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[Travel] 4 Asian Destinations to Fly to in 2018

Are you planning your holidays but can't think of where to go? If you don't want to go too far, here are 4 reasonably close locations you can consider! Make sure you check for Malaysia Airlines Promo to get the best travel deals too.

#1 Eat, Eat, EAT in Thailand

Thailand is one of my favourite locations to eat at because of the vast variety, the low prices, and palatable flavours. I usually go for the street markets or smaller shops as there are many hidden treasures all around.
TIP: Follow the locals and eat where they eat!

I LOVE the huge night markets where you can find an amazing variety of full meals, snacks and drinks alongside entertainment and music. When you're in Thailand, you must try their seafood tom yum, pad thai, mango sticky rice, and coconut ice-cream.
Depending on your location, you may also find really cheap seafood such as this four flavour lobster which came with free fried rice and vegetables for two! Certain people in Thailand also speak Cantonese which is incredible and makes ordering food easier.
You can even grab these snacks on sticks and enjoy as you walk about. My absolute favourites are the grilled squids and mushrooms.
When you're done with all that or it's a really odd hour, pop into one of their many Family Marts or 7 Elevens. You can find them EVERYWHERE! I highly recommend the godlike onigiris (better than any you've eaten here), Betagen (it tastes like Yakult), the sausages by the counter and basically anything you can grab.

#2 Drink Coffee in Vietnam

Good, authentic Vietnamese Coffee can be found everywhere here! You might have seen this photo circulating online of The Cafe Apartment - a massive collection of cafes spread over 9 floors. You could literally spend all day and night here and still not finish visiting all the shops.
TIP: The view is pretty at night too when the lights comes on so plan your time wisely and you can get both a day and night shot outside!
Apart from the building, the cafes themselves are very insta-worthy too with beautiful interior designs and different concepts of each cafe. You will fall in love with little surprises like this beautiful cotton candy floof!

#3 Shop Beauty Products in Korea

Thailand is probably more popular for clothes shopping but when you're in Korea, you have to bring back some beauty products! Our skin usually prefers Asian skincare and Koreans are known to have flawless skin so why wouldn't you wanna know what they're using?? Stock up on your favourite products from brands like Laneige, Banila Co, Innisfree, Hera, and IOPE. You can even explore brands that are not in Malaysia yet.
There are streets full of these shops with promoters giving out freebies to attract customers. Look out for promos like 1+1 special event, big discounts and when you make purchases, they usually give out freebies like skincare samples and sheet masks too. How awesome is that?
TIP: Too many choices and don't know what to buy? Make a simple Google search and see what everyone is recommending right now.

#4 Experience Japan

Everything in Japan is beautiful. The serene temples, bright streets, walks in the park.. There are amazing locations like the Nara Deer Park (deers run free in this area and they are very friendly) and the Red Gates Temple (Fushimi Inari-taisha) where taking a photo at this location is a MUST.
Time your trip right and you can catch these lovely pink cherry blossoms!
TIP: You are advised to make your flight booking, accommodation and travel plans in advance if you want to visit during the sakura season due to the volume of tourists flocking to Japan at that time.
Have you been to any of these locations? Do share your experience!
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[Beauty] 5 Step Anti-Aging Routine for 20-Year-Olds

People have a routine for everything, from breast growth, to work productivity, to fitness. 20-year olds, in particular, are known for having high standards, especially if it personally affects the way that they live their lives. Skin care while young is among the most important aspects that merit this commitment to excellence, as it paves the way to a lifetime to radiance and glow. And if you’re among the 20-somethings that are looking for a comprehensive guide for it, you have just found it.

There are specific products and ingredients that you should stock up on, as these will revolutionize the quality of the results that you will get from your anti-aging routine. Choosing them should also depend on certain conditions and needs, which vary from person to person. But generally, if you do not have problem areas on your face and you’re only looking to get brighter skin, below are five of the most important products to have in your arsenal so that you can keep aging at bay as you go through life and look and feel your best.

Cleansing Milk or Oil

Most people in their twenties grew up thinking that foaming anti-acne facial wash products are a vital part of anybody’s skin care regimen. However, that is not the case. Dermatologists remind that harsh products that strip the skin such as acne wash should only be used by people who have had specific recommendations from their doctors to use the product.
Instead, consider investing in a good cleaning milk or oil. Such a product will take care of removing dirt and grime from your face without treating your skin like it’s the enemy. Additionally, it has the added benefit of balancing your complexion. If you’d like something that is more solid, there are also cleansing balms that are formulated to dissolve and clear off makeup in a short time.

When using cleansing products, make sure that you use them religiously. Washing your face twice a day with them, for instance, should be non-negotiable. Also, do not cut corners by resorting to cleansing wipes and thinking that you’re done for the day; wipes cannot offer the benefits that a proper facial cleansing can.

Scrubs and Exfoliants

Scrubs or exfoliants are also necessary in the quest to keep your skin youthful and glowing, and getting started as early as now is a must. Scrubs are best used at night, so that your skin has the time that it needs to heal and recover. When choosing a scrub, look for something that does the job but does not overdo it. Scrubbing your face raw can promote acne and other issues that you would not want to deal with.

Eye Cream

Anyone who wants to limit the effects of the years on their faces knows that focusing on the eye area is one of the most important steps in such a routine. The skin around our eyes is among the most delicate, which is why it is also one of the most prone to succumbing to signs of aging.

An eye cream is a necessary ingredient in your anti-aging regimen. When choosing, go for something gentle such as a hydrating day and night cream. And when applying, make sure that you do so gently. The right way to use an eye cream is to pat a bit of the product on your under-eye area, and let it gently sink into the skin. Use your ring finger when applying, as this exerts the gentlest pressure among all the fingers of our hands.


Also, arrest the damage that the sun can wreak on your skin with SPF products. The diligent use of daily sun protection is one of the biggest gifts that you can give your skin. A range of SPF 15 to 30 should be good enough, and all you need to remember is to use it as liberally as possible.

Antioxidant Creams

Finally, consider adding antioxidant creams to your vanity table. Your 20s will definitely number among the heydays of your life, and you will no doubt want to live it up. This means that you may be exposed to things that are not good for your skin, such as smoke, pollution, and others. Additionally, you may personally partake in the ingestion of things that will also harm your skin, such as alcohol and unhealthy food. For these, antioxidants will prove to be a godsend.

When applying, do not forget to put some of the product on your neck and decolletage. The face is not the only part of the body that will sport obvious signs of aging, when the time comes. And making the right preparation today will help you thank yourself later.

Other Tips and Tricks

Taking care of your skin and prepping it to look its best as you age are not limited to slathering products on your face - and you know that. There are also certain things that you should look at, some of the most important of which are:

Loading up on the good food stuff. Getting glowing and beautiful skin does not stop at taking care of the outside. Most of the time, the real work happens inside your body. For this reason, it is important to commit to following a dietary plan that features foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote clear and healthy-looking skin. Steer clear of junk foods that may clog up pores, cause breakouts, and lead to a host of issues.

Getting enough rest. Our skin needs time to rest and heal, especially if you live in a high-traffic area that has a lot of pollution and other source of stress. Get eight hours of sleep every day, if it is possible, to rejuvenate your skin and slow down the appearance of signs of aging.

Practicing an active lifestyle. Finally, get busy with exercise. Even if you dedicate only twenty minutes of your time to it, your body and your skin will reap the benefits of sweating out the bad stuff. Additionally, exercise can help with skin elasticity, as well as contribute to your own personal happiness.
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[CookingWithWhatever] Durian Crepe Dessert

Whether you've got some leftover durian or you just can't get enough of durian, here's a simple and easy dessert you can make (kids can help too)! I promise it's really yummy =D
Graphics Provided by
I'm using some leftover durian which has some hard bits.
Mash all the durian including the hard bits (as long as they're not too hard). Mine tastes great already so I didn't add anything to it. By mashing and mixing it like this, you can eat the moderately hard parts too. Waste not!
Stir up a simple crepe batter which is essentially just flour, milk, egg, melted butter, sugar and a tiny bit of salt. I avoided salted butter and added just a pinch of salt since I wanted mine to be sweet.
Butter your pan and swirl the batter into a nice circle or whatever shape you managed to get. If your batter doesn't spread, it's too thick.
Depending on your fire (I use low because my stove is either low or ON FIREEE), it'll take 2-3 minutes for one side. Just turn a corner up to check if it's browning.
Flip and leave for 1-2 minutes more. Once done, transfer out to cool.
Once your crepes are kinda cool (because you need to touch it with your hands), spread the mashed durian across like this.
Roll it a little and make sure you place some durian here to help it stick.
Yummy durian crepe is done! Place in the fridge before serving (if you can wait).

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[CookingWithWhatever] Beef Carrot Soup | Electric Lunch Box

Soup doesn't have to be troublesome. You can make soup without a stove.. in your dorm or rented room. I've started boiling soups frequently after I got an electric lunch box and it is sooo easy =D
LOVE the colours! The 'sweetness' of the soup will come from the beef and carrots here. As long as you let it boil long enough, the soup will taste great. I'm not even using the expensive, good parts of the beef.


  • 1 carrot, sliced
  • 1/2 medium onion (don't add the whole onion as it tastes very strong)
  • Beef
Yes.. that's all. Just 3 ingredients! Make sure you cut the ingredients into smaller pieces to allow them to cook faster as the electric lunch box doesn't boil them directly. It's more of a steamer or as the Chinese call it, double boil.
Add enough water for 1 hour (or longer if you prefer). It will boil really quick.
Add water, salt & pepper to taste. Close the cover and boil for an hour. Be warned.. it is going to smell amazing.
And voila! Your soup is ready! Check your carrots first. If they're still hard in the middle, add water to the base and boil for 15 more minutes.
Hope you enjoy this soup! Would you like more easy, affordable meals using the electric lunch box?
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[Beauty] Beauty Tips About Removing Raised Moles

Everything you wanted to know about skin moles' removal

Each and every person have more or fewer moles on their body. These are just pigmented cells on skin of different color, size, and shape. In general, all skin moles are usually harmless, but sometimes they could start to grow and / or change their color and /or shape, so it requires checking them immediately. They could turn into melanoma and be a reason of skin cancer.
If you have discovered any kind of raised moles on any part of your body, it's important to observe them from time to time. Sometimes these moles would never turn into something bad, so it's fine. Some people decide to remove such moles just for cosmetic reasons (for example, if they have a big raised mole on the face). Such moles are situated on the face, neck, back, or head. In all these places they could be easily damaged by brushes, clothes, wisp, or towel. When damaged, moles could be easily changed in appearance. A person may experience itching, little pain, changing color to black, and / or bleeding. If you have got these symptoms, you should visit the doctor immediately. More likely, you would be required to remove the mole and make a biopsy. That's why it's important to remove the mole beforehand if it is situated in a place where it's easy for you to damage it.

If you are going to remove the raised mole, you should know that there are three methods to do it:
  • surgery mole removal;
  • mole cauterization;
  • laser mole removal.
Two last methods are used to remove those moles that don't disturb a person in any ways, and a patient wants the mole to be removed because of cosmetic or precaution reasons (if a mole looks really bad on the nose of face, or if it's situated on the head, neck or waist, so it could be easily damaged when brushing, shaving, or wearing trousers with a belt). But if a mole is already changed its appearance, a doctor should remove it only through surgery. This would help to remove the mole without any chance to appear again, plus, the removed material will be checked for biopsy. Let's view all three methods in details.

Surgery removal

As we already said, this method is used for raised moles that cause itching, pain, bleeding and other bad symptoms that can be a sign of skin cancer. Doctor uses anesthesia, and then the mole should be removed with a sharp scalpel to cut it out with a surrounding skin. As a mole grows up inside your skin too, that would be a deep cut, and then it must be stitched. The patient stays at the hospital for several days to change bandage, remove stitches and take antibiotics. Later a patient gets a small scar on the place where the mole was situated. When doctor makes an operation, he or she makes a biopsy of the material to get know what kind of mole it was to ensure if it's cancer or no. If the operation is done properly, the risk of growing the new mole on this place again is minimal.

Laser removal

This method is acceptable for small moles only. Many women remove small brown or black moles from their faces due to cosmetic reason to look more natural and beautiful. Many beauty salons offer laser removal of facial moles as well as small defects like scars, etc. Sometimes it may require several trips to the office to remove a mole with a laser. This method is not painful, and there is no blood on the skin after it cause laser seals blood vessels. But you should keep in your memory this type of removal couldn't be used for big moles or protruding above the skin moles.


This method uses heat of electricity to remove moles with diameter less than 10 millimeters. The entire procedure takes just several minutes, and the patient shouldn't stay in the hospital at all. The skin is not injured, and there is almost no blood, so the patient should only keep the area clean to avoid infection and moisture it well to avoid forming a scar. Usually the skin gets a bit whiter in this place when recovered, but it actually not so visible. It's important to keep the operated area from sun, because it slows down the process of recovering and provokes moles to grow up.

We hope this article was useful for you. If you are interested in reading more articles about beauty, medicine, or you want to buy nursing papers, you can find more information on our website.
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[Shopping] Amazing Offers at Alibaba 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2017!

For exactly 24 hours on 11.11, people worldwide (including me) are going to go crazy shopping! No such thing as "nothing to buy" as there will be over 15 million products from 140,000 brands! So much to see, so much to buy!! FYI, last year's 11.11 sales was 2.5 times bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined!

What's so great about 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2017?

  • HUGE range of items on sale
  • International shipping starting from RM0!
  • Cashback offers! Shoppers who pay by Malaysia E-banking will enjoy RM30 cashback with minimum spend of RM300 on Taobao.
  • Enjoy RMB50 (≈RM33) off on already low-priced sea freight services with a minimum spend of RMB299 (≈RM200)on Taobao.
I'm sure you will find something you like among the wide range of products from fashion and accessories, to home and living items and more! All from the flagship Tmall and Taobao marketplaces~ We were given a very interesting statistic: Last year, Malaysians bought a total of 1 million dresses! I admit I contributed to that statistic lolol Can't help it when they're so cheap and nice!
I was at the launch recently and saw a lot of famous peeps who are also excited for the shopping festival - Jinnyboy, Jane Chuck, Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2016 & Miss Chinese International 2017’s 1st Runner Up, Serene Lim, and many others.

How to start shopping?

Give you a little tip.. Start browsing now and picking the items you would like to buy as the place will go crazy the moment the clock strikes midnight on 11.11! It will be too late to start shopping then! Fast fast visit or download the Mobile Taobao app.

Also, you can gather your friends and family to shop together if you cannot reach the RM 300 to get cashback!
See everyone is so excited to start shopping and already opening the website xD
We also started 'shopping' on the spot xD
Here's wishing you a #Happy1111!
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How to Find Out If Your Laptop Has Trouble

Can you imagine your life without a laptop? Most people are digitalized to such extent that a couple of gadgets is not enough for a full-fledged life. Moreover, the technological revolution gave birth to the development of various portable and smart devices. The laptop remains a useful tool for various working activities including writing articles like at Custom Writing Bee, elaborating applications, creating websites, using complex software and so on.
Most actions related to social sphere and public interaction can be performed using mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. Hence, there is an unstated borderline stipulating the laptop application for business tasks. Regardless of your purpose of using the device, it is better to work on intact hardware and software. The following red flags indicate the necessity to pay additional attention to your working tool and take care of its correct operation.

Hardware Issues

As a rule, a strange noise made by the laptop is an unconditional sign of a hardware trouble. There is no need to guess a reason. If your device is rather old, some internal components may be worn out. For example, a fan pin getting loose is a common reason of unordinary noise. Another sign of hardware troubles is a refusal to switch. Anyway, a hardware issue requires a professional involvement to either fix or replace a problem component.

The first thing to be done when you hear such noises is to save all your data to external storage. You may use either a cloud service or some data storage device. This action is necessary regardless the severity of the trouble since even a subtle issue can develop in drastic consequences.
In most cases, it is recommended to seek professional help. Nevertheless, you can make diagnostics on your own using special software for various essential components.

If your device is rather old (five more years), perhaps, such trouble can be a sign to think about the purchase of a new laptop.

Software Issues

Hardware issues are usually triggered by external impact or aging of the device. Problems with software are diverse in their origin. Moreover, there are multiple red flags indicating the possibility of malfunction of your software. The most common symptom is a sluggish performance. However, do not hurry to blame your virus scanner for the missed hazard. Perhaps, some malware is the cause of your slowed down device. Your steps to find and deactivate the defect should include malware scanning and check for background programs and applications. Do not expect that everything will be ease. Some malware is difficult to detect. Nevertheless, Google will always help you find the solution to get rid of your problem.

Error messages are another sign to diagnose your software. Once again, a search engine is the best way to find the reason and treatment for your issue. All you need is to remember the code of the error and type it in the search bar.

Be attentive to your laptop and maintain it regularly to avoid unexpected troubles.
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10 Things to Know Before Tinting your Car Windows

Recently got my car window tinting done at Winshield Window Tinting Specialist in SS2, PJ. Super happy with the results! The heat rejection is superb and I'm able to enjoy a cool car all day long. Now, before you tint your car, make sure you read these 10 points!
Car window tinting before after

#1 Does vehicle window tinting work?

Yes! I've had several people comment that they were surprised the car is so cool even when it's so HOT outside. Anyone who has parked their car at an outdoor area in Malaysia would understand how scorching hot the car can be. It's almost like entering an oven.

#2 Does the type of window tinting make a difference?

ASWF American Standard Window Film Dimension X40
Yes! High quality tints reject more heat so your car stays cooler. The efficiency also lasts longer and doesn't deteriorate as fast. The film I'm using here is ASWF's Dimension X40 which has 99% UV rejection, 98% Heat Rejection, and 65% TSER. ASWF is a window film brand from US so all the films are imported and come with 5 year warranty.

#3 Are darker tints better?

Testing car window tinting film for heat rejection
Not at all. Some cheap films are only dark but offer low UV and heat rejection. It's best to go for a branded film with high IRR. The best way to make sure you're getting a good window tinting film is to head to the shop and test the film before purchasing. This is the demo room in Winshield - the difference is significant with and without the tinting film!

Before this I was skeptical but after changing to a branded window film, I can REALLY feel the difference between the cheap films and branded films. No regrets at all.

#4 What are the benefits of tinting your car windows?

The main point for me is obviously a cooler car. No longer have to on my air cond at full blast just to feel comfortable. Now it's usually at minimum fan speed. On the long run, it's less stressful on my car, I don't have to service my air cond that often and I save a bit on petrol.

Window tinting also reduces skin's UV exposure keeping dark spots, pigmentation and wrinkles away!
Before car window tinting
After car window tinting, UV rejection

#5 Can I remove and reapply the film?

I'm aware that there is a 'Magic Tint' in the market that claims their window tinting can be removed and applied as you wish without going to the shop. I asked the shop what is the difference between normal tint and Magic Tint. The material of Magic Tint is similar to the square piece we use to stick our road tax. It's much thicker and if you look through it, it is fuzzy. If applied on the whole car window, your view will be blur and fuzzy. This is not safe at all!

#6 Can I buy and apply the tint myself?

Applying window tinting at Winshield
Tinting film should be applied by a trained professional to prevent bubbles or scratches. Any damage or excessive trapped dust under the film will cause it to bubble or peel off later on.

#7 Does window tinting come with warranty?

Surprisingly, yes! Winshield provides 5-10 years warranty (depending on the product) so if your tint encounters any issues they will correct it for you.

#8 Do I need tinting if my windows are already tinted?

During car production, dye is sometimes added to the window glass to give it a darker colour. However, this is just colour from the dye and does not protect you from the sun's UV rays nor block out the heat.

#9 What is security film and is it worth it?

Normal film is about 1.5 Mil (thickness). Security film ranges from 4-6 Mil which is much thicker than normal film. It is also harder to break, protecting you and your family from robbers and snatch thieves.

#10 How to care for my window tinting?

Can you wind down your window after tinting?
For 2 weeks after applying your window tint, do not wind down your windows or switch on the demister. This will allow the film enough time to cure properly. If your window gets dirty, wipe with a wet soft cloth. Do not attempt to peel it off and avoid scratching it.
HQ Address: Winshield, No. 139, Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Branches: Bangi, Jalan 225 PJ, Cheras, Glenmarie Shah Alam & Subang Jaya
Contact number: 012-682 2298

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Food] UberEATS is Here in Malaysia!

Have you heard? #UberEATSKL is here in Malaysia!!! Get food delivered to you hassle-free with UberEATS~ Isn't this the dream for us Malaysians who love to EAT?
Some fast facts:
  • UberEATS is available everyday from 9am-midnight
  • There are already 200+ restaurant partners now
  • 35 minutes delivery time
  • No minimum order (YESS!)
  • Separate bags for non-Halal food
It costs a minimal RM 5 for delivery fee but you can get FREE delivery on your first 3 orders with UberEATS code 'KLTASTY'
Download UberEATS on Google Play or App Store to get started!

We had lots of fun at the launch and ate enough for the whole week.
Managed to try various flavours from Inside Scoop as well. Yum!
Got this super awesome goodie bag from UberEATS as well!
UberEATS is currently only available in KL central business district, Bangsar & Damansara Heights but trust that they will be expanding real soon!
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