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How to Put Your Best Foot Forward on a First Date

Going on a first date is going to be nerve-wracking, no matter which way you look at it. You are meeting someone new for the first time, and you have no idea how you are going to get along or how your connection is going to develop.
Before you get to that point, you have to make a good first impression and most first impressions come from looks. As soon as you walk towards your date, you want them to be stunned by your outfit and the aura of confidence you exude. At the same time, you want to make sure that your first impression still represents you.

Follow this guide to make a great impression on your date, while still being you.

1. Dress Comfortably

If you are going to a fancy restaurant for dinner with your date, your first instinct will be to glam up and wear the best clothes you have. While you should dress for the occasion, you should also make sure that you will be comfortable in your clothes, and your shoes.

Even though high heels look great, if you are in pain for most of the night, you won’t be able to put your best self forward and it can taint your night for the worst. Choose a pair of shoes that both match your outfit and won’t leave you wincing with every step you take. People are perceptive. Your date will probably notice if you’re feeling off and you don’t want them to jump to the wrong conclusions.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Makeup can look great if you do it right. If you know that your skills with drawing eyeliner are shaky at best, but you still want to add it to your look, ask a friend to help you. They can help you calm your nerves beforehand as well by talking with you through any of your worries. They can also help you to choose an outfit that best represents you!

Not overdoing it also applies to the date itself. Coming across as interested is a good thing, but if it is only the first date, you don’t want to present yourself as clingy or overly invested straight away. You need to take some time to get to know each other first, and that takes more than a single date.

3. Treat Yourself

Dates bring out your nerves. Treat yourself to something new beforehand to give yourself that extra something. Grab yourself a new bottle of women’s perfume and spritz yourself with a delicious scent that you love before you leave to boost your confidence and calm you down. Fragrance also plays a role in attraction. If you want to attract your date even more, you should smell your best, but make sure it’s not overpowering.

First dates are full of new possibilities and if you follow these steps, you can make sure that you take hold of every single one and make the most of your new connection!
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Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua - the Fastest Cordless Vacuum with 3-in-1 Cleaning

If you have children or pets at home, you constantly need to clean and clean and clean. I have a cupboard full of an array of cleaning tools and it feels like such a chore. Isn't there a cleaning appliance that can work faster, do more and perform every task well? Well, YES! The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua might just be the tool for you!
“As a company that strives to always meet consumer needs and surpass consumer expectations, it is important to us at Philips to continuously innovate appliances that improve people’s lives. We aim to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year worldwide by 2030, and to achieve this, all our innovations matter. Home appliances may not be critical equipment, but helping consumers achieve a clean, comfortable house with ease gives them more time to do the things that matter most – and can contribute to their emotional wellbeing,” said Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager, Personal Health and Health Systems Leader, Philips Malaysia.

Fast by making every move count

The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua boasts the fastest cordless 3-in-1 cleaning experience yet, thanks to its breakthrough 360° suction nozzle, a PowerBlade digital motor and PowerCyclone 8 technology. Delivering supreme airflow, the 360° nozzle picks up dust and dirt faster – not only in the forward stroke, but also in the backward stroke and from all sides. Specifically engineered to mimic human cleaning behaviour, it also cleans faster and more thoroughly than the average cordless vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the three-stage advanced filtration system captures up to 100% of fine dust, bacteria and allergens to release cleaner air.

I've switched to cordless handheld now because it's faster and so convenient to remove pet fur from all the different surfaces around my house. I love not needing to replug the vacuum for every few metres. This is very easy to control and you can TURBO it for those tough spots.

Innovative and unique vacuum and mop system

Here is one product that can both vacuum and mop! We witnessed how it effectively removed crayon marks on the floor with one sweep (kids, right?). Its innovative AquaBoost pedal enables you to control water release and increase the wetness for tough areas or bothersome stains, removing up to 99% bacteria. The bagless vacuum cleaner technology is incorporated into the stick to deliver stronger suction for a longer time. Easy-to-handle, convenient and efficient, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua is the ideal tool to help you keep your home spotless.

Uninterrupted cordless cleaning with integrated handheld and accessories

The problem with cordless is definitely battery life. However, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua has a 25.2V lithium ion battery to provide up to 75 minutes of runtime before you need to recharge, while the smart digital display indicates speed and battery usage, so you need not worry about cleaning the filter until it’s definitely time to do so. The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua makes short work of tricky spaces, such as doorframes or upholstery, by switching to cleaning using the integrated handheld unit. Simple to use with just one click, this accessory boasts a crevice tool and brush to make seamless cleaning easy. Even small particles, such as crumbs and pet hairs, can be easily whisked up in seconds.
I tried it out and was amazed! The suction power was really good, it can even remove powder on fabric which is normally very tough to remove.

Price and availability The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua (FC6904/01) is available at a recommended retail price of RM2,599 at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and Wangsa Walk in Kuala Lumpur and at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide, as well as via the official online store on Lazada at

To find out more about Philips’ range of products in Malaysia, visit
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Triumph Autumn Winter 2019 Collection

Woohoo! The new Autumn Winter 2019 (AW19) from Triumph Malaysia is here and there are many pretty pieces! The new collection offers something for every occasion – from stylish options for the fashionista who wants the latest designs, to everyday lingerie designed for lightness, breathability and comfort, to premium lingerie for the special moments in life.

NEW Aqua Lantern series

The AW19 show highlighted the new Aqua Lantern series from the iconic Aqua range, featuring 50% lighter padding for the ultimate lightweight push up. With embroidery inspired by Chinese lanterns, this range blends style with seduction.
The non-wired, padded push-up Aqua Lantern bra in soft mauve features delicate yellow embroidery with smoothing straps and sides. Meanwhile, the eye-catching black and pale pink wired push-up version has a deep V neckline for the ultimate seductive look. Additional touches include a feminine scalloped lace edge and decorative black tulle details.

This range is available in black, soft mauve, turquoise blue and vibrant pink with styles including deep V wired push up and non-wired push up. Options of matching midi and hipster briefs are also available. Prices start from RM229 for bra and RM79.90 for brief.
Paying homage to the female silhouette, the Style range is designed to enhance natural contours and provide unrivalled support and coverage, whilst still remaining a practical and eternally elegant choice. Crafted to shape, support and lift, the Style Palm features Triumph’s exquisite craftsmanship in a delicate bra and matching briefs with seasonal floral designs – in deep emerald or a chic black.
One of my favourites is the Style Fantasy bra which features multi-coloured embroidery against a delicate pebble grey lace and comes with matching briefs. The lightweight design provides a supremely comfortable fit against the skin, whilst the low cut of the bra is the perfect choice for outfits featuring a plunging neckline.

Meanwhile, the Style Festive bra comes in deep red and is paired with hipster briefs. Prices start from RM229 for bra and RM79.90 for brief.

Perfect t-shirt bras offering lightness and breathability

  • Everyday Romance is a wired half cup padded bra with smooth cups and is finished with decorative stretchable lace. It is available in soft mauve and pebble grey with matching hipster briefs.
  • Everyday Soft Touch bra offers 360 ̊ softness for ultimate comfort, with memory foam padding that ensures weightless support throughout the day. Complemented by matching mini briefs, the Everyday Soft Touch is available in black and nude.
Prices start from RM229 for bra and RM79.90 for brief.
These non-wired bras are designed for comfort, offering natural support for the perfect shape. Prices start from RM229 for bra and RM79.90 for brief.

  • Super soft Comfort Touch mixes comfort with style, featuring soft and smooth fabric cups with decorative floral lace. The long line, flower-inspired bra is available in shell pink, nude and deep water blue, with matching hipster or maxi briefs.
  • Natural Elegance bra has light padding and stretchable side wings for a smooth finish. It is paired with hipster briefs.
  • Sculpt Delight push-up bra features high side panels to create a smooth shape, with pretty lace details that are stretchable for added comfort. It is available in peach with matching midi or maxi briefs.

Florale offers a premium selection of sophisticated, everyday lingerie in trusted fits. The Florale Carnation is reimagined for the new season, offering an enhanced variety of bra styles which provide a natural shape and a smooth back with no visible seam lines. The Japanese-designed lace is inspired by stencils and delicate floral motifs, while tailored stich embellishments reflect the Triumph corsetry heritage. It comes in New Navy, Rumba Red and Grigio Medio and is paired with hipster and maxi brief.

Meanwhile, the Florale Selena brings a fresh twist to Florale’s collection of high-coverage modern classics, utilising Swiss-designed lace and a high-shine finish. Available in Crystal Blue, Pebble Grey and Rumba Red, it comes with matching hipster briefs that provide supportive coverage and a clean look. Prices start from RM369 for bra and RM139 for brief.
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[Food] K Fry Urban Korean Review + How We Skipped the Queue

If you love Korean food and you love CHEESE, K Fry Urban Korean is the place to go! Most of their menu contains cheesy goodness. And I mean the good kind of cheese, not your cheapo supermarket cheese ok?

Pictured here is their Tteokbokki with Cheese & Seafood. Jangan terKEJUt when it arrives ok? Unlike the tteokbokki at other places, the portion here is more suitable for 3-4 pax or even 5-6 if you're ordering chicken too.
K Fry Tteokbokki with Cheese & Seafood
If you come to K Fry you just gotta order any of their signature Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk. Crispy boneless thigh fried to perfection and coated with melted 100% mozarella cheese. Each piece was incredibly juicy and tender. We ordered the honey mustard version and it was sooo gooodd!
K Fry Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk
If you're familiar with how Korean BBQ places assign a staff to BBQ your meat, K Fry gives you a cheese show!
K Fry Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk
K Fry 1 Utama Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk
Mmm.. Ham and cheese rice balls. They mix and roll it on the spot for you. Tossed in sesame oil served together with chicken ham, cheddar cheese, Korean seaweed, fried red onions, and flying fish roe. I especially liked the tobiko as it gave a surprising crunch.
K Fry Ham and cheese rice balls

We skipped the queue with QueQ

K Fry outlets are normally very packed and there's a queue to get in so we were really lucky to know in advance about QueQ, an app that queues for you! Just select your restaurant, state your number of pax, and start queueing virtually. You can just sit down for some coffee and walk over when your queue number is approaching. No worries as the app will let you know how many people are currently queueing and how far are you.
Using QueQ at K Fry
We were so chill that we even stayed for dessert. We were extremely full because the portions at K Fry are cray cray but they so smart! They know everyone will overeat so they have mini bingsu LOL The milk bingsu here is incredibly fine and soft! Ours is topped with orange and grapefruit - very refreshing after a cheesy meal.
K Fry milk bingsu with orange
Hopefully QueQ will expand to more restaurants and places like hospitals soon! I can see how this will make life more convenient especially if you have small children and elderly with you who cannot stand in line for long.
Using QueQ at K Fry 1 Utama
Hehehe... hello are you all still lining up? Download QueQ lah! More info on their website or Facebook page.
Queue at K Fry 1 Utama

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foodpanda X OldTown White Coffee 2GO Delivery Menu

With Merdeka and Malaysia Day around the corner, we're all feeling a lil patriotic and I'm sure you can agree that food unites us all! Nothing like good ol' nasi lemak to make us feel right at home, right? And now foodpanda has partnered with OLDTOWN White Coffee to bring Malaysians a premium delivery menu - OLDTOWN 2GO Delivery Meals!

You can order for old town white coffee delivery by Foodpanda Malaysia for a quick delivery to your house, office or a friends place anytime.

Exclusive menu delivered in under 30 minutes

The OLDTOWN 2GO Delivery Menu is only available on foodpanda so make sure you download the app now! Sayantan Das, Managing Director of foodpanda Malaysia also aims to have your meals delivered to you in under 30 minutes.
The new 2GO Menu was launched with NEW premium meal choices which include Noodles, Rice and Sandwiches. The premium Noodles selections features big premium juicy prawns, chunky chicken meat and a delectable broth, while the Rice selections are accompanied with a variety of sides including sunny side-up egg, fresh tomatoes and Asian slaw, curry potatoes and sambal. The Sandwiches and Rolls are in sizable portions served with premium cut fries making it a satisfying and filling meal.
Speaking at the launch of the new menu, Mr Clarence Leon D’Silva, Director of Kopitiam Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd said “our premium 2GO menu aims to serve the growing demands of busy Malaysians who do not want to compromise their discerning taste and are looking for good quality wholesome meals delivered right to their doorstep. Consumers are seeking the same quality and satisfaction as dining at the restaurant” said Mr Clarence Leon D’Silva.

Nice.. Now you can deliver to the office instead of eating out in the heat!
The OLDTOWN 2GO Delivery Menu features the items below and will only be available in the Klang Valley for the time being:
  • Chicken Hor Fun
  • Curry Noodles
  • Classic Dry Meehoon with Dry Curry Chicken
  • Classic Dry Meehoon with Fried Chicken Fillet
  • Nasi Lemak with Dry Curry Chicken
  • Nasi Lemak with Prawn Sambal
  • Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Fillet
  • Oriental BBQ Chicken Wholemeal Sandwich
  • Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak Roll

FREE Delivery + 10% OFF

In conjunction with the launch of the partnership and in celebration of the upcoming Merdeka Day and Hari Malaysia, Malaysians can enjoy FREE Delivery + 10% OFF from foodpanda for orders from OLDTOWN 2GO Menu from 20 Aug – 16 Sept 2019.
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Eliminate 99% of Bacteria on your Car Mat with TRAPO Mark II

TRAPO, the homegrown brand for customised car mats has unveiled their brand new TRAPO Mark II! It utilises the Bactekiller technology by Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd which eliminates 99% of the bacteria on the car mat surface to provide cleaner and more hygienic car mats for the users. The Bactekiller technology prevents bacteria from reproducing on the surface of TRAPO car mats thus eventually killing it off.
In conjunction of the launch, TRAPO Asia has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Fuji Chemical to be the sole car mat manufacturer to use the Japanese technology in Malaysia.
“We are proud to be the only authorised car mat manufacturer to work with the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd which has over 65 years of heritage. Drivers step on their car mats in and out everyday without realising the bacteria that they bring into their car. With this partnership, TRAPO Asia can now produce a state-of-the-art car mat, Trapo Mark II to provide a safe and cleaner option for all drivers” said Tzong.

Anti slip and zero damage to floorboard

If you've had your car for a while now, you might have noticed your car mat crumpling up and developing holes too! Trapo mats have a special back with velvet and that bulu-bulu on the left which effectively prevents slipping without damaging the floorboard!

Premium Trapo Hex

Loving the look of the premium Trapo Hex too! But of course.. premium car mat comes with premium price as well 😂

Creating a Sustainable Environment

Did you know? Trapo car mats are made with 50% recycled raw material and 50% part virgin fibres! Trapo Asia has always been a big believer in green and sustainable manufacturing. In line with the 12th United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal, which advocates for responsible consumption and production, TRAPO Asia not only produces its car mats from foam waste from the production of toys but also gives its customers the option of trading-in previously bought TRAPO car mats as part of their corporate social responsibility. From there, TRAPO Asia recycles these trade-ins by increasing the foam waste ratio to produce its eco-friendly range, TRAPO ECO, in addition to TRAPO Mark II!
“We place great importance on maintaining an eco-friendly culture here at TRAPO. As such, we aim to be responsible for the waste from our manufacturing site and our car mats,” said Co-Founder of TRAPO Asia, Zare Lee.

Oxtra in-house car accessories

On top of offering car mats, TRAPO Asia is venturing into their in-house car accessories called Oxtra which includes Power-Cable, Car-Charger, Mini Vacuum and Phone Holder. All Oxtra products are carefully designed to ensure that the driver gets the best experience while using it.

“Currently there are so many choices in the market and car owners who want the best product often make misguided decision. Thus, Oxtra was created so that our customers can get the best experience out of it. Essentially, TRAPO wants to be the ultimate solution for every driver” added Zare.

To find out more, please visit TRAPO Asia’s official website at
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The World’s First Starbucks Signing Store Turns 3!

I was there at the opening of the world's first Starbucks Signing Store located in Bangsar Village II and it's amazing to know that they're turning three now! Their Deaf partners have now achieved the certification of Advanced Coffee Masters, an achievement that further develops their barista skills and coffee knowledge.
“At Starbucks we always endeavor to create a culture of diversity and inclusion. This was how the concept of the Signing Store came about more than three years ago by offering the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Malaysia with employment and career advancement opportunities. Today, we further recognize our Deaf partners (employees), who are also all certified Coffee Masters, with the progress they have achieved in completing their Advanced Coffee Master program. Our deaf partners have come so far in achieving this certification through hard work and determination,” said Rina Siew, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei.

Leaning into growth opportunities at Starbucks, the Advanced Coffee Masters Program teaches qualified baristas new coffee mastery skills for different coffee equipment. Thus, the newly-certified Deaf Advanced Coffee Masters are able to brew coffee using the Pour Over method. In addition, these Deaf baristas are also qualified to conduct coffee chat sessions with the public using sign language much like the baristas at the Starbucks Reserve™ stores in Malaysia. Throughout these three years, the Starbucks Signing Store advocates continuous learning and development of each barista.
Given an equal opportunity as any Starbucks barista, the Signing Store partners have proved their confidence in working and handling a variety of brewing equipment professionally. This has further raised awareness about the Deaf culture at the workplace to surrounding communities. The Deaf baristas are making more than just a cup of coffee but also sharing the warm approach of Starbucks through their perspective. The Deaf Coffee Masters in Malaysia are distinguishable by their black aprons that feature a special embroidery with ‘Starbucks’ in Malaysian Sign Language.

Dedicated to empowering the hearing-impaired community throughout Malaysia, Starbucks Malaysia has announced plans to open the first Starbucks Signing Store in Penang. Mimicking the Starbucks Signing Store in Bangsar Village II, the Deaf baristas in the Penang Signing Store will get the opportunity to develop soft skills, such as work ethics, teamwork and career attributes. The Penang Signing Store is scheduled to open by the end of this year.
The Pour Over brewing method is available at the Signing Store starting 25 July 2019 and customers can now experience a coffee signing session on a scheduled basis by Advanced Coffee Masters. Starbucks Malaysia has also launched a series of new exclusive Signing Store merchandise collection in conjunction with the 3rd anniversary celebration. The merchandise is priced from RM25 onwards and is only available at the Starbucks Signing Store at Bangsar Village II.

So.. How do you order?

As customers place their order here, they will notice something different, as the usual greeting and sound of baristas calling out beverage orders is replaced by sign language. Customers place orders using a simple menu card which they mark before passing it to the barista and Deaf partners use handwritten notes to communicate with customers. Upon placing the order, each customer is given a number on the receipt and once the beverage has been prepared, the number is displayed on a screen telling them it’s ready.

Ok la try to order my drink in sign language too LOL If you want to get a unique Starbucks experience you can drop by BV2!
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[Beauty] Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules Review

Early aging signs can be unexpectedly shown around face and neck area from late 20s to early 30s and continue to deteriorate with the passage of time. Fine lines, pores becoming larger and skin turns slightly yellowish are the symptoms of pre-matured aging. Areas around the eyes, nasolabial folds (smile line) and jaw line will gradually change its shape as it begins to lose its elasticity.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules Review
This uniquely formulated Cellnique Reversal Peptidic Capsules with advanced oligopeptide reinforces the resilience of skin against all these pre-matured aging appearance by applying the high potency content inside capsule day and night. Reversal Peptidic Capsules has been clinically tested and sold in more than two hundred professional skin care centers since 2015.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Note: Place in a cool, dry area. I left these in my car and the capsules stuck together LOL Managed to pull them apart though. The capsules were tougher than I thought.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
One capsule a day (or night) is the perfect amount.
Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Pinch and twist the top to open and squeeze out to apply. To be honest, the smell is not pleasant so don't go sniffing it! Reminds me of collagen supplements or vitamin pills.

It's a slightly viscous liquid that feels slippery. I was rather concerned at first because this amount of such a thick liquid could not possibly absorb into my face, right? Wrong! I use the slippery opportunity for a little facial massage and it absorbed so well! No problem topping up with a moisturiser as well.
Applying Cellnique Reversal Peptide Capsules
Personally, I was surprised how an anti-aging product isn't too heavy or oily for me as that is usually the case. I wouldn't mind using this except it costs about RM250 for 21 capsules which is rather steep for me.
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Experiencing Coffee from Around the World at Malaysia’s Largest Coffee Festival

Being a coffee lover, I couldn't miss the Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 (the largest coffee festival
in the country)! First, I dropped by Roastedly - the coffee brand which promises to deliver good quality coffee from around the world to its consumers without compromising quality, price and convenience.
World coffee champion Jason Loo was there in person to give us some tips on how to extract the best brews out of our coffee beans. The right method can really make a difference.
There was also this special edition box containing five exclusive coffees from Malaysia's top roasters! I loved how one could taste a variety of coffee beans without purchasing a huge bag of each. This is possible with Roastedly's method where beans are packaged individually and separately from the drip bag. This ensures you can get a cup of premium coffee on-the-go as long as you have a cup and hot water!
1 Utama was packed with people there for the various caffeine-fuelled fun and festivities, and to check out the collection of Malaysia’s top-class baristas, local artisan coffee bean roasters, independent specialty coffee houses, coffee beans specialists and suppliers, and coffee equipment distributors and manufacturers.
I enjoyed the various tastes of coffee from over 30 local and international exhibitors. This booth - JWC Roastery - had quite good coffee.
Was entertained by this 'rainbow coffee' which has different unique flavours that really stood out from the crowd.
According to a March 2019 report by Euromonitor International, 2018 saw Malaysia’s volume
sales of fresh coffee beans increased at a faster pace in the foodservice channel than in the retail channel, as out-of-home consumption gained traction. This was due to the recovering consumer sentiment where consumers spent more in foodservice channels.

Patronising specialist coffee shops also became part of the local lifestyle where consumers prefer to socialise and enjoy freshly-brewed coffee at these outlets. Influenced by the developing coffee culture in the foodservice channel, consumers sought to elevate their coffee-drinking experience at home by recreating the quality of freshly-brewed barista coffee. Fresh coffee pods in retail also witnessed a trend towards premiumisation and flavour sophistication.
Looking forward to the next Malaysia Coffee Fest!
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