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NEW Croffle Series at The Alley With 5 Flavours

For fans of The Alley, something exciting is here! Now you can pair your tea with any of their new croffles! #MoreThanTea Furthermore, you can claim a FREE classic croffle if you provide your feedback after trying. Ends 8th October 2022.

NEW Croffle Series at The Alley With 5 Flavours

*Make sure you try them while they're still hot for the optimum experience and crunch!

Classic Croffle (RM 8.90)

Actually I didn't expect much from this cos it looks plain right but this was so good! The butter flavour was just spot on, combined with the crispy texture of a waffle.

The Alley Crunchy Salted Caramel Croffle

Crunchy Salted Caramel Croffle (RM 11.90)

Ok this is my favourite of the bunch! Topped with salted caramel sauce, whipped cream, and crushed cereal flakes. There are hints of toffee and maple syrup - really just reminds me of comforting cinema popcorn.

The Alley Brown Sugar Deerioca Croffle

Brown Sugar Deerioca Croffle (RM 12.90)

Obviously had to try this since the Brown Sugar Deerioca is The Alley's signature. The croffle is topped with a big dollop of whipped cream alongside a cup of Brown Sugar Deerioca which you pour yourself - great time to take a photo!

Oreo Chocolate (RM 11.90)

Here's a classic dessert for the sweet tooth. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and crushed Oreo cookies, it's perfect for all cookies and cream lovers who crave a subtly sweet snack which will put them in a good mood.

Garlic Cheese (RM 12.90)

If you wanted a savoury croffle instead, The Alley delivers! Very generous with the Tru-Blue Garlic Butter, Kewpie Cheese sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. With its crispy texture, it resembles a cheesy garlic bread.

The Alley Croffle Series Flavours

You can try the new croffles at The Alley SS2, Aman Suria, Melaka, Sitiawan and Mount Austin.

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What Happens If You Drive A Car Without Valid Road Tax In Malaysia

Driving a car on Malaysia Road without a valid road tax is a serious offense that you will be fined for. Though sometimes you probably might forget, too busy, or maybe procrastinating to go and renew it. But let us face it, deep down your mind, you know the police would not take it lightly with you if you will be caught. If your vehicle road tax expires within 1 to 3 years, you would have to renew it. However, if the private car road tax has passed for more than three years, then you will need to go to the Computerized Vehicle Inspection Centre (PUSPAKOM) office nearest to your place to get your vehicle inspected. This vehicle inspection is compulsory by law, and it is called a special inspection.

Preparation For Special Inspection

For you to have a hitch-free outing at the PUSPAKOM office, you need to get some things done. First, you have to find your original vehicle registration logbook (Geran original). Then, you will need a letter from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) because now your vehicle is without a valid road tax, and it is illegal to drive on the road without a valid road tax. The letter from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is called ‘Surat Pergerakan 3-hari”. After that, of course, you need to carry a valid auto insurance policy before you go for the special inspection. You can renew or buy your auto insurance online at, and it has got the best deals in Malaysia. You should note that depending on the type of your vehicle, other documents may be required. More so, you need to make sure your car is drivable and is not posing any danger to other people on the road and the general public. So what will the agents at PUSPAKOM check?

  • Examining the car’s suspension system
  • Examining the car’s body condition
  • Checking the car’s documents, chassis, and engine numbers authenticity
  • Checking the visible light transmittance rating of the car’s windscreens and glasses
  • Checking the car wheels’ alignment
  • Measuring the smoke emission of the car.
  • Examining the car brake performance
  • Checking the car’s under-carriage condition.


Renewing Your Vehicle Road Tax

Once you are done with the special inspection, if your vehicle road tax has exceeded three years, you will now renew your car road tax & auto insurance. You can decide to continue it over the insurer’s counter or through an insurance agent. However, you can save yourself from all unnecessary stress and renew from the comfort of your house online. You can do it online at in a few easy steps by heading to their website.

Final Thought

Whenever your road tax or auto insurance gets expired, you should not be driving the car on the road. Else you are exposing yourself to the possible risks such as incurring heavy losses in case of an accident. Most importantly, you could be getting a summon/ compound from a police officer.

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NEW Crimson Crunch Chicken at Texas Chicken

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I'm sure most of us are really excited to celebrate the festivities and eat all we cannn! If you enjoy crispy dried chili shrimp rolls, you need to try Texas Chicken's new Crimson Crunch Chicken! Inspired by the snack, it will send your palate tingling with the explosive combo of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours. The lingering umami taste comes from the coating that features a mixture of breadcrumbs and crispy prawn chilli which have been combined with key ingredients like garlic, dried chilli and fried onions.

In conjunction with the launch of the all-new Crimson Crunch Chicken and the upcoming Chinese New Year, Texas Chicken has also produced a video backed by a trio of drummers beating to a rousing rhythm on the Chinese Drums, ushering in the auspicious year of the Tiger. The music is themed around ‘Rising, Celebrating and Thriving’ where they hope to lift the spirits of Malaysians and inspire them to move forward with an upbeat feeling for a better year ahead.

Don't forget to grab these super cute Year of the Tiger ang pow packets with every purchase of the Crimson Crunch combo or purchases above RM20 per receipt too!

The all-new Crimson Crunch Chicken will be available while stocks last at all Texas Chicken Malaysia stores and via its food delivery partners (GrabFood and foodpanda) from 18 Jan 2022 onwards.

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The Best Winter Dishes to Try When in Switzerland

Known for its spectacular view and snow-capped mountains, Switzerland has been on my travel wishlist ever since I saw the cast of SBS Running Man Korea visit during their Luxury Tour Package (it’s episode 406 if you wanna know). Switzerland is an amazing holiday destination with its cool weather, vast nature, and various outdoor activities.

There are plenty of things to do in Switzerland and you can easily spend a couple of weeks here. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the snowy slopes offer a world-class skiing experience; choose a large ski resort if you enjoy company or smaller resorts for a more serene trip. Daredevils may visit Switzerland to go paragliding, glacier climbing, cliff walking or dogsledding! If you’re not sure how to plan your trip, you can always engage an agency like Sedunia Travel for their Switzerland tours and holiday packages.

For those who do not enjoy skiing, in the summer the snow melts to reveal charming hiking trails with a view. You can also explore the bustling Christmas Markets, unwind in the healing, mineral-rich waters of a thermal bath then spend the night in an igloo or check-in at one of their many luxury resorts. However, for me what caught my attention was their food! Ahhh imagine making this your winter holiday destination for 2022 and dining against the backdrop of breathtaking mountains! After watching the Running Man episode I decided to find out what are the top foods to try when you visit Switzerland in winter.

#1 Swiss Cheese Fondue

At the start of the trip itself, their first meal on the mountain was none other than the famous Swiss Cheese Fondue that cannot be missed! For centuries, locals have enjoyed this warm delicacy made by heating cheese (you can have a variety of gooey cheese including gruyere, emmental and appenzeller) in a special ceramic pot called a caquelon with a burner underneath that will keep it constantly warm. Swiss wine, garlic or even brandy is added to enhance the flavour.

Originally, the idea was to dip old hardened bread into the melted pot of cheese to soften it enough to eat. But now it’s just a yummy delicacy that will definitely warm your body from within with each bite! I consider this a mandatory activity when you’re travelling here to truly complete the full experience!

#2 Potato Rosti

Now this is something I really enjoy! Essentially potato pancakes and similar to hash browns, potatoes are thinly grated then pressed into a medium pan or made into small circles. You can either bake or pan-fry them in butter for that added fragrance until they become a beautiful golden brown that is sooo addictively crispy. Usually eaten for breakfast, potato rosti is normally served on the side with savoury bacon, fried egg or cheese.

#3 Raclette

You might have seen this before as the raclette suddenly rose in popularity in the past few years here but nothing beats eating the original one! An entire wheel (or rather half) of cheese is heated up in front of a fire (but now restaurants use a portable heater lah) to melt the cheese on the surface. When it starts to bubble slightly you know it is soft enough - the server will then scrape off the melted cheese onto your plate to be eaten over potatoes, pickles or onions. Sounds absolutely delicious!!

#4 Macaroni du Chalet (Älplermagronen)

If you’re thinking this looks like mac & cheese, it actually is a photo of mac & cheese HAHAH but Älplermagronen is actually very similar! Also known as the Swiss Alpine Macaroni, the pasta is cooked then layered with cheese, potatoes and milk or cream. There are several ways this dish is made and most add their own unique twist to this classic Swiss dish; some people make theirs with fried onion, bacon and serve with some apple sauce on the side.

#5 Polenta

I’m seeing a trend here.. So far I love everything on this list! You might think, hey isn't this just mashed potatoes? No, it is not! While mash is made from potatoes, polenta is made from cornmeal that is boiled and stirred until it reaches this thick porridge consistency. Although they look similar, the taste is very different. Polenta is a great alternative when you don't feel like having potatoes, rice or pasta as it goes well with almost anything! Normally served as a side dish with butter, cheese or a stew OR on a plate with braised beef and pork.

Are you excited to find out what else Switzerland has to offer but not sure which luxury resort is the best? Get the best Swiss holiday packages recommended for your lifestyle, activities and price range from Sedunia Travel!
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DJI Experience Store Premium and Service Centre Now Open at One Utama!

After opening its first DJI Experience Store Premium in Pavilion KL, DJI is now launching their newest Experience Store Premium and Service Centre at One Utama!

DJI Mavic 3
The 543-sq-ft facility is the first DJI service centre that includes after-sales services for customers to bring in their DJI gadgets for maintenance, repair or parts replacement.

DJI Experience Store Premium and Service Centre Now Open at One Utama

There's also plenttyyyy to see including the DJI Mavic series, Air series, Mini series and DJI FPV so if you're looking for a camera drone, this is the place to be.

DJI Mavic 3
DJI Experience Store Premium and Service Centre Now Open at 1 Utama

The best part? You can even test them out as DJI experts will be there to provide basic demonstrations, guidance and product information so ask away!

DJI Air 2S
DJI Camera Drone
Look at this cutie Tello! Retails for RM499.
DJI Tello
DJI Pocket 2
DJI Experience Store Premium and Service Centre Now Open at One Utama
DJI Experience Store Premium and Service Centre Now Open at One Utama
Whether you're just getting started or looking to upgrade your equipment, they have everything here to suit your needs.
DJI Mavic 3 vs Tello
You can also find lots of accessories and add-ons including spare batteries, chargers and bags.
DJI Accessories
Until 28th February, DJI owners can drop by for complimentary product checking service and firmware updates. You will also get 10% discount for battery replacements and 50% off for the replacement of propellers for selected models as part of their DJI Service Campaign.
DJI Experience Store Premium and Service Centre Now Open at One Utama
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The Harmful Ingredients in Cigarettes and the Effects of Smoking on your Health

Even if you are not a smoker, I’m sure you know at least one person who smokes in your life. I have always been surrounded by people who smoked cigarettes regularly. It’s not that I had purposely placed myself in that situation but somehow that is just how things ended up.

I myself am not a smoker but I am inhaling second-hand smoke everyday from being in public spaces, mamak, etc. There’s this one day I was just enjoying my dinner at a restaurant along the street market of the Curve when I smelt cigarette smoke. Even though the smoking table was seated a few metres away from me, the wind brought it to my table.

However, the worst was from at home as it was the biggest and closest exposure especially during MCO when everyone was working from home and staying in all day long.

I mean, we all know the problems that come from second-hand smoke but it was such a long-term thing and so far away. You don’t see it happening immediately and just brush it off. Until one day it got so bad that I have even begun coughing whenever someone around me smoked and I caught a whiff of it. This was a turning point in my life when I truly became concerned about the long-term health effects of breathing it in.

You think you can avoid it by standing further away but like at the restaurant, smoke goes everywhere and you’re breathing it in. Opening a window is not enough. I can certainly vouch for that.

Furthermore, you become immune to the smell after a while. I never understood why people told me they can smell me entering the room. Like how is that possible? I don’t smell anything at all! After stopping being around smokers, it took me months to realise that everything on me – my clothes, my hair, my car, everything – ALL smelt like smoke. It seeps into your pores and is super stubborn. Had to wash my clothes many times to remove the smell. I cannot even imagine what it has done to my health without me realising it.

What is smoke?

Actually what is cigarette smoke, what is in it and why is it harmful to us when inhaled? Why do I keep coughing whenever I breathe in cigarette smoke? When someone lights a cigarette, it actually goes above 900°C to burn the tobacco and the combustion releases 6,000 different chemicals in its smoke. Out of this 6 thousand, 100 have already been flagged by health authorities to be harmful and are potential causes of smoking-related diseases. These cancer-causing chemicals include arsenic, ammonia, lead, formaldehyde and much more, mostly coming from the burning of tobacco leads, not from the additives included in tobacco products.

So if you smoke, don’t even talk to me about the harms of eating processed meat or instant noodles okay?

The American Cancer Society says that cigarette smoking accounts for almost all tobacco-related illnesses and deaths in the United States. Additionally, studies have shown that 'light' or 'low-tar' cigarettes do not actually have lower health risks so don’t be duped by these.

Is Nicotine itself dangerous?

Nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco and is released when tobacco is heated or burnt. It can be absorbed through the lungs, mouth or skin into the bloodstream where it travels through the body and to the brain. Nicotine triggers the release of dopamine and when used repeatedly causes addiction. However, addiction can be reversed when you stop using it.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most of the dangers of smoking are due to the hundreds of toxic chemicals in the cigarette smoke and not the nicotine. One of the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke is nitrosamines, which causes many kinds of cancers. Switching to nicotine replacements will not cause cancer or lung disease like smoking. It is also much less likely to cause heart diseases compared to continued smoking.

Although nicotine is not the primary cause of smoking-related diseases or excessively harmful on its own, it does have its own problem such as increasing the heart rate and blood pressure.

What is cigarettes tar?

We often hear the word tar when talking about cigarettes but what is it? Before reading up, I admit I thought it was the same tar used to make roads.

Actually tar is the weight of particulate matter in cigarette smoke minus the nicotine and water content. Since Heat-Not-Burn (HNB) Products produce vapor instead of smoke, thus HNB products do not produce cigarettes tar.

How do you reduce harm from tobacco?

When talking about tobacco harm reduction, the real keyword here is reduce. If you are looking for alternatives to smoking cigarettes, they include heat-not-burn technology and products.

After reading about heat-not-burn products, I found out that tobacco releases nicotine at temperatures below 247°C. If you merely heat the tobacco instead of burning the tobacco at 900°C, it also does not produce the smelly smoke!! In fact, heating the tobacco is enough to produce a vapor containing nicotine, which is why most people choose to smoke. You do not actually need the smoke?? Heat-not-burn technology still generates nicotine to slowly wean off addiction but without a bulk of the harmful chemicals.

Of course, quitting tobacco and nicotine is the best choice for the sake of your health and everyone else’s around you. However, I know it is a difficult journey and most people cannot just quit cold turkey. It can be a stepping stone to stopping entirely. While you are trying to quit, it is better to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that enter your body.

Studies have shown that people who switched to heat-not-burn products were more likely to quit smoking. Smokers who made the switch were two to four times more likely to have quit smoking and by the end of the study, 17.3% of smokers in the study had quit smoking!

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also been conducting ongoing research on other tobacco products which are potentially less harmful such as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), or e-cigarettes. 

According to the FDA, many studies suggest e-cigarettes and non-combustible tobacco products may be less harmful than combustible cigarettes and the overall incidence of serious adverse effects related to e-cigs is low.

So, if you care about your loved ones, you should consider tobacco harm reduction. Especially when there are alternatives to help you now. Let’s work together to achieve a smoke-free future.
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Following your Dream to Help Others

One of the most rewarding careers that involve helping others is that of becoming a teacher. Being able to see the children that you have nurtured and taught flourish and become experts in tomorrow's world is something that will no doubt fill you with pride and emotion.

However, in order to become a teacher, you will have to earn a professional license.

The importance of researching your course

It is highly important that you take the time to research the courses that will get you into your dream career rather than just opting for the first or the most convenient one you find.

With many of the top colleges in the country now offering online courses, gaining your Master’s Degree in Education from a high-ranking college that will leave a great impression on future employers when mentioned on your resume should not be a problem. This will also typically make the best-paid teaching roles available to you after you have graduated and make you a very desirable addition to any school or college you happen to apply to.

There are many benefits for completing an online course, including not having to be physically located near the college you are studying with and being able to study around your own commitments, whether that is a full-time job or dependent family members. 

Knowing the key to success in your new profession

One of the main keys to being a successful teacher, is being approachable and yet still having the correct presence to command the whole room. If you are lucky enough to have been born with this rare gift, then you are very fortunate. 

However, if you are not, then included in some teaching degree courses offered by the best colleges, there is the option to learn leadership qualities so that you will not only get the most out of your new career as far as job satisfaction goes, but your students will get the most out the topics that you are teaching them - they will enjoy your classes or lectures a lot more for it.

Starting out on your career

When you have graduated, it is important to have an idea of where you would like your career to take you. Having a focused goal will make it that much more attainable, as you will be able to plan your route with a degree of accuracy rather than just going with the flow and hoping to hit your target.

For the best schools and colleges, there will probably be a desired line of progression, and teaching in the worst schools that have the worst grades is unlikely to get you teaching at the other end of the scale quickly.

However, perhaps that is where you feel that your time would be more beneficially spent, helping those kids that really do need a leg up to help them move their lives forward rather than you opting for the colleges that offer the biggest or best paycheck.
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2D1N Ipoh Trip On a Budget

While many of us are craving for an overseas trip, we went cuti-cuti Malaysia instead to Ipoh! We kept this Ipoh trip very budget friendly as we visited locations that were either free to enter or where you can simply enjoy the area without buying anything. I believe our biggest spending was when we visited a cafe near Concubine Lane and also to buy Ipoh’s famous salted chicken (MUST BUY). Make sure you check for any hotel promo to ensure you get a good deal too. If you’re looking for a place to stay or hotel in kuala lumpur, try using Traveloka to find some good deals.

Sam Poh Tong Temple

Let's start with the place I wanted to visit the most! Sam Poh Tong is a whole temple constructed within a limestone cave. It seems it's famous for the tortoises but I came here for this amazing view! It was a quiet morning just after a light drizzle, and the entire place was a picture of serenity except for the tortoises hissing in the background 😂 There’s also a large garden outside and we spent quite a bit of time here. Entrance is FOC and you can just park along the road outside.

Ipoh Mirror Lake

Not to be confused with the mirror lake in Shah Alam! Make sure you include Ipoh's mirror lake on your itinerary to get away from the city centre for a moment. Surrounded by mountains, the lake's calm water acts as a mirror creating endless luscious greens. You can easily get here by using Waze. At the entrance, pay RM5 to enter, then it's a short drive uphill to this dark tunnel. Don't worry, it's safe! It's only a short walk through the tunnel and there were many people when we went.

Concubine Lane

Tucked between shoplots with wooden shutters and hanging red lanterns, Concubine Lane is great for a short walk. The small alley consists of eateries, cafes, shops selling little trinkets and more. If all this walking is making you hungry, you can grab a bowl of Concubine Lane Ipoh Tau Fu Fa, rainbow cheese toast or cool down with some ais kepal. As the alley is too small for cars, it’s safe to bring your little ones here.

Kong Heng Square Artisan Market

If you enjoy Concubine Lane, the Kong Heng Square Artisan Market which is just around the corner might be your cup of tea. This is also where the Instagrammable Plan B and Sekeping are located. Lots of little stalls here selling handmade goods so take your time browsing and you might find treasures like this ridiculously adorable cat plate?!

Kinta Heights

This might sound strange but a colourful flat actually made it into the list of Instagrammable spots in Ipoh LOL Featuring a bright yellow and blue colour, we dropped by to catch some Hong Kong vibes. It rained when we visited Ipoh so there were puddles on the ground which you can use to create this reflection shot!

Birch Memorial Tower

If you're thinking the name sounds familiar, it's because the Birch Memorial Clock Tower was built in 1909 in memory of James WW Birch. I'm gonna be honest, it's actually really small so don't expect too much here haha.. On a sunny day, the super white clock tower stands beautifully against the blue sky backdrop but as you can see here.. It was too cloudy so no blue skies. To date, the clock tower is still functioning and actually needs to be manually wound every 5 days.

Enlightened Heart Temple

The second temple on my list is the Enlightened Heart Temple, with its trippy-looking interior that resembles a kaleidoscope. 72-metres tall, the pagoda has 13 storeys with numerous 'islands' brightly painted on the underside. If you climb all the way up, you will find an 11 metre tall gold Buddha statue standing tall overlooking the hills surrounding the temple.

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IG Spot: Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows Installation

Had to explore KL's own artistic Insta-worthy spot Kwai Chai Hong when I saw this new Illuminating Shadows installation go up!

When the sunlight hits the holographic pieces, they cast a mesmerizing rainbow on the ground creating a mosaic of pink, blue, purple, green and yellow. What a perfect opportunity to take photos! At night, the area is lit up with powerful spotlights to give a different vibe.

Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows

Decided to go all out and dressed up in a matchy matchy cheongsam for this! Personally, I think cheongsams are too pretty to be worn only during Chinese New Year!

Tip: Bring a bigger prop like an umbrella to block out other people in the background and to fill in any empty space.

Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows
Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows
Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows
Have fun finding the best angle with these colourful helixes and don't miss the giant rabbit sculpture too!
Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows

This installation will only be here until 5th December so I suggest you make your way down ASAP if you want to get these magical shots!

Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows
Kwai Chai Hong Illuminating Shadows

Kwai Chai Hong was also recently awarded Best Placemaker Award by the Placemaker Awards ASEAN

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