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elf Cosmetics Haul + BuyandShip Forwarding Service Review

My elf Cosmetics haul is here!! This is the first time I'm ordering from elf myself. I've always used an agent for elf Cosmetics but you have to follow their batch time and you lose all the perks like freebies, points and coupons! FYI, elf only ships to US and Canada addresses so you cannot buy directly from Malaysia.
elf Cosmetics Haul
elf Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette in Sunset - This is a nice palette with a mix of warm shades
elf Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette - Sunset
One of the freebies, a baked trio eyeshadow. There was also a Lip Kiss Balm, a molten eyeshadow and a sachet sample.
elf baked trio eyeshadow
elf Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer - didn't want to purchase a separate blusher and bronzer so I got this 2-in-1! I had an older version which was more coral coloured but this is darker.
elf Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer
elf Smooth Matte Eyeshadow (freebie) - This was rather interesting.. Thought it was a concealer at first due to the colour and wand LOL
elf Smooth Matte Eyeshadow
elf Lip Exfoliator and elf Moisturizing Lipstick in Bordeaux Beauty
elf Lip Exfoliator and elf Moisturizing Lipstick in Bordeaux Beauty
Come come let me teach you how to buy directly from elf Cosmetics to Malaysia. I am using BuyandShip because they allow me to consolidate parcels from USA, UK, Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong which is so useful as my sister ended up buying stuff from all over the world omg.. Usually forwarding companies only offer shipments from 1 country.

#1 Order your stuff and send to overseas warehouse

You cannot order through BuyandShip. Just treat it as your overseas house address. When the seller has provided you the tracking number, declare your parcel - basically notify BuyandShip about your parcels arriving.
What if I don't have a tracking number? It's okay, BuyandShip will email you when an unknown parcel has arrived and you can claim it then.
From there, you can track every single movement of your parcel!

#2 Consolidation at Hong Kong warehouse & packaging

I consolidated 7 orders from USA and UK into 3 huge parcels. Packaging was my main concern as I was buying slightly fragile items. It would have to travel far from the seller-UK warehouse-HK warehouse-my house. Normally my overseas parcels arrive dented and kemek. As you can see below, the boxes arrived in perfect condition! None of my eyeshadows shattered and nothing melted nor leaked.

#3 Pay for your parcel

When your parcels arrive at HK, they will weigh each parcel so you know how much it'll cost to ship. Payment can be made using credit card.

How much did the postage cost?
Rate: RM15/lb (increasing to RM18/lb in April)
My 7 orders from USA and UK cost me RM180 in total to ship over to Malaysia. Total weight 12 lbs / over 5 kg. For boxes this size, they would normally charge by volumetric weight but BuyandShip only calculates by weight!

But wait isn't that still expensive? One of the 7 parcels from eBay would have cost RM 90 to ship directly from UK to Malaysia but now costs RM27 only. So I saved 70% off shipping by using BuyandShip!

#4 Wait for it to arrive!

A tracking number will be provided so you can track your parcel. So far I've received parcels using Aramex and DPEX.

Delivery time
From the Hong Kong warehouse, it arrived at my doorstep in days! Actually quite fast.
20 Feb - arrived at US warehouse
26 Feb - arrived at HK warehouse
1 March - arrived at my doorstep
I would like to emphasise that there is no membership fees, agent fees, tax, or hidden charges. All you need to pay is the RM15/lb. My parcels didn't get held at customs either.

If you're still worried about using BuyandShip service, feel free to drop me a PM on my Facebook page!
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[School Holidays] Mermaids Alive @ Sunway Lagoon

Specially planned to coincide with the upcoming Malaysia school holidays, Sunway Lagoon’s Waves of Fun programme presents Mermaids Alive!
Want to know what it takes to be a mermaid? From 23rd to 31st March, visitors can look forward to all mermazing related activities, including Meet & Greet with the Mermaids, Mermaids Makeover, and Swim with the Mermaids. For the little Mermaids aspirant, head to Titan Scuba Asia to learn how you can breathe underwater with scuba equipment (exclusively for kids aged 5 – 11 years old). Fun and exciting activities like Mini Golf, Aqua Volley and Tic Tac Toe will surely entice the little ones too!
Meanwhile, Meet & Greet sessions by Clown Walkabout Characters, Captain Quack & Lady Quack, SpongeBob & Patrick in Pirates overlay! , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), Dora the Explorer and her best friend, Boots will be making special appearances for photo opportunities not to be missed!
Exclusive mermaid merchandise will also be available for purchase including mermaid keychain, mermaid t-shirt, mermaid’s tail pool floats, MER-licious Ice Cream Treat from I Scoop 4 U ice cream parlour and Oceanie Slushie mermaid-themed beverage from Chill Lah… outlet at Surf Beach. Guests who participate in the various on-ground activities will stand a chance to win RM30 cash voucher from GEM Studio, RM20 cash voucher from Havanians and 50% off voucher on Mermaid swim course.
In conjunction with Mermaids Alive! , Sunway Lagoon is making it even easier for families to experience this adventure with the FAMFun package or 4-To-Go package which makes for big savings!

For more information, please call Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000, visit or connect to
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[School Holidays] WonderBeach Challenge @ Quill City Mall

Looking for more fun activities for your family this school holiday? Sure, beaches are fun but the weather is so hot right now and your kids can only play outdoor at certain hours. Well, Quill City Mall KL will be holding the WonderBeach Challenge so you and your family can have fun at the 'beach' all day long!
You can look forward to loads of fun-filled beach adventures like Paddle Waterboat, Traversing Line, High Rope Obstacles, Wall Climbing and Trampoline. They are all indoors so the fun doesn't stop even if it rains or gets dark.

Date: 23 March 2019 to 26 March 2019
Time: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Venue: Main Atrium, Ground Floor, Quill City Mall KL

Ticket purchase & redemption

Entry ticket entitles 1 child access to all activities. You may purchase tickets at RM15 each or redeem them at the Concierge Counter, Ground Floor.
Free ticket redemption:
  • Selected outlets: Spend RM30 in a single receipt = 1 entry ticket
  • Other outlets: Spend RM50 in a single receipt = 1 entry ticket

Family Fun Challenge Games

Not to forget, there are also Family Fun Challenge Games! Team up with your kid and join this Family Fun Challenge to stand a chance to win a pair of The Gravityz Entry Tickets (worth RM798.00)! Shortest time to complete the specific games will be the winner!
Sessions: 1-2pm & 6-7pm
Teams: 2 Members Per Team (1 Adult & 1 Kid above 5 years of age); 5 teams per session

Collect AirAsia BIG Loyalty Points

Shoppers get to redeem 2 BIG Points for every RM1 spent on weekdays and 1 AirAsia BIG Point for every RM1 spent on weekends at any outlet in Quill City Mall KL.

  • Hand Paddle Water Boat for 5 – 12 years old or min 100cm tall, max 35kg.
  • Traversing/ Wall Climbing/ High Rope Obstacles for 5 years and above, 100-180cm tall, max 100kg
  • Trampoline for children under 5 years old only
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What to Expect from the Laser Hair Removal Experience

You are probably already familiar with most at-home hair removal methods. Waxing and shaving are commonplace, after all. So is plucking the occasional unwanted hair out with tweezers. What you may be less familiar with are clinical hair removal methods, which can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. One of those methods is laser hair removal. Here is what you can expect from the laser hair removal experience.

Understanding What Laser Hair Removal Does

You must begin by understanding what laser hair removal does and how it works. The procedure itself is fairly simple. A focused light beam targets the hair in the treatment area in short bursts. Those pulses of light damage each hair in the treatment area. They do so by targeting the substance that gives hair its color, which is called melanin.

The reason laser hair removal is so effective is the laser light damages the whole hair. When you shave unwanted hair, in contrast, only the tops of each hair are lopped off. The laser devices for hair removal offer better results because they do not leave any hair behind just below your skin. Therefore, there is nothing to immediately regrow. It takes time for the hairs to grow all the way back through every skin layer and poke through to the outside again.

What Parts of Your Body Qualify for Laser Hair Removal

You can have laser hair removal done on almost any part of your body. There are very few restrictions. However, one of the biggest advantages of lasers for hair removal is they can treat many hairs at once in less than a second. Therefore, although they can be used to remove a few stray hairs, they are often best used on areas with a lot of hair you want to get rid of. Such areas may include your
  • bikini line
  • legs (shin and thigh are considered separate parts)
  • arms
  • underarms
  • face

How Long You Will be at the Laser Hair Removal Appointment

You may be wondering how long it takes to have a laser hair removal procedure. There is no single answer because the time it takes is proportional to the part of your body you are treating. For example, removing a few hairs from your face takes a lot less time than removing a lot of hairs from your bikini line. In general, many laser hair removal appointments take less than an hour, but some can take longer. Your clinician can tell you how long your appointment should take based on the type of treatment you want.

The Need for Multiple Laser Hair Removal Treatments

One thing you definitely have to expect from the laser hair removal experience is multiple treatments will be necessary. The reason you need so many treatments is hairs on different parts of your body grow at different rates. They also go through periods of dormancy with no growth. Hairs not in a current growth process will not be affected by treatment. By having multiple treatments, all hairs can be treated and weakened enough to fall out.

Laser Hair Removal and Pain Management

You should never show up for a laser hair removal treatment wearing perfumes, lotions or creams that are not approved by your clinician. However, your clinician may apply a specially formulated numbing or cooling agent to your skin prior to treatment. In some cases, the clinician may use a special device to cool your skin during treatment instead of or in addition to a numbing or cooling cream. In either case, the clinician will help you manage any discomfort you may have during the procedure.

Personally, I barely felt any pain after the numbing cream so don't be afraid to try it out! Your skin will be more sensitive and dry after treatment so they will provide cream for you to apply.
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[School Holidays] Local Kid-friendly Travel Locations for this School Holiday

Are you looking for fresh places to bring your children this school holiday? Here are some local travel locations that are suitable for families and friendly on the wallet. That's right.. you don't have to go overseas; spending quality time with your family is more fulfilling.

Lessons gained from traveling helps children experience a wide repertoire of insights and knowledge from an early age. You can even make travelling an educational activity by getting your children visual diaries to help them inculcate the habit of jotting down their experiences.

As the March school holidays are just around the corner, OYO Hotels Malaysia has listed some fun adventures and places which you can experience as a family.

1) 99 Wonderland Park in Tasik Sri Murni, Selayang

The 99 Wonderland Park is an option for you and your family to visit if you want to spend time on a pleasant walk, that is not in a shopping mall. This once abandoned lake has been transformed into a

23-acre recreational park decked with LED lights, the first of its kind in Kuala Lumpur. The view and scenery at the park is visually stimulating during the night, with all the LED lights on the walls, trees, railings and the Sky Fountain. The park also houses a variety of birds and animals - and you can choose to feed, pet or take photos with them while you exploring the place.

2) Sungai Pisang Waterfall Abseiling in Gombak

Families looking to attune themselves to water sports and adventure should certainly pay a visit as this waterfall abseiling activity will definitely get the adrenaline going. On top of that, the waterfall flying fox can be the next challenge to take on after you are done with waterfall abseiling. Even if you are experienced at flying fox rides, this one offers a difference as you will be passing by the waterfall from one end of the ride to the other.

Wondering where to stay for the night? For out-of-town visitors, the OYO 545 Hotel Sahara Inn is located only 5 minutes away from 99 Wonderland Park and 20 minutes away from Sungai Pisang Waterfall by car. Room rates start from only RM67 per night.

3) Hutan Bandar Recreational Park in Johor Bahru

If you’re travelling to Johor Bahru, you can consider visiting the Hutan Bandar Recreational Park.
Photo by Saya Orang Johor
Did you know about the Hutan Bandar Recreational Park within Johor Bahru city? It is a kid-friendly park with facilities such as a children’s playground, swimming pool, jogging track and a lake with trees planted around its perimeter, ideal for a fun time for the whole family.

If you’re on the lookout for a place to spend the night, check out the OYO 519 Domus Hotel located just 10 minutes away from the park by car. A night’s stay costs RM120 for a family of four.

4) Galeri Wayang Kulit Melayu Tradisional Kelantan in Kota Bharu

If you are heading to the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia, why not drop by the Galeri Wayang Kulit Melayu Tradisional Kelantan (GWKMTK) in Tumpat, near Kota Bharu?
If your children have a passion for Arts and Crafts, you can take a drive to Kelantan and participate in a Wayang Kulit Melayu session with Pak Dain near Kota Bharu.

Pak Dain, first started the gallery in 2008 who has been a shadow play master for more than 35 years. He has devoted himself entirely to learning and researching deeper into traditional shadow play. His intention of starting the gallery was to ensure that a Malaysian cultural heritage such as the wayang kulit is preserved for generations to come, as there are fewer and fewer wayang kulit puppeteers in the country.

You can opt to stay at OYO 559 Aslah Boutique Hotel located 17 minutes from the gallery by car. The price per night starts from RM127 for a family room for three.

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New ANA KUL-Tokyo Business Class In-Flight Menu by Zipangu

Have you ever wondered what it's like booking a flight on All Nippon Airways (ANA)'s Business Class flight to Tokyo? Here's a little sneak peek into Japan's largest 5-star airline for 6 consecutive years.
ANA has unveiled their new on-board dining experience for Business Class flights from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo (Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport)! This collaboration between ANA with Chef Nao Takeshita, head chef at Zipangu, Shangri-La Hotel, KL with over 25 years of culinary experience has created some delicious-looking menus.

Customers can enjoy these menus from June to Nov 2019.

How often can we try Business Class food right?
You can expect 5-star treatment on board from ANA's friendly team of stewardesses.
Taking flights can be uncomfortable sometimes with the cramped space but ANA Business Class offers exceptional space throughout your flight with its lie-flat design and adjustable seats to your preferred angle. Seats are arranged in a staggered manner, ensuring direct aisle access for every seat. You will also receive an ANA Business Class Amenities Kit and tuck in with a fluffy comforter, headphones, and movie.

More info is available on ANA's website:
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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know a Chiropractor Can Do

I asked the people around me a simple question: What does a chiropractor do? Most answered "crack your back" or something along that line; thanks to numerous videos on the Internet that only show them cracking some part of the patient's body.
After weeks of treatment at Spinalive, Damansara Uptown, we have learnt that chiropractors are so much more than just 'cracking your back'!

#1 Consultation

Chiropractors do not and should not blindly crack / adjust your body. In my sister's case, she has scoliosis - S shaped spine - so cracking wrongly may actually harm her. Dr Elaine who specialises in scoliosis cases went through her MRI scan and examined her body before beginning treatment.

From the consultation session itself, I felt very comfortable as Dr Elaine took her time to explain everything to us. Both my sister and I felt that we can trust Dr Elaine with her scoliosis treatment.
Gotta treat that scoliosis before it gets worse!

#2 Adjustment that doesn't involve pushing your whole body

As my sister is extra sensitive, Dr Elaine is making slight adjustments bit by bit. She is using this little tool called an activator which delivers a quick, low-force impulse to joints with the goal of restoring motion to the targeted joint.

#3 Dry Needling

Dry needling treatment is used to relax tight muscles which may be caused by injury. Knots restrict blood flow, causing that part of your body to feel tight or uncomfortable. Breaking the knot with dry needling can stimulate the muscle and restore flexibility.

Is dry needling the same as acupuncture? No. Both treatments involve inserting needles into your body but acupuncture is done on meridian points to relieve pain or discomfort by opening energy flow whereas Dr Jen does dry needling on muscles to remove knots and relieve muscle ache.

#4 Decompression Therapy

Non-surgical spinal decompression - basically stretching and pulling your body to take pressure off the spinal disks. Sounds scary but really isn't! The process is really slow, gentle, and pain-free.

Decompression therapy vs Traction? My sister had previously gone for traction which is similar but felt decompression therapy is more effective, comfortable, and specific. The latter is probably because this decompression therapy machine has straps to hold your body to ensure only the correct body part is being decompressed instead of pulling your whole body. The doctor will also adjust the angle to focus the pulling on the specific location that needs it.

#5 Muscle Stretching & Massage

We also found out that my sister has chronic torticolis - the muscles on one side of her neck are shorter, pulling the head to tilt in one direction. The physiotherapist gently stretched the muscles and even treated my sister to a little massage.

#6 Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Is IASTM gua sha? No. IASTM is done lightly and doesn't cause bruising like gua sha. IASTM can break down abnormal densities in tissue to produce a healing response from the body while gua sha is done to bring toxins and excessive heat to the surface to be released.

You can see how Dr Akmal is doing it lightly as compared to gua sha.

#7 Exercise

Most videos do NOT show you this - sessions with the chiropractor alone doesn't magically solve your problems. You'll be given 'homework' - a set of exercise to do at home to complement your treatment. Do NOT attempt to Google this and DIY the exercise as the type of exercise is customised for each patient based on their issues.
Thank you to everyone from Spinalive for being so patient with us. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires treatment.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Address: Spinalive Sdn. Bhd, 79G, Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama, 47400, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone number: 03-7732 8003 / 017-797 7678 (WhatsApp)
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Tips For Staying Bikini Ready

Although it may not be summer yet, it is always important to be ready to slip on your bikini at short notice. Who knows when you may be invited to go on vacation with a friend, when you may go to a spa or be asked to join someone special in a hot tub? Even if you aren’t planning on doing any of those things, staying bikini ready will make you feel more confident in your own appearance no matter whether it’s winter or summer.
Being bikini ready all year round is the only solution to avoid a last minute panic, so how do you make sure that your body is up to scratch, any time of the year?


Making sure you have no unwanted dry skin patches is pretty important if you’re going to be wearing a bikini, so make sure that you add time into your weekly pampering routine for exfoliation. You can do this using a body scrub or by using a loofah. Either way, it’ll get rid of all the unwanted dead skin cells and leave you looking radiant and fresh. Make sure you exfoliate all the places that are often left forgotten. Your knees and elbows are just some of the areas which are often overlooked but which will be a telltale sign that you’ve let yourself go over the months.

Hair Removal

You don’t want any unwanted hair when you put on your bikini. You need to choose the right hair removal method for you. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to go for a sensitive skin hair removal cream which will reduce the amount of work involved while producing long lasting results without causing any irritation. If you’re looking for the most long-lasting results, you might want to consider a different option such as waxing although this can be painful. Although shaving might be quick and convenient, the results won’t last long and could leave an unsightly shaving rash. An excellent compromise, therefore, is to use a bikini line epilator. You can find more information on which will help you to choose the right hair removal methods for you.

Getting A Tan

Even if you’re wearing your bikini during the winter, you don’t want your pale skin to give you away as having hidden under giant sweaters all winter long. The best solution is to use a tanning moisturizing cream all year round. This will avoid the problems associated with using fake tan. If you get a fake tan wrong you can end up with stained fingers and orange tan lines which look worse than no tan at all. A tanning moisturizer is the best alternative. You can apply it all over throughout the year and gradually, over time, it will build up a healthy natural-looking tan. It’s the safe alternative to using a sun bed and it will make you look as if you just enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean! Fantastic!

Prepare Your Feet

Don’t forget your feet when you’re getting your body bikini ready. It’s no use having a lovely healthy-looking tan and a hair free body if your toes are letting you down. Make sure that you’ve removed all dry skin from your feet. People will notice if you’re walking around in flip flops with large patches of dry skin on your heels and toes. You can use a pumice stone to do this quickly and easily or even a dry skin removal cream. Pop some moisturizer onto your feet afterwards and wear socks overnight. You’ll be amazed by how beautifully soft the skin on your feet is in the morning! Simply apply some of your favorite nail polish to your toenails and your feet will be sandal-ready in no time!

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll find that you’re ready to pull on your bikini at any given moment. You’ll be prepared for those unexpected sunny days when you decide to take a last minute trip to the beach, and you’ll be ready to jump in the pool at any time of the day or night! It needn’t be difficult to be bikini ready all year round, so what are you waiting for?
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Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Makeup Collection

Disney Tsum Tsum fans will be ecstatic to know that the Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Makeup Collection is now available at Guardian Malaysia! It was cuteness overload at the launch and we wanted to just bring everything home.

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Oil Control Blur Pact (RM89.90/12g)

Featuring characters from Frozen, this pact works to control oil and blur enlarged pores. With such a cute casing, you wouldn't mind bringing this out to blot out the excess oil midday!
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Oil Control Blur Pact

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll CC Powder Pact SPF40 PA+++ (RM89.90/12g)

The highlight of the launch were these super duper cute CC Powder Pacts featuring various Disney Tsum Tsum characters, available in #21 Light Beige and #25 Honey Beige.
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll CC Powder Pact SPF40 PA+++
These 2 are perfect for collectors as they come in pouches with highly popular Disney Tsum Tsum Characters such as Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Elsa, Anna and Olaf. Which do you want to collect?
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Makeup Collection

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Tint Gloss Cocktail Lip (RM45.90/3.3g)

The triple layer makes this product look so pretty! Available in #1 Gin Sung, #2 Manhattan, and #3 Pink Lady. They come with tint, gloss & treatment in one tube.
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Tint Gloss Cocktail Lip

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Duo Blusher Stick (RM55.90/6.2g)

I love the Tigger on this!! So so cuteeee! Available in #1 Coral Pink, #2 Oarnge Peach and #3 Cherry Red and has 2 halves which can be applied separately or blended together.
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Duo Blusher Stick
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Duo Blusher Stick

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Eyeshadow Palette (RM79.90/1g)

Another attractive item - highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes matching the Disney characters. Each palette is a mix of matte and shimmer colours. Available in #1 Rose Princess and #2 Shimmery Gold.
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Eyeshadow Palette

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll CC Cream (RM49.90/30g)

Easy to blend, controls oil and has SPF 15. Contains lily and aloe vera to moisturise and protect skin. Available in Honey Beige and Medium Beige. The design of both are equally cute!
Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll CC Cream
Ridiculously cute Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Soft Eyebrow Pencil (RM45.90) with Chip 'n Dale! Available in Ash Brown and Dark Brown.

Dual ended Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll 2 Step Fierce Mascara (RM54.90) in Black in the shape of a cute Maleficent.

Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Crazy Black Eyeliner (RM39.90). I thought the image of Cruella de Vil was aptly used here for a 'crazy black' eyeliner LOL
Ridiculously cute Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll Soft Eyebrow Pencil
Can't wait to get your hands on these lovable Disney Tsum Tsum x Cathy Doll makeup? Head over to your nearest Guardian ASAP!
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