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[Beauty] Can Clip In Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots & Hair Loss?

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories for clip ins. Now you might think clip ins are the best extensions because they are not permanent, they don’t cause damage etc etc. Actually it’s not true, they are actually one of the worst methods of extensions if you’re going to be wearing them every single day.
Clip-ins are great for an event, let’s say you have a wedding to go to or you just want to wear them every Friday night when you go out for dinner or go to the clubs, whatever, then I would say go for clip ins because they are not permanent. But if you’re the type of person who wants to wear extensions every single day, I would research different methods of more permanent extensions that would be less damaging.

But the main thing people complain about is..
"How come my clip ins are giving me bald spots?"
Well a lot of times clip ins can give you bald spots if you wear them every day.

When do Clip Ins Cause Bald Spots?

This happens when you wear them every single day. You tend to clip them in the exact same position and place, which makes sense because why would you place them anywhere else especially if they’ve been cut into your hair cut. Hair extensions are heavy and clip ins are attached using these metal or plastic 'teeth'. They grab onto your hair, pulling, pulling, pulling all the time on the SAME spot of hair. This causes hair breakage and on the long run, you will have spots with 'broken hair' from repeatedly wearing the clip ins at the same place.
Sleeping with clip ins is like the worst thing you can do, definitely the biggest no no. Think about it. If you wear them, you've probably slept with your extensions. You go straight to bed because you’ve been out really late at night, you come home and the last thing you want to do is take out your extensions. Or maybe you met a guy and you want to not take out your hair and be like hey this is my natural hair (lol).. it just happens. But really though the worst thing you can do is sleep with them because when you're rolling around in your sleep, you’re puling and tagging and girls have really bad horror stories with the bald spots because of sleeping with their clip ins.

The Solution

If hair extensions are your life, here are some tips to wear them but still reduce the risk of bald spots and hair loss:
  1. Shift them slightly every time you wear them
  2. Wear lighter extensions that put less strain on your hair
  3. Try not to wear them everyday and give your hair a break; even diets have cheat days
  4. Use other types of hair extensions
  5. DO NOT sleep in your extensions!

IMO, the best remedy is to either wear them less often, to place them in different spots or maybe not put the entire full set in so that its less heavy on your hair or just to get a different type of extension like a micro weft or even fusions if you don’t mind going for the permanent route but anyways those are my suggestions for avoiding bald spots with clip ins.
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[Home & Living] Tesco vs Branded Liquid Laundry Detergent

For years I've been buying branded laundry detergents. If it's not Top or Breeze, I probably wouldn't buy it. Then one day I decided to go el-cheapo and try out the Tesco brand one. What is the difference between cheap and expensive detergent? Is there even a difference?
Top & Breeze are labeled in kg but Tesco is in litres so I can't do an accurate comparison but Tesco is slightly smaller in size.
Usually I buy the refill packs because they're cheaper. This Breeze 4.4kg in bottle is RM 28.90 while the 1.8kg refill pack is RM 11.25. However, the Tesco 5L detergent is only RM 11.05! And Breeze is not even the most expensive brand on the shelf..
"It's cheaper because it's diluted"
So you have to use more of the Tesco brand which in the end makes it the same price? According to the instructions, you actually use LESS!
And not to mention Tesco's cap is significantly smaller as well. Doubt that tiny bit can wash my clothes but tried anywayyy..
I tried using that small cap of detergent and it just wasn't working LOL Let's be realistic here alright?


Still able to wash my clothes clean with cheap Tesco detergent. The fragrance isn't as strong because the branded ones are heavily scented. If you're using scented softener, this isn't a concern. So I add more than the recommended 1 cap or else it'll have a musky smell coming out of the dryer. I use 3-4 caps for a full load and my laundry smells quite nice. It's a modest scent that isn't overpowering. I really wouldn't mind using Tesco brand which is less than half the price.
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[Home & Living] Metabo Power Tools for Professionals + DIY Baby Play Yard

If you have a child at home, you probably surveyed the price for a play yard and got a heart attack. Which is why my parents DIY-ed one from scratch! Plus the size and height is fully customised to fit where we're placing it.
Measure and cut the wood. It's wayyy better to use power tools for this or else the result will be uneven sticks of wood.
Sand and apply lacquer.
Assemble at location and fix any add-ons. Here we have the PVC frame which holds the mosquito net.
And this was just one of the many DIYs my parents do at home. In fact, he has a tiny 'workshop' too and it's full of tools. So when Jasa Kita announced that they're now the distributor for Metabo in Malaysia, the brand name was somewhat familiar to me.
Jasa Kita has brought in tonnes of Metabo Battery Operated Tools. Plus a little added goodie:
36 months warranty for battery packs!
That's really amazing since other brands do not offer such a long warranty period. I feel more at ease using it knowing that it is covered by warranty.
Eii don't assume that battery operated = weak okay?
This heavy duty tool went through the thick metal in seconds! As a manufacturer of high quality power tools for professional users, Metabo offers an extensive range of professional tools and accessories.

Not limited to just metal - they also work well with cement. The Heavy Duty kind can go through thick cement and is used for heavy construction works.
Of course, Metabo doesn't lack with woodwork as well. Many were particularly interested in the sliding function of this Mitre Saw KGSV 72 Xact SYM. It can cut wood at any angle as required for perfect joints.
The Beveling Tool was also an interesting one. Again, it's adjustable based on the angle you need.
Compared to other brands, Metabo's Beveling Tool creates less sparks and friction so there is less heat. He even invited us to touch it right after and indeed it was not hot.

About Jasa Kita

With more than 40 years of establishment, Jasa Kita has earned a reputation of reliability and trust among its customers and business associates. Jasa Kita is the authorised distributor in Malaysia for renowned brands such as Devon, SATA, Kuani, Brook Crompton, Toshiba, and GP automotive battery. Excel & Feima Electric Motors were also developed as house brands. Their core business is in distribution of premium quality power tools, electric induction motors, hand tools, air tools, and automotive battery and other industrial supplies.
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[Tech] Sudio Regent - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

My love for Sudio products continues to grow with my collection! I still love my pink Sudio Vasa Bla but having to charge it every few days (with daily use) can be annoying especially when you're in the middle of this Korean drama and the familiar beep comes up. Beep! Beep!
As usual, the outlook of this Sudio product is not disappointing. It's a sleek black (also available in white) with hints of gold. Overall, it's soft and comfortable to wear yet feels sturdy. Obviously it's much heavier and bulkier than the Vasa Bla and Tva BUT it comes with 24 hours of battery life. Beep! Beep! no more! For comparison, Vasa Bla has 8 hours of battery life which is not too shabby but 24 hours is better!

You can fold it inwards so it's less bulky to bring about.

The box comes with a manual, guarantee certificate, audio cable, charging cable and removable plate (already installed).
The charging port, power on/off, previous, and next buttons are well hidden but you'll soon get used to pressing them without removing your Sudio Regent..
The soft ear cushions make it comfortable to wear and you can easily adjust the height. I'm loving the freedom with this Bluetooth headphones! I can walk up to 10 metres away from my MacBook / phone and still be listening to my favourite music. The audio quality is good compared to cheap earphones; I wouldn't expect less from a Sudio product.

How to Change the Plate?

The Sudio Regent comes with changeable plates for enhanced design. You can even buy a few designs and switch based on the season. This is the original plate which comes with the Regent headphones - they're black with a single gold line. Black is totally my colour but I got a brighter pair for a change of mood.
Press on the plate and turn anti-clockwise gently. It will unscrew and pop out.
Pop the new plate in and turn clockwise to lock it in. You should feel a soft snap which signifies that it's in place. I'm kinda loving this blue feather design as well!
Right now, each purchase also comes with a FREE marble phone case! You can purchase the Sudio Regent on their website. Shipping to Malaysia is free.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Fitness] Jonlivia Waist Trimming Belt Review - Get a Smaller Waist!

Gotta admit, I'm a little obsessed with getting a smaller waist. It's not just about becoming thinner but getting a curvier body. I was immediately attracted by the Jonlivia Waist Trimming Belt when I saw it on their website.

Slimming Effect

The effects can be seen immediately - a smaller waist and more defined figure. You're encouraged to wear this twice a day for 1-2 hours each to train your waist to become smaller.
See how much smaller it's making my waist look?!

How to Wear the Jonlivia Waist Trimming Belt?

  1. Make sure the belt is aligned properly by making sure the backbones are even on both sides.
  2. Wrap the larger piece around your waist comfortably.
  3. Grab the smaller pieces and stretch them as much as you want then secure on the front.

Like the Jonlivia Hotpants, the quality is superb! It's also discreet enough to wear it under your daily clothes but I normally just wear this at home.
This Waist Trimming Belt works using large pieces of velcro. It's easy to adjust it based on your preferences, comfort and size. At the start you may find it uncomfortable so start loose and for shorter periods of time. When you're used to it, you can go tighter and longer. It doesn't come undone easily as the velcro is very strong.
I love how stretchable it is as I can feel it pulling my waist smaller.
The backbone maintains the shape of the belt and supports your back. I find that it also discourages me from hunching so much. Somehow with the backbone, you automatically adopt a straighter posture.
Buy from
Price: RM 110

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Beauty] Facial Hair Confessions + Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

I purposely let my eyebrow hair grow out for 2 weeks for the purpose of this review LOL Dedication ok? Usually I have to reshape it every week to maintain the shape or else I will somehow forget what it's supposed to look like and it'll come out wonky. My usual tool is a blade from Daiso which is considered easy to use but...
  • it cuts my skin sometimes
  • accidents happen when my hand slips and... I slice off part of my brow =x
  • itchy skin as the blade cuts the top layer of my skin
Then Veet sent me this revolutionary product - the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer!
It has totally changed eyebrow shaping!

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

The Veet Sensitive Touch Includes

  1. 2-sided trimming head: 16mm and 6mm
  2. 2mm and 4mm comb attachment for #1
  3. 20mm bikini trimming head
  4. Comb attachment for #3
  5. Styler cap
  6. Cleaning brush
  7. Beauty pouch
  8. The main gadget
  9. AA battery
#9 was really amusing! Veet really understands women. When we buy something new, we want to try it out immediately! They understand the frustration when you need to charge a new gadget for hours before using or buy a new battery for it.

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Attachment Heads
My review mainly focuses on the eyebrow trimmer because it's so unique! I've been shaping my brows for years and this is the best method so far. Advantages:
  • Better accuracy and precision than blade
  • Easy to create the shape I want
  • Super quick to shape!
  • No cuts and itchy skin
I'm really amazed at how well it worked and my skin feels so comfortable without any itchiness! That's because the Veet Sensitive Touch's blades are designed to never touch your skin during usage. If you always cut your skin or have sensitive skin, this is perfect.

Before and After Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer
Watch my video to hear my facial hair confessions and eyebrow shaping nightmares!

You just earned a place in my beauty corner! A very good beauty tool that can also be used on bikini area and underarms. It retails for around RM 100 and I see it's currently on sale at Guardian.
Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review
** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way
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