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[Travel] My Travel Guide To Hawaii

Hawaii is a special place that anyone should get to if they get the opportunity. I love it there and have been many times and trust me, I will make this many more in the future. I thought it might be a good idea to give you a little guide about Hawaii, what it means to be there and what it is that I love about it. So sit back, relax and enjoy my Hawaii travel guide.

My first thoughts

Hawaii is a very interesting place when it comes to the first impression that you get. When you land you are presented with luxury homes in Hawaii next to the beach, great weather, nature, skyscrapers and a relaxed atmosphere. It is very interesting because technically speaking it is a state of the United States, but that is certainly not the impression that you get when you are there.

The People

Hawaii is a nice mix of people from all around the world from the native people, Americans, Japanese and many people from the Philippines. The Hawaiian culture is one of a relaxed nature and also of a warm friendliness that you don’t often experience in other parts of the world. This is, of course, very difficult to describe in a blog post, but is very obvious when you get there.

Food culture

One thing that I like to benchmark in every place I go is definitely the food and Hawaii is certainly a place that doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The food of the locals is very interesting and my favourite aspect is the concept of the “imu”, which is like an underground oven. Hawaiians heat stones and place them in the ground along with the food wrapped in leaves or foil to slowly cook things like meat and vegetables. This makes for some delicious meat, which simply melts in your mouth.
There is also a number of local producers of food, which make for some incredible meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. This means fresh food that tastes great and in particular, I really like the fish and seafood. Hawaii is, after all, an island in the middle of the ocean and this means some of the freshest fish that you can imagine.

The American influence can be seen in a number of American restaurants, such as burgers, ribs and all the good stuff that we all love. In general, many people may see choices like this as the choice of unsophisticated tourists, but that isn’t the case here.

What to do

If you asked anybody about the things that you could do there, it would be a never ending list, but let’s start with the beaches. Hawaii is the home of surfing and here you can learn to surf and there are beaches to suit those with all kinds of surfing experience. On some beaches there are huge waves and on others there are calmer and more relaxed waters that are more suited to the beginner. My personal favourite is Oahu, which has the big waves that we have all seen on television. The beach is also a great place to relax, swim and snorkel. Snorkeling is one of my favourite activities, especially due to the beautiful tropical fish that you can see in the clear waters around the islands. For those that enjoy diving there are a number of dive sites too, so if you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you should seriously consider getting a diving certification before you go.
The nature is one great aspect of Hawaii and there are a number of ways that tourists can interact with the landscape of this great place. For example, the active volcanoes are a great attraction and provide some incredible sites to see. Seeing the lava fields and steam rising from the earth is a strong reminder of the power of mother nature. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting up in the air in a plane or helicopter to observe the amazing sights of the volcanic landscape. It is a very special experience to see molten rock pouring into the sea from high up in the air and it is a sight I will never forget.

Another highlight for me when I was last in Hawaii was seeing the sunrise at Haleakalā and it is probably the only place on the planet where you need to reserve a place to see the sunrise! Here you are presented with the sun rising above the clouds and one of the most spectacular views that you are likely to see in your life. Be organised and book early, because this is not an opportunity to be missed.

For those interested in the history of Hawaii, there are also a number of historical sights. In particular, those that were significant during the Second World War. Pearl Harbour is one great example of this and the naval base here was ambushed by the Japanese air force and this effectively signalled the entry of the United States into the World War. There are a number of memorials that dot the place and my favourite is the USS Arizona, which was the only battleship that was not raised from the sea. It serves as a memorial to those that lost their lives in protecting their nation and you can even see the remains of the ship from the shrine that was built above it on the water.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about Hawaii and hopefully this has whet your appetite to travel there. I will certainly be traveling there again very soon!

** Guest Post
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[Travel] Melipoly EHoney Bee Farm, Bentong, Pahang

One of the best parts about going to Bentong was visiting the Melipoly Bee Farm at Valley Agro Park! It was truly an eye opening experience with much to learn. Everyone was pretty much excited to see the bees and visit them at their home.

Bee Farm Tour

A 'roof' is built on top of each hive as an extension to their house; honey stored here will be harvested. The honey in the original hive is left untouched as not to interrupt the bees.
This is the first time I'm taking a close look at a bee hive (obviously because these bees don't sting!) and I was utterly shocked! Those little pods are all FULL of pure, liquid honey, freshly made by the hardworking bees.

About Stingless Bees 

Due to their small size, stingless bees are able to collect pollen from a larger variety of flowers, compared to their larger counterparts such as the honeybees. As a result, the honey produced by stingless bees have a unique taste. They are not actually stingless though - however their sting is so tiny that it cannot prick human skin so they're perfectly safe to be around.

Honey Tasting

Right from the hive! That's right.. Honey is carefully extracted using a syringe and you can taste the precious golden nectar straight from the hive. It can't get any fresher than that. You will be amazed at how each pod can taste different as the honey is made using pollen from different trees and flowers. Taste a few and you will realise some are sweet with a hint of fruitiness while others have an exciting sourness. I swear I tasted longan in one of them!

Pure, Organic E Honey 

In order to obtain truly organic honey, the source of pollen had to be as pure as possible. Instead of building an artificial environment for the bees, the bee hives are placed in a natural rainforest. Here, the bees collect pollen from the surrounding trees and wild flowers.
Cool mountain water flows through the rainforest, making the tour really relaxing. The goodness in the water is also transferred into the honey. The place is quite big and if you would like to enjoy the outdoors, you can walk around instead of taking the car to the farm. Consider it a good workout with nature.

E Honey Health Benefits

There are several types of honey available for sale here. You can try a few of them to taste the difference. I really like the stingless bee variant as it has a fruity sweetness that isn't TOO sweet.
These would probably make good gifts for house warmings, weddings etc.

We had a great time at the bee farm! Looking forward to the opening of the Bee Museum.
Brought home a jar of honey to experiment too =D

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[Home & Living] Guide To Settling Down In A New City

Sometimes we move to new cities because they have better opportunities than our home city. If you are moving to a new city such as the Lion City - Singapore, it can be confusing at first if you have no relative or friends living there. Settling down quickly in a new city is paramount to your own success. You might be moving into a new city because your job requires you to move or you are looking to advance your education. Whatever the reason, settling down in a new city should not be difficult even if you don’t know anybody there. Before moving to a new city, it is advisable you check the property news in Singapore to know if the place you are moving to has all the amenities you need. Checking property news in Singapore can help you know if the city is worth living in, before you make the big decision to move there. Here’s a guide that will help you settle down in a new city in Singapore.

Explore the city first

Before moving to a new city, it is important to consider various factors to see if it is going to be easy living there. Most jobs that relocate their employees to new cities give them the chance to explore the new city weeks before their move. If you already know a coworker or a friend in that city, you can move in with them just to have an experience of the new city. This would help you find out important details like the average rental price of apartments, stores available, hospitals, roommate opportunities and convenient places you can rent that is near your job or school. If you don’t know anyone there, you can stay temporarily in a hostel that can help you save a few bucks.

Check your financial situation

The last thing you want to happen before moving to a new city is to run out of money because of poor planning. A good plan will help you anticipate the income you will earn in a new city and the expenditure you will incur. Always keep in mind that expenses in the new city might be higher than what you planned. In this economy, it can be tough if you don’t have a proper source of income. Check whether your financial status can help you afford the basic commodities like food or apartment rent. If you are still job-hunting, it is important you have a buffer to support you until you find a new job. A buffer could include a few months’ savings or finding a part time job to support your lifestyle. Having a back up source for money will help sort things when there is a financial situation that may require extra coin. Compare this with using public transport and find out which one is more convenient and cheaper for you to use.

Prepare yourself

Before you move to a new city, it is important to consider if it is worthwhile to sell your home if you already have one. Selling your home might not be a wise decision to make because you never know if you would wish to return back in the future. The new city may not be comfortable for you thus the feeling of returning home. Instead, find tenants who can stay there. This will earn you an extra income while having the peace of mind that you have a home to return if you need to. If you are renting, give your landlord enough notice so that he can have time to reimburse your deposit. If you are looking to use the post office for mail, it is important you notify them that you are changing city. For your belongings, you need to consider what stuff you should carry and which one you want to leave behind. Also consider if it is ideal for you to move the belongings personally or you will need a moving truck.

Stay somewhere you feel safe

Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone or places to go can be nerve racking. You don’t want to pile up the pressure on yourself by moving into a neighborhood you don’t feel safe. If it is your first time in a new city, you might not tell a bad neighborhood from a good one. But if you have done your research, you should be able to tell if it is safe for you to move into that area. The first six months is important for you to adjust in a new city by checking in safe places as you maneuver around.

Don’t be afraid to say yes

Whether you like hanging out with people or not, it is important you accept invitations from people in your new city. Even if you don’t know them well, accepting their invite for a coffee is a good opportunity to form lasting friendships with them. You never know if the person whom you accepted their invite, will help you find that dream job. Also, don’t just sit at home. Ask your friends to introduce you to new people. This is how you will make friends in the new area. You can leverage your network for advice on Facebook or old contacts on your phonebook.

Join a local organized group

Joining a local group is a new way to meet new people in your new city. You can decide to join a local sports club or a volunteering organization just to bond with people. Joining a local organized group would help feel much accommodating and feeling much accepted in that society. However, don’t be tempted to overspend your money just to please a guy you just met. It is important you get out there to meet new people, but spending your money on unnecessary stuff is a bad decision.

Do stuff alone

After you have settled in your new area, you might not have time to hang out with friends. Don’t be afraid to do stuff alone. Doing stuff alone will help you feel relaxed. Instead of staying at home, you can go outside and eat alone in the public. People might find you interesting and initiate a conversation with you.

Don’t look back

Sometimes you might feel lonely in a new city that you are tempted to think about your old life. This might make you feel like your new city is a big mistake and you will never have a good life like you used to have. Avoid the urge of comparing your new city to your old home. Always remember that things will get better, especially if the move was precipitated by conditions beyond your own control.

Have something to do

Make sure you have fun stuff you can do every week. It can be joining yoga classes or a weekly sporting activity you enjoy. Having something to look forward to every week will make your life in the new city enjoyable. When you are having a long week in school or work, knowing that you have an interesting activity to join at the end of the week make your life easier.
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[Fashion] Buy Designer Eyeglasses Online from SmartBuyGlasses!

If possible, I would like to do most things online as it's really convenient. Now I'm even buying my sunglasses online from SmartBuyGlasses! I already have several pairs with the 'usual look' so this time I chose a translucent frame with floral design.
Gucci sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses
Gucci eyewear
Honestly I thought this was a lil risky. How can you possibly buy eyewear online without trying them on?? Well, I chose glasses for Women first then filtered them based on shape. You can compare the shape using your current glasses. Usually each of us have a certain shape that suits our face. You can also choose the brand, price, frame colour, and frame material. Those marked 'Asian Fit' are also more suitable for Asian noses. In the end, they fit perfectly!
Buy branded sunglasses online

Are the eyewear authentic?

SmartBuyGlasses has been around since 2006 and they guarantee that all their eyewear are genuine designer quality eyewear, supported and backed up with 24 month warranty.
Original Gucci sunglasses
Gucci sunglasses
There are tonnes of brands so you can buy Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Bvlgari, D&G etc. eyewear online. If you're on a budget, you can check out the wide range of branded eyewear below RM 350.
Wearing Gucci sunglasses
Branded Gucci eyewear
What are you waiting for? Start shopping from SmartBuyGlasses!
Wearing Gucci eyewear
** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Beauty] Can Clip In Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots & Hair Loss?

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories for clip ins. Now you might think clip ins are the best extensions because they are not permanent, they don’t cause damage etc etc. Actually it’s not true, they are actually one of the worst methods of extensions if you’re going to be wearing them every single day.
Clip-ins are great for an event, let’s say you have a wedding to go to or you just want to wear them every Friday night when you go out for dinner or go to the clubs, whatever, then I would say go for clip ins because they are not permanent. But if you’re the type of person who wants to wear extensions every single day, I would research different methods of more permanent extensions that would be less damaging.

But the main thing people complain about is..
"How come my clip ins are giving me bald spots?"
Well a lot of times clip ins can give you bald spots if you wear them every day.

When do Clip Ins Cause Bald Spots?

This happens when you wear them every single day. You tend to clip them in the exact same position and place, which makes sense because why would you place them anywhere else especially if they’ve been cut into your hair cut. Hair extensions are heavy and clip ins are attached using these metal or plastic 'teeth'. They grab onto your hair, pulling, pulling, pulling all the time on the SAME spot of hair. This causes hair breakage and on the long run, you will have spots with 'broken hair' from repeatedly wearing the clip ins at the same place.
Sleeping with clip ins is like the worst thing you can do, definitely the biggest no no. Think about it. If you wear them, you've probably slept with your extensions. You go straight to bed because you’ve been out really late at night, you come home and the last thing you want to do is take out your extensions. Or maybe you met a guy and you want to not take out your hair and be like hey this is my natural hair (lol).. it just happens. But really though the worst thing you can do is sleep with them because when you're rolling around in your sleep, you’re puling and tagging and girls have really bad horror stories with the bald spots because of sleeping with their clip ins.

The Solution

If hair extensions are your life, here are some tips to wear them but still reduce the risk of bald spots and hair loss:
  1. Shift them slightly every time you wear them
  2. Wear lighter extensions that put less strain on your hair
  3. Try not to wear them everyday and give your hair a break; even diets have cheat days
  4. Use other types of hair extensions
  5. DO NOT sleep in your extensions!

IMO, the best remedy is to either wear them less often, to place them in different spots or maybe not put the entire full set in so that its less heavy on your hair or just to get a different type of extension like a micro weft or even fusions if you don’t mind going for the permanent route but anyways those are my suggestions for avoiding bald spots with clip ins.
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[Home & Living] Tesco vs Branded Liquid Laundry Detergent

For years I've been buying branded laundry detergents. If it's not Top or Breeze, I probably wouldn't buy it. Then one day I decided to go el-cheapo and try out the Tesco brand one. What is the difference between cheap and expensive detergent? Is there even a difference?
Top & Breeze are labeled in kg but Tesco is in litres so I can't do an accurate comparison but Tesco is slightly smaller in size.
Usually I buy the refill packs because they're cheaper. This Breeze 4.4kg in bottle is RM 28.90 while the 1.8kg refill pack is RM 11.25. However, the Tesco 5L detergent is only RM 11.05! And Breeze is not even the most expensive brand on the shelf..
"It's cheaper because it's diluted"
So you have to use more of the Tesco brand which in the end makes it the same price? According to the instructions, you actually use LESS!
And not to mention Tesco's cap is significantly smaller as well. Doubt that tiny bit can wash my clothes but tried anywayyy..
I tried using that small cap of detergent and it just wasn't working LOL Let's be realistic here alright?


Still able to wash my clothes clean with cheap Tesco detergent. The fragrance isn't as strong because the branded ones are heavily scented. If you're using scented softener, this isn't a concern. So I add more than the recommended 1 cap or else it'll have a musky smell coming out of the dryer. I use 3-4 caps for a full load and my laundry smells quite nice. It's a modest scent that isn't overpowering. I really wouldn't mind using Tesco brand which is less than half the price.
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[Home & Living] Metabo Power Tools for Professionals + DIY Baby Play Yard

If you have a child at home, you probably surveyed the price for a play yard and got a heart attack. Which is why my parents DIY-ed one from scratch! Plus the size and height is fully customised to fit where we're placing it.
Measure and cut the wood. It's wayyy better to use power tools for this or else the result will be uneven sticks of wood.
Sand and apply lacquer.
Assemble at location and fix any add-ons. Here we have the PVC frame which holds the mosquito net.
And this was just one of the many DIYs my parents do at home. In fact, he has a tiny 'workshop' too and it's full of tools. So when Jasa Kita announced that they're now the distributor for Metabo in Malaysia, the brand name was somewhat familiar to me.
Jasa Kita has brought in tonnes of Metabo Battery Operated Tools. Plus a little added goodie:
36 months warranty for battery packs!
That's really amazing since other brands do not offer such a long warranty period. I feel more at ease using it knowing that it is covered by warranty.
Eii don't assume that battery operated = weak okay?
This heavy duty tool went through the thick metal in seconds! As a manufacturer of high quality power tools for professional users, Metabo offers an extensive range of professional tools and accessories.

Not limited to just metal - they also work well with cement. The Heavy Duty kind can go through thick cement and is used for heavy construction works.
Of course, Metabo doesn't lack with woodwork as well. Many were particularly interested in the sliding function of this Mitre Saw KGSV 72 Xact SYM. It can cut wood at any angle as required for perfect joints.
The Beveling Tool was also an interesting one. Again, it's adjustable based on the angle you need.
Compared to other brands, Metabo's Beveling Tool creates less sparks and friction so there is less heat. He even invited us to touch it right after and indeed it was not hot.

About Jasa Kita

With more than 40 years of establishment, Jasa Kita has earned a reputation of reliability and trust among its customers and business associates. Jasa Kita is the authorised distributor in Malaysia for renowned brands such as Devon, SATA, Kuani, Brook Crompton, Toshiba, and GP automotive battery. Excel & Feima Electric Motors were also developed as house brands. Their core business is in distribution of premium quality power tools, electric induction motors, hand tools, air tools, and automotive battery and other industrial supplies.
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