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[Beauty] Cellnique S.O.S Repairing Express Kit - Intensive Hydro Repair Elixir & Cream Review

Thank you Cellnique for sending this SOS Repairing Express Kit. My skin was in need of some saving indeed. Suddenly riddled with pimples, I needed something that could hydrate without irritating my skin.

The kit promised to "Regenerate and repair skin cell while restoring skin to its original healthy state in no time. A vibrant, firmer, and smoother appearance will be achieved with continued use."
The Kit consisted of the Intensive Hydro Repair Elixir and Intensive Hydro Repair Cream.
Been using this combo religiously for 1 month and I am loving it so far! I usually have a problem finding a good day moisturiser due to my combination oily skin that easily oils up but this was just finnnee.

Cellnique Intensive Hydro Repair Elixir

A high concentrate of Snail Mucin and Hyaluronic Acid that is designed to regenerate and repair the skin cells, restoring skin to its original healthy state. It also provides ample hydration and enhances moisture retention capacity of skin. A vibrant, firmer, and smoother appearance will be achieved with continued use.

It comes with a dropper tool which is great since the clear elixir is VERY watery. I use 1 drop twice daily. If you find it hard to spread 1 drop, apply when your face is still moist with toner.
You can see how watery it is. It's already dripping down my hand!
With just some gentle patting, the product easily absorbs leaving behind no residue.

Cellnique Intensive Hydro Repair Cream

This highly refreshing, non-greasy moisturizer with a quick-break texture that melts into the skin on application imparts a lasting, matte and radiant finish. It comprises of Snail Mucin and Hyaluronic Acid which regenerates the skin’s protective barrier, while hydrating, healing and soothing skin irritation.
Comes in a simple white tube and pump. 1 pump is perfectly enough for my whole face.
It may look like a cream but applies more like a gel-cream. The product isn't oily and absorbs surprisingly well for something that looks so thick. No shine, stickiness or excessive oil. I love how hydrated & plump my skin looks with this product!


As I mentioned, my skin was looking terrible for 1-2 weeks already and it just won't get better. After just 3 days of using the Cellnique Kit, I noticed a difference and the After photo was taken 10 days in. There are visibly less spots and the angry ones were recovering. Sensitivity and redness reduced greatly too.
It was a risk trying new products when my skin was in the middle of an angry fit but I decided it's fine since Cellnique hasn't failed me so far. Sure glad I gave them a shot! I especially like the cream which reminds me of the Cellnique Derma Whitening Essence & Advanced Bio Renewal Serum. All 3 are hydrating but absorb very well. If you have combination skin like me, you can consider giving these a shot.
** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Home & Living] Best Locations for Property Investment in Singapore

Once upon a time, le Bf & I did consider moving to Singapore for better job opportunities. One of our big concerns was getting a place to stay in Singapore. Let's face it.. I haven't even bought a house in Malaysia and now I'm looking at properties in Singapore?! I don't even know where to start.
Where is the best location to buy a property in Singapore?
What laws govern property purchase in Singapore? What is the average monthly rent in Singapore??

Thanks to PropertyGuru for this Singapore Property Guide. Now I know foreigners need to pay extra 10% and who pays what so we don't get scammed!

Your own guide to investing in property in Singapore

Infographic by PropertyGuru Singapore. Used with permission.
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[Beauty] Free Full-sized Products, 100% Rebate & MacBook Air to be Won at Althea!

We are celebrating Althea Korea's first birthday!! Lots of exciting stuff are happening so don't miss out =D

Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit

For orders placed on 20/7 onwards, they will come in a special limited edition birthday box. Not only is this box so pretty but it also contains a DIY Party Kit. Now hold on to your kit as it could be your ticket to winning a MacBook Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera and much more!
* While stocks last.

Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers

No wayy! Althea is giving away FULL SIZED beauty products to the first 1500 shoppers so hurry up and make your order now!
* While stocks last.

Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE!

Get 100% rebate to shop even more when you purchase these Althea top sellers. Rebate will be credited into your account.

#AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest

Remember that party kit? Take a photo with it and wish Althea a happy birthday with #altheaturns1! You could win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! There are a total of KRW10,000,000 worth of prizes to be won.
* Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016.
Of course I didn't miss the opportunity to grab a box for myself! I love buying beauty products from Althea because I can get stuff that are not available locally.
Wanna see what I got in my pink box?

W-Snow CC Cushion

It was either this or the April Skin Cushion. Spent 15 minutes Googling and finding reviews on YouTube #girlsbeinggirls In the end, I decided on this simply because of the shade HAHHAHAHA!

B&Soap Black Block

This one was quite a deal since I bought the package with the face brush. To my surprise, the brush is SUPER soft! Maybe a tad too soft but it makes lathering up my facial soap so much easier.

Witch's Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer

Gonna try out a new concealer to cover my epic dark eye circles because I can no longer stand them LOL Working late has taken its toll on them =(

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow

Finally running out of my empro Triangular Brow Pencil so I can try a new brand! =D I've always had my eye on the Etude House ones as they are crazy affordable. And eyebrow pencils last forever too!
I can't wait to try everything out!! You should start shopping too and grab those deals while you can~

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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Useful Tips to Find Jobs After Graduating

Celebrating 1 year with my first company after graduating, I have decided to blog about some tips for fresh grads to find jobs after finishing college / university.

Get a LinkedIn account

In college, I used to think LinkedIn was lame. Like why would I need another social media platform when I already have a Facebook account? However, due to my job I had to explore it later on and I discovered how amazing LinkedIn really is! You get connected to various people and companies, read articles to learn and most importantly, get headhunted often by HRs and headhunters. To maximise it, fill in anything you can, interact in groups and share appropriate articles. My favourite section is the Pulse where people from all over the world publish their articles. You can select the topic you are interested in and learn a lot from the industry seniors.

Part-time or freelance experience

With even a tiny bit of experience, you would have an advantage over your peers already! Having worked before, you may be able to assimilate into the working culture easily and would require less training. I had the opportunity to work with various brands on social media management and blogger collaborations, giving me the advantage of having work experience even before graduating. You may use your internship to gain experience as well. Pick your company well because if you perform, they may hire you for a full time position.

No work experience? No problem..

Excel in your final assignment
Even if you do not have any past experiences or work to show during your interview, there is another option. I have worked hard for my final assignments and did my best during the awards for this purpose. For example, my group’s Public Relations project for OrphanCARE won the Best PR Campaign Proposal at Taylor’s University School of Communication Star Awards in 2013. This can be included in my resume when applying for jobs.

Create a portfolio

Instead of printing everything out, create an online portfolio showcasing all your assignments, written work, past experiences and anything you want to show to your potential employer! Keep it short and simple but interesting enough. I have segmented them into sections (written, creative, social media & blogging work) so it’s clean and easy to access. Wix is an excellent free platform to use for your online portfolio due to it’s easy interface and pretty designs.

Create a kickass resume

Google online for a resume template and fill in the necessary details with a touch of your personality. Leave out the primary school ‘pengetua kelas’ and irrelevant details. Include the skills you have picked up and paste a professional-looking photograph (no selfies). Unless you’re a graphic designer or want to work at a very creative company, stick to a simpler template that is easy to read and gets straight to the point.

Search for jobs!

Now you are ready! Start to search online for job vacancy in klang or wherever is your desired location. Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs which seem to have too high requirements or if the pay is too low. These can be discussed later on during the interview.
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How to Survive Long-Distance Relationships and Get the Most Out of It

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to leave your significant other for an unknown amount of time? Not because you wanted it but because you had to? We have all been there. In this case, a long-distance relationship can become a great decision. Yes, you will be apart for an uncertain period. However, if your feelings are strong enough – the distance will not affect your partnership at all. Here are some simple yet important recommendations to help you survive a long-distance relationship and get the most out of it.

1) The Internet is your best friend

Just imagine that a hundred years ago people could only exchange letters, which was quite a clumsy way to communicate. Now we have smartphones with Internet connection in almost every part of our planet. Numerous people found their love on dating sites! Use the various communication channels that the Internet has provided you with – mobile messengers, video calls, gift delivery etc. Even though many people know about these tools, people tend to limit their communication to scheduled Skype calls, which makes things dull.

2) Set the ground rules

Every relationship is unique. Concepts like 'open relationships' or 'long-distance relationships' are just canvases while the details are optional and remain at your own discretion. If you decided that you don’t mind your partner to have casual sex while you are away – it’s absolutely okay and nobody can judge you. If you want to focus on sexual fidelity and create a high level of dependability in your partnership – it’s your own decision. Nonetheless, the main point here is that both of you have to be 100% committed. Or nothing is going to work out.

3) Control your communication

Without doubts, verbal communication, video chatting, and messaging are exceedingly important in every type of relationship. Somehow, people often manage to transform their long-distance communication in perpetual spamming. It does not work like this. It only makes you look possessive and stupid. Remember – in the case of remote relationships, less is more. It’s all about the quality of your communication. Your feelings are not going to become stronger if you talk twelve hours per day. It will only make your partner feel exhausted. You will both be tired of 'loving' for that matter.

4) Talk about your future

Long-distance relationships are 100% future dependent. It means that you try your best to make things work just to live together in the future. This recommendation has two equally important implementations. First, you need to determine what kind of future each of you look forward to. It might eventually appear that your paths do not match and keeping your relationship alive at the moment is absolutely useless. Second, if both of you are committed – talk about your future a lot (but not too much!). Plan something important, talk about countries you want to visit together, schedule a meeting – all this will help you enliven your relationship.

5) Use this time properly

Living together and creating a family, people often have little time left for their hobbies and interests. Since you are far away from each other and, consequently, you have some spare time – use it wisely. Attend language classes, stay fit or even get bulky (why not?), learn how to cook Spanish dishes or how to play guitar – everything works and the opportunities are practically limitless. Don’t waste the time missing your partner or being melancholic. It will end up miserably! Use this period to improve yourself.
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[Shopping] My Favourite Online Shopping Places

Notice how I didn't say 'websites' because I shop everywhere! LOL Below are some of my favourite places to shop:

Fashion - Instagram

Quite possibly one of my favourites because there are so many visuals! I even created a separate Instagram account to follow my favourite Instashops LOL!! You can get really good deals but many of them are pre-order shops while I prefer ready stocks.
These 2 dresses are from my recent purchase from @babydollboutiquee which were RM 25 each only. I saw this blue one selling for RM 45 elsewhere so think I got myself a good deal!

For beauty - Hermo & Althea

I make sure I check the prices on both sites to get the best deal. Hermo is sometimes cheaper but Althea has awesome deals too. Make sure you use these Hermo coupons for beauty shopping for maximum savings kekeke...

Cooking tools & for fun items - Shopee

Loving how I can shop even on my phone HAHA! There are tonnes of categories in Shopee and many of them are super cheap too. I will usually browse through tens of vendors to find the cheapest product and lookout for free shipping offers. You can share purchases with your friends and colleagues to qualify for free shipping as well.

Other products - Lazada

For non-beauty or fashion items, Lazada is the place I will go to. There are a wide array of items and as usual I will use a Lazada Malaysia Voucher if possible to cut down the price even further.

Are any of these also your favourite? Share where YOU get the best shopping deals =D

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[Entertainment] Fox Announces X-Men Show - Here Are 5 Big Wishes!

The biggest news in entertainment this past week was undoubtedly the announcement that Fox is making an X-Men TV show, with film director/producer Bryan Singer on board as an executive producer. This follows a growing trend of superhero television shows, and in the aftermath of projects like Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and Daredevil (to name a few), expectations are going to be high.

We know that the show will concern a normal family in which the parents discover that the children have mutant superpowers. They'll then be forced into hiding, and simultaneously into the company of other mutants fleeing the government and perhaps society at large. But at this early stage, that's about all we know about this show.

But here are a few more things we hope we'll see!

1) Tie-Ins With The Films

We've gotten used to the idea of superhero projects under the same studio being connected. Naturally, Marvel Studios pioneered the idea by connecting its various franchises under the Avengers umbrella, and now even shows like Daredevil and Elektra take place in what's popularly referred to as the "Marvel Cinematic Universe". Well, about a year ago writer/producer Simon Kinberg signed up with 20th Century Fox to help with their superhero projects, he admitted that the goal was to be like Marvel. Specifically he was referring to a unified vision between films, making them all part of the same world. The hope among a lot of TV fans will surely be that the coming X-Men show fits into this same vision, and that the characters exist in the same "world" as those in the X-Men movies.

2) Exciting Young Actors

This is likely going to be a very popular show, and in a way that means the casting shouldn't add much pressure to the producers. Fans will likely fall in love with any actors who wind up playing X-Men on a popular TV show. But some of the other superhero shows we've seen have done well by casting actors who were recognizable, if not stars yet. For instance, Charlie Cox (who plays Daredevil) had been in a few major projects, and Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) had a sort of following after her role in Breaking Bad. So it would be nice to see the X-Men show rope in a few actors that fit a similar profile. Perhaps one or two promising Game Of Thrones actors who were killed off too early?

3) Wolverine

It might be unlikely, but it would be incredible to see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine make a few cameos. He's the undeniable face of the X-Men film franchise, having appeared in eight films (with a ninth on the way), and even become the face of the characters in gaming. He's one of the only X-Men characters to headline his own console game (and Jackman did the voice acting), and an X-Men slot machine game that's based on the classic Marvel comic even uses Jackman's face for an image, rather than that of a drawn, comic character. In that game multiple characters from the film are there on the slot wheels, but Jackman's face stands out the most. Simply put, Jackman and Wolverine are the modern X-Men. Even a few small appearances would make this show more legitimate.

4) New X-Men Characters

It probably goes without saying that it would be great to see some new X-Men characters introduced through this show. We've seen a great many of them in film, but there are many more that haven't yet been adapted in modern projects, and this show has a chance to interpret a lot of them. Among the popular suggestions making the rounds already for future X-Men projects are the likes of Morph, Polaris, Spiral, and others - but again, there are tons of fun possibilities here.

5) Actual Involvement From Singer

We know that Bryan Singer is on board as an executive producer, and that he's been one of the true creative masterminds behind the X-Men films. But producer can be a flexible role, and there's no telling just how directly involved he'll be. Perhaps the most important thing for this show's quality is that he's actually involved in the creative process, rather than simply attached by name to lend the show credibility.
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[Tech] SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick - Your Private Cloud Server

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick sure does look like a normal thumb drive but I assure you it isn't just that! It is being called the private cloud server due to it's portability and convenience of file sharing. All your devices can share files even without Internet connection. The best part?
Up to 200GB of file storage at the size of a lipstick.
Because really, my bag is heavy enough.
LOVE the hexagon design in a sleek black colour. The On/Off button is discrete on the side but easy to press. A tiny light will indicate when your wireless stick is bring charged or used.
Access your files even 45m away.
So move your laptop into the kitchen or switch to your iPad to continue that episode of Game of Thrones.
The new 200GB version is available in a crystal white colour which is like OMG! I could buy it just because it looks so darn good.
The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick allows users to connect to it with their laptops, mobile phones and even tablets which do not have USB ports. You know what these means? I can place my movies, files and presentations in it and open them from any of my devices, anytime I want. I imagine this will be immensely useful for business people on the go. You can present your proposal on any device conveniently; even on your colleague or client's mobile phone.
Take control of your content anytime, anywhere.
What the mobile app looks like. Now you don't have to buy a special thumb drive with micro USB just to access it from your phone.
When low on battery, simply plug it in to recharge. Every full charge enables you to use it for 4.5 hours. When not in Wi-Fi mode or when it needs recharging, you can plug in it to use as a regular thumb drive as well.
Buy at: Machines, Switch, EpiCentre, Mac Studio, Mac City, Technocrats and the Digi Store.
Price: 16GB (RM 129), 32GB (RM 179), 64GB (RM 289), 128GB (RM 499) and 200GB (RM 729).

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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