and The Chainsmokers and three for Bryson Tiller, Twenty One Pilots, Carrie Underwood, Fetty Wap and the Weeknd. I'm mostly excited for Ariana Grande and The Chainsmokers =D
Ariana Grande will go to head to head with Adele, Beyonce and Justin Bieber to name a few for the title of Artist of the Year. Rihanna’s collaborative hit ‘Work’ featuring Drake stands a strong chance of winning her the Collaboration of the Year Award. The Chainsmokers will face a formidable group of acts for the coveted New Artist of the Year crown, including DNCE, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes and Zayn Malik.

Catch the AMAs 2016 live on RTL CBS Entertainment HD (Hypp TV 616) on 21 November at 9am followed by the primetime encore at 9:55pm.
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[Health] The Pros and Cons of Protein Shakes

We all have that one friend who drinks so much protein shake, you wonder if he ever eats.
They are a great tool for losing weight and building lean muscle. However, you need to incorporate protein shakes into your healthy diet and exercise plan to get the best results. Discover more info about shakes with Health Shakes Reviews.
Don’t expect to get results from just drinking protein shakes.

Pros of Protein Shakes:

1) Easy Weight Management

Many studies have shown that there is evidence to suggest drinking protein shakes can help you lose weight. A medical journal article from a 2010 issue of “Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Review” showed the results from a study showing that obese subjects who ate a low-calorie diet including high-protein meal replacements lost more weight over the course of a year than the subjects who followed the diet but didn’t have the meal replacements. A protein shake will often contain less calories than a full meal. Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch said in an issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition from May 2008 that protein is the most satiating nutrient. This means that protein can be used to keep you feeling fuller for longer than carbs or fats can.

2) Protein Shakes Are Convenient

Drinking a protein shake will almost always be faster, and more convenient than preparing and cooking a balanced meal. It’s also healthier to have a protein shake rather than skip a meal or replace your meal with a quicker, less nutritious alternative such as calling up a pizza place or heading to a fast food joint for a burger.

In fact, it's faster and easier than some of our most common 'fast food':

  • McDelivery
  • Pizza Hut
  • KFC Delivery
  • Heck, it's even faster than Maggi Mi!

If you want to keep the convenience of a protein shake but add some nutrition then have some fruit or a whole grain snack alongside your shake.

Cons of Protein Shakes:

1) Nutrition Loss

On a nutritional level many protein shakes can’t hold a candle to a regular complete meal. Eating a serving of whole grains, including rice and bread, along with some vegetables or fruits and a piece of lean meat can provide you with proper levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as well as plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. On the other hand a protein shake made using a quarter of a cup of protein powder and water is much less balanced. That protein mix will give you 20 grams of protein, 7.5 grams of fat, and 8 grams of carbs. Shakes also don’t have the same amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients you can get from fruits and vegetables.

2) Limitations

Another big con of protein shakes is how limited they are in terms of what they can do for your health and your body. Even with a protein shake you can’t lose weight without also reducing your calorie intake. Nor will you tone your muscles without doing strength exercises.
You can't be lazy. There are no shortcuts.
If you want to use protein shakes for health then they should be used as part of your comprehensive plan designed and approved by a physician to help you reach your fitness and weight goals and maintain them in the long term.
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[Beauty] Kikumasamune Skin Care with Sake Review

I was pretty excited about this set of Kikumasamune products because the range is infused with Japanese dry sake, which has a history dating back to 1659. Sake is used as a moisturising ingredient here to protect skin's moisture. As a result, everything smells like sake/yeast.
Thank you Butterfly Project for this opportunity!
You can't really see from above but these bottles are actually HUGE! Seriously gave me a shock the first time I saw them. The 500ml bottle is almost bigger than my face and are like the kind you see at facial spas.

Kikumasamune Skin Care Cleansing Gel (RM42.90/200g)

A light pink gel that almost has a strawberry syrup smell to it. I would compare the consistency to aloe vera gel or gel masks. It's quite thick for a gel, making it suitable for dry skin without feeling oily. You can use this for a mini facial massage too! Also contains amino acids, placenta extract and arbutin to give your skin the best treatment while removing impurities. Does not contain mineral oil.
As much as I wanted to like this, it didn't perform very well in removing heavier makeup. Foundation was alright and the lipstick took a bit of effort. Waterproof eyeliner was a pain to remove. I cannot imagine rubbing this thick gel on my eyes either but I believe in using a separate eye makeup remover for eyes anyway. For my daily light makeup, it's good enough.

Kikumasamune Skin Care Facial Wash (RM39.90/200g)

Super easy to lather up with a bit of water. The foam is dense and smooth, making it a dream to wash your face. Love it! The brand described the foam to be like cushion, which I think is absolutely accurate.
Way more than what you need daily

Easy to lather into a dense foam

This is by far the fluffiest facial wash I've tried so far. I thought the White Formula facial wash was the fluffiest but we definitely have a new winner!

Kikumasamune Skin Care Lotion (RM42.90/500ml)

Kikumasamune Skin Care Lotion High Moist (RM49.90/500ml)

The lotion is available in 2 versions - normal (white) and High Moist (pink). Did not find any significant difference as they're both moisturising.
Best applied with a cotton pad but you can definitely just smack it on with your hands. I feel the pump is not the best as it 'jumps' so it tends to shoot out lotion. Gotta be extra careful using this.
Use daily as a lotion or soak a few pieces of cotton pads in it as a mask. Since the bottle is so huge, I don't mind using it as a mask hahaha! I recommend patting it in before applying the emulsion next for best absorption.
Used normally as a lotion
Used as a facial mask

Kikumasamune Skin Care Emulsion (RM49.90/380ml)

After toner, drench your skin with moisture using the Skin Care Emulsion!
It's quite watery, making it suitable for both day and night use. Only a minimal amount of oil is used in the production to keep it comfortable on skin. It isn't greasy or sticky after massaging in but provides ample hydration to skin.
With such a big bottle, I can use it not only on my face but the rest of my body as well xD

Kikumasamuns is currently available @ Selected Aeon Wellness & SASA stores.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Travel] Touristic Attractions in Odessa

We invite you to visit the stunning city known as the Pearl of the Black Sea. Yes, this city is Odessa located on the South of Ukraine and founded in 1794 by Empress Catherine the Great.
Photo by Alex & Dmitry
If you imagine yourself going back in time you can see some of this amazing city with its underground tunnels used to transport stolen goods and treasure used by this cities fair share of pirates, raiders and criminals including the legendary criminal of Odessa known as Mishka Yaponchik or Benya Krik. His legend states that he managed to rob the audience of the Odessa Opera house within 30 minutes!
Opera House photo by GK tramrunner
But Online Ukrainian Travel Guide invites you now to come to the present time. No visit to Odessa would be complete without going to see the beautiful Opera house and why not take in an opera or ballet while you are visiting? This beautiful building opened in 1887 after fire destroyed the original theater. It was designed by the same architects that designed the Vienna State Opera, Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer. You’ll marvel at its acoustics and be stunned by the Rococo style auditorium.
Potemkin Steps
While we are in Odessa we of course have to climb Potemkin Steps. Don’t worry there are only 192 of them leading from the port area to Prymosky Boulevard and close by Deribasovskaya Street. This area is some of the most popular in Odessa and close to the Opera House as well. You’ll find this area full of interesting stores and quaint cafes to while away your time.
Arheological museum photo by Erud

Photo by hobopocc

As long as we are in the area let’s go take a look at the mother-in-law bridge. Theory has it that it was ordered built by the politician Mihail Sinitsa who loved his mother-in-law’s pancakes so much so that he ordered the construction of the bridge thanks to which he didn’t have to walk so far during his lunch to get there! Others say the when several people jump on the bridge together, or strong winds strike the structure, it is known to shake violently. This theory holds that it is this swaying (or wagging) was akin to that of a mother-in-law's tongue. Many lovers now put padlocks on this bridge to show their love for each other. We are also not far from the Monument to Orange. The local citizens sent 3,000 oranges to Emperor Paul I towards the end of winter in order to bribe him to resume funding. Imagine a political power accepting a bribe?
Photo by Yuriy
We are along the Black Sea so of course we need to go to the shore. Let’s go to Arcadia District. This area is an extreme beach area especially in the hot summer months. You can find chic clubs to more quiet and relaxed areas to enjoy some food, have a lemon aide or ice cream and people watch. Enjoy the arcades or get yourself some photo ops. However if you feel the need for more low key beach areas, Odessa has many other beach areas you can enjoy as well.

Last but not least of the reasons to visit Odessa is its food. You can find everything from mainstream to quirky eating establishments with the city having over 1,000 listed restaurants. If you want authentic Odessa-Jewish experience, visit Rozmarin, (Malaya Arnautskaya, 46A, Odessa 65014, ph. 675187030) – a kosher-food restaurant celebrating the Jewish heritage of Odessa and frequented by locals. Maybe you prefer to make memories with your kids then go to Dacha, (Frantsuzkii blvd., 85/3, Odessa 65058, ph. 380487143119 on French Boulevard) where they can take part in a culinary class.

No matter what your interests are you can probably find it in this city. Come explore and plan on spending some time here to really get to know this amazing city. You’ll be glad you did.
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[Travel] Top 3 Must-See Destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam has been one of the favourite tourist destinations in Asia for many years. A country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, unique heritage, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine, Vietnam has much to offer any tourist who decides to visit her. If you're wondering where to go, here are the top three recommended must-see destinations in Vietnam.


Vietnam’s capital city has undergone rapid transformations in recent decades. Considered one of the most beautiful of the colonial Indochinese cities, Hanoi is a combination of old-world charm and modern developments brought on by its recent surge in tourism.
The motorbike-filled streets of Hanoi have much to offer for visitors, from lovely parks and museums to streetside restaurants and world-class coffee. Traces of the city’s French colonial past are still evident in the building architecture, language spoken by the older ‘Hanoians’, and even the French baguettes sold in bakeries.

Attractions in Hanoi
  • Musuems
  • Parks
  • Temples
  • Wartime sites
  • Water puppuet theatre

Ha Long Bay

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay is located about 170km east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam. It is an archipelago made up of 1,969 islands.
“Ha Long” means “bay of descending dragons”
The bay is well-known for its scenic ocean karst topography and regarded one of the natural wonders of the world.

Activities at Ha Long Bay
  • Bai Chay tourist boats
  • Budget and midrange cruises
  • Luxury cruises
  • Kayaking to lagoons
  • Seaplane with panoramic views
  • Seafood dinner
  • Swimming in the emerald water
Cruise boats
Photo from Greg
If you have more time to spend here, you can take the overnight cruise to visit beautiful caves, watch the sunset and enjoy a beach barbeque.
Photo by Dennis

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the largest city in Vietnam, is often described as a vibrant, dynamic, highly energetic city that has everything a city traveller could hope for – from timeless temples to towering skyscrapers, classy restaurants to unassuming street stalls, the finest hotels to the cheapest guesthouses.
Photo by Christopher

Photo by hieucd

Attractions at Ho Chi Minh City
  • Reunification Palace
  • War Remnants Museum
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Saigon Skydeck
  • Ben Thanh Market

Photo by jpatokal
Photo by bencmq
These are merely a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Vietnam’s diverse treasures. With the introduction of Vietjet’s maiden flight route from Kuala Lumpur to HCMC, now there are even more reasons why Vietnam should be the destination of your upcoming holiday.

To be part of Vietjet’s fun and innovative travel experience, visit: or (mobile)
24/7 call centre: (+603) 2730 9887
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