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[Beauty] Olay Premium Magnemasks with Magnetic Infuser + Light-as-air Olay Whips

Olay's first-ever premium face mask collection is here at Watsons Malaysia stores nationwide! These special Olay Magnemasks come with a super cool Magnetic Infuser. You might have heard of using a magnet to pull dirt out but this magnet pushes the skincare into your skin!
Olay Magnemasks with Magnetic Infuser
More nourishing than a regular night cream, the overnight jar mask is lightweight with a soft melt-in texture to enhance penetration. There are 2 versions of the Olay Magnemasks:

Hydration range delivers moisture-boosting benefits for thirsty skin

The overnight jar mask is designed to be part of the everyday skin care regime, delivering up to 12 hours of hydration with each use.
Olay Magnemasks Whitening Jar Mask

Anti-aging range improves skin texture and elasticity

The actives-packed formula works in tandem with the Magnetic Infuser to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles overnight leaving skin plump, firm and with improved elasticity so you can wake up to the youthful skin of your dreams.
Olay Magnemasks Rejuvenating Jar Mask
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Infuse 3x More with the Magnetic Infuser

And here's the special part of this skin care set! Apply the overnight jar masks and massage for 2 minutes with the Magnetic Infuser. This massage infuses 3 times more hero ingredients 10 layers within your skin's surface, compared to finger application.

Note: The Magnetic Infuser is designed specially to repel the hero ingredients (Niacinamide & Penta-Peptides) of Olay Magnemasks so it may not work with other skincare.
Olay Magnemasks with Magnetic Infuser Wand

Light-as-air Olay Whips

Another product that caught my eye were the new Olay Whips moisturiser! Uniquely formulated with Active Rush Technology™ to hold and quickly release 1000x its weight in hydration and active ingredients. Once you apply the cream on skin, it magically transforms into liquid, bursting with hydration! Now you can have ample hydration without the heaviness or shine.
Olay Whips Regenerist
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The Olay Whips come in 3 versions

  • Regenerist - Diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity and firms skin
  • Total Effects - 7 skin benefits in one: moisturise, evens skin tone, brightens, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, minimises appearance of pores, firms, and reduce dark spots
  • White Radiance - Formulated with PearlOptics for lasting radiance

Olay Whips Regenerist, Total Effects and White Radiance
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Are you excited to try them yet?
Olay Magnemasks retail at RM 139.90 (Jar Mask + Infuser kit) and RM 109.90 (Jar mask). Olay Whips retail at RM 109. 10% discount for Watsons members until 20 February 2019.
Olay Magnemasks with Magnetic Infuser + Olay Whips Launch
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[Home & Living] Minimalistic Home Design with Belgium Fabric Wholesaler

Who here is a fan of minimalism? Clean, open, and simple is the current trend in styling your home. Leave the clutter behind and enjoy a relaxing space instead. But how do you style your home without filling it with stuff?

#1 Removing visible clutter

The first one's the easiest! Obviously we still need our stuff right? But try to make them 'invisible' instead. Stacks of paper, cutleries, pans on the stove, remote controls, random knick knacks.. First get rid of items you do not need and hide the rest in drawers. It will take some time getting used to clearing items after each use but you will appreciate how clean your home looks immediately.
I got a bunch of Pappis cardboard boxes from IKEA for this exact purpose. I throw stuff I don't want to see into them and line them up on a rack or cupboard. They keep dust out and the colour of the cardboard fits into the minimalist theme.

#2 Colour Matching

Minimalism is not about using white for everything. You have to create harmony between the flooring, furniture, paint, and everything else. A simple colour palette includes beige, earthy tones, greys, and gold. Try mixing items in different shades of colour or varying transparency.

#3 Add Textures & Patterns

Having limited colours doesn't have to be boring at all! Mix up your room with some marble design. You can easily purchase marble contact paper and apply it on flat surfaces to transform a dull surface into a lovely marble look. Leafy plants (real or fake plants, it doesn't matter) complement earthy tones and are easy on the eyes. Wooden furniture are also really good for a minimalistic design and if you're crafty, you can DIY your own from pellets.
Try to add lots of texture as well. This can be easily done with fabrics such as curtains, furniture covers, table runners, pillows, etc. Patterns like striped, weave, or subtle prints can really bring out the character of your room. These fabrics are from Acacia Fabric's Amalfi collection which feature geometric designs.

#4 And Let there be Light!

Open up the space in your rooms by letting more sunlight in using sheer, light curtains and large windows. If you're concerned about it being hot, you can always install a good window film to block the heat from entering. Using lighter colours also makes the light bounce off the surface, making your room appear bigger. Furthermore, you will be using less electricity to brighten up your room.
In my opinion, the most important thing is to know that putting together a minimalistic home should be done gradually and slowly. Do not rush to buy the pieces but instead take the time to look through different choices and make a mental image of how the different items will gel together.

Do your research well - you can search for inspiration on websites like Acacia Fabrics, which show you how to match different fabrics in your home.
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Unwind Your Weekends With Relaxing Spa Treatments In Kuala Lumpur!

Making your weekend amazing by booking a spa and massage treatment to any of the top-notched luxury spa retreat of the city, is simply one of the best decision you can choose to distress your mind and body after the hectic week in the city. If you are in the capital city of Malaysia, which is Kuala Lumpur, then you will find a lot of top-rated spa retreats located in all top-notched boutique hotels where you can unwind your mind and body with a relaxing massage facility.

In this blog post, I have compiled a list of all the most popular and luxurious spa retreats which are worth booking to rejuvenate your mind and body with exclusive spa and massage services provided by highly skilled professionals.

Whether you are visiting the city for your vacation or living in there for a purpose, example job, business, etc., there are times when your body demands a peaceful and relaxing treatment. For such needs, you can book up a relaxing massage and spa treatment in the leading spas of the city. You can make your booking for such treatment in the leading hotels of the city affordable by using Wonderfly promo code Malaysia. The code will help you save huge upon your every booking.

Now, lets’ quickly glance at the leading spa retreats of Kuala Lumpur-

1 # Spa Village!

The Spa Village is probably a perfect place to regenerate and rejuvenate your mind and beauty, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Located within the Golden Triangle of the city in the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel, the spa is a luxurious retreat enclosed in a beautifully designed private tropical terrace. It is one of most highly recommended spas of the city known for providing excellent services-

  • Ranging from traditional Balinese, Malay, Thai, Swedish, aromatherapy massage and hot stone therapies to European-style body scrubs, facials, and wraps
  • Ninety-minute Sensory Exploration comprising of foot and scalp massage aromatherapy and vibration, tasting, sensory relaxation, and natural and ancient sounds.

2 # Mandara Spa!

Built in the widely famous Renaissance Kuala Lumpur hotel, Mandara Spa is an award-winning spa outlet ideal for people seeking to sit back and relax while enjoying body and foot massage, manicure, pedicure, and facials by highly-skilled therapists. It is a two-storey establishment including –

  • Thai massage room
  • Double & single deluxe spa suites with steam shower and bath
  • Treatment rooms with steam shower facilities

Do avail Mandara Massage incorporating Shiatsu, Swedish, Balinese, Thai, and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage styles with pure essential oil, it is great for soothing fatigued muscles.

3 # The Spa, Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

Featuring a total of two couple’s treatment rooms and six single rooms decked out in earthy tones, warm lighting and wooden furnishing, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hotel is another most-preferred luxury spa of the city great for a rejuvenating weekend break in Kuala Lumpur. Guests over here are encouraged to make use of its on-site sauna, steam and vitality pool for about an hour before their appointment. Highly recommended treatments over here are-

  • Traditional Malay & aromatherapy body massages
  • Borneo body scrub and jetlag treatments
  • The Romance of Rose treatment ideal for couples which comprises of soothing foot ritual using rose petals and natural sea salt for deep exfoliation

4 # The Majestic Spa!

The Majestic Spa at the famous The Majestic Hotel KL is the finest luxury spa retreat boasting distinctive art deco-style Scottish architecture. Offering a serene view of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and vast swimming pool of the hotel, The Majestic Spa is an elegant, two-storey spa designed with glass-panelled doors, crisp white walls and a total of seven treatment rooms decorated with fresh flowers and beautiful antiques. Guest will indulge in pampering treatments and services of-

  • Sports massages
  • Swedish massages, body wraps and facials
  • Aromatherapy
So, these are the top-rated and most booked spa retreats of Kuala Lumpur that are worth booking for a relaxing and distress weekend break away from the hectic city life. You can book your appointment and even room in any of the above-mentioned hotels at huge discounted rates with Klook promo code Malaysia.

Hopefully, these spas will make your weekend relaxing and mind refreshing this weekend. Have an amazing Weekend!
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[Tech] HONOR 10 Lite Launched in Malaysia from RM749 Only

After the exciting honor 8X launch in October, the HONOR 10 Lite is here with an even sweeter price tag!
The HONOR 10 Lite will be available in 2 versions and 4 colours:
3 + 32GB RM749 (Sky Blue and Midnight Black)
3 + 64GB RM799 (Shiny Red and Sapphire Blue) *will be available at a later date

With such a small difference in price, I wonder if most people would wait for the 64GB version to be released? The new HONOR 10 Lite can be purchased from HONOR Malaysia’s official Lazada store and
HONOR 10 Lite’s AI technology offers eight real-time scenario recognition that identifies different scene types instantly, allowing the camera to enhance your facial features and the background by modifying the exposure time. Supported by 3D facial recognition and AI beauty functions, the device can customise beauty effects based on your age, gender and skin tone, only exposing the best and most beautiful version of you in every shot.
  • 24MP AI front camera with f/20 aperture
  • 13MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture

The HONOR 10 Lite comes with a Kirin 710, 3GB RAM, 2340 x 1080p FHD display screen and a 3400mAh battery for long-lasting device usage.
Its rear design is made from eight layers of shimmering material and has a gradient colour. The surface is a fingerprint magnet so buy only if you don't mind~
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[Nightlife] The Iron Fairies - KL's Most Expensive RM12mil Bar

Here is an experience only KL's most expensive bar can give you! Forget rooftop bars and cityscapes; we are going into an underground iron mine to visit where the fairies live. RM12 million was invested to transform this place into a cast iron world with a mythical twist.
The Iron Fairies KL review
The mesmerising interior design draws from Ashley Sutton's infamous books, bringing his mythical world to life.
The Iron Fairies KL ground floor
The Iron Fairies KL ground floor bar
The Iron Fairies offers an extensive selection of beverages including really good wine, champagne and their signature cocktails. Choose a seat by the bar to watch the bartenders put on a show as they create your drink. These signature cocktails are unlike any other; they challenge to excite your sense of sight, smell and taste all at the same time.
The Iron Fairies KL bar
The Iron Fairies KL bartender making cocktail
On the left is my personal favourite, 3rd Key. Bubbles & troubles with a hint of elderflower and thyme; I absolutely loooove the unique taste. I could have a few more glasses of that..

However, the flaming Green Fairy stole the show with its strong & punchy flavour. A well-balanced 6-spirit drink with vermouth, blue curacao and absinthe mixed with passionfruit.
The Iron Fairies KL 3rd Key cocktail
The Iron Fairies KL Green Fairy cocktail
Next, the Insta-worthy Trapping Tinkerbell - smoked scotch based cocktail stirred with homemade popcorn syrup and bitters. The sweet, familiar smell of popcorn will hit you first and then fill your mouth with absolute delight. A very interesting drink I recommend you to order.

If you're into a more refreshing drink instead, try the Labyrinth: a gin-based cocktail with osmanthus, apple juice, citrus and Indian spices.
The Iron Fairies KL Trapping Tinkerbell cocktail
The Iron Fairies KL Labyrinth cocktail
Nymph's was right down my alley. Strong vodka balanced with the exploding flavours of watermelon, lychee, rosemary and lime. Yumm!

Amy's Rose is as sweet and demure as it looks. Vodka and gin cocktail paired with rosewater, citrus and cranberry juice with a pinch of sea salt, presented in a lovely romantic hue.
The Iron Fairies KL Nymph's cocktail
The Iron Fairies KL Amy's Rose cocktail
Seek out the Butterfly Room on the 2nd floor and dance under 50,000 butterflies, hanging from the ceiling as if frozen in time. This room is like a page right out of a mythical ethereal fairytale.
The Iron Fairies KL Butterfly Room
The seating upstairs overlooks the live band which plays every Wednesday to Saturday. If you're there on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you may even meet the Fairies as they come out to play!
The Iron Fairies KL 2nd floor
The Iron Fairies KL inside Butterfly Room

The Iron Fairies KL Butterfly Room closeup
The Iron Fairies KL opens until 5am on weekends so in case you get hungry, you can get a bite to eat here or head to the 7-Eleven across the square. The food selection is limited with 3 burgers (choice of beef, chicken or lamb), 5 sides and ice-cream.

I thought the Truffle Fries (RM24) were to die for! I could have the whole basket paired with a glass of wine or cocktail. The burgers were fairly priced (RM28-48) considering the portion which came with a side of fries as well. Our Coli's Beef Burger was made from Wagyu & grass fed aussie beef; homemade patties are made fresh daily.
The Iron Fairies KL Truffle Fries
The Iron Fairies KL Coli's Beef Burger
The Spicy Popcorn Chicken (RM24) makes a great match for beer. Dusted with homemade spice powder, onion & coriander, the crunchy chicken pieces were pretty enjoyable.
The Iron Fairies KL Spicy Popcorn Chicken
You may even bring a Fairy home at a price. There are a total of 14 Fairies so find out which one suits your personality.
The Iron Fairies Kuala Lumpur
If this isn't mesmerising enough already, The Iron Fairies is planning an exciting new concept for the first quarter of 2019. Can't wait for the reveal!

Facebook: The Iron Fairies KL
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Our Sanrio Times @ Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur

Attention Hello Kitty fans! If you haven't been to Our Sanrio Times Kuala Lumpur yet, better head there quick as it will be open until 6th of January 2019 only (3 more weeks).

Meet Hello Kitty & 100 Sanrio characters at this large exhibition which features 13 Sanrio-themed zones with over 300 vintage merchandise! There is also a 3.5m tall Hello Kitty plushie which you MUST take a photo with.
Sanrio Village - probably the best part of this exhibition? Sanrio characters taking a ride on the Sanrio train which is made to imitate Sanrio Gift Gate of Gotanda, Tokyo in 1970s.
Go down memory lane with the Sanrio Time Tunnel.
The Plushy World has over 2000 plushies of 100 Sanrio characters!
Location: Hall 5, Level 5, Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur
Time: 11am- 9pm daily
Date: 24 November 2018 to 6 January 2019

Purchase tickets online from TicketCharge or view the website for more info.
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