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5 Steps to Improve your Website SEO

Struggling to be on the first page of Google? How can you make your website more SEO-friendly? Here are some Online Marketing Malaysia tips to give your website a boost.

1) Mobile-friendly

This is a basic. Before you even do the others, make sure your website is mobile-friendly! With more and more people using mobiles (smartphone and tablets) now, you should really be using responsive templates. You can check if your website is mobile optimized by using Google's mobile-friendly test.
Checking my website's mobile-friendly status
Checking my website's mobile-friendly status

2) Updated content

Updating frequently is important but make sure you only post quality content that is beneficial to your readers. If you’re unable to compose quality write ups, you can engage an agency to do so.

3) Quality content

How does Google know if your content is beneficial to the public? Some of the criteria - how many people click into your site, how long they stay on your website, and if they click into other pages. Google is more likely to boost content that people like.

4) Keywords

Keywords will help search engines identify the nature of your website. Seek professional advice on what keyword to use and where to place them for the best effects.

5) Quantity and quality of backlinks

If more people link to your website, it will look more reliable and rank higher on search engines. To avoid manipulators, backlinks from a reputable or higher-ranked website will carry more points when considering this criterion.

Not sure how to use these tips? It's always better to engage a company that specializes in SEO Marketing Malaysia to do it for you. After all, this is only a fragment of what you can do to improve your website SEO ranking. Visit
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Hot Property on Jalan Ampang - 3rdNvenue by Titijaya

Woke up early to witness the property balloting of 3rdNvenue! Over 1,000 property buyers flocked the grand ballroom of Pullman Hotel KL as early as 7am to get their lot on this hot property. I guess the local property market is on the rise and booming again.
And I understand the overwhelming crowd because you could get a home at 3rdNvenue from RM299k only! Presenting the first block of 3rdNvenue by Titijaya Land Berhad. The lifestyle office suites have a very strategic location on Jalan Ampang and could be a good investment. It is an integrated mixed development consisting of SOFO, residential and lifestyle retail.
  • 5 minutes walk to Great Eastern Mall (directly opposite)
  • 5 minutes drive to KLCC
  • 8 minutes walk to LRT station
  • Connected to MRR2, DUKE & AKLEH highway
  • 3 minutes walk to Gleneagles Hospital
  • 1km to International School of Kuala Lumpur
  • Swimming pool, wading pool & poolside deck
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna
  • Pocket & aromatic garden
  • Yoga & aerobic
  • Reflexology path
  • Sky lounge
  • BBQ & sky dining
  • Entertainment room
  • Business lounge
  • Nursery
  • and more!

All the excited property buyers ready to place their deposits for a unit along Ampang Embassy Row. Buyers can buy with confidence as Titijaya is a reputable property developer listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia.
The lucky first buyer with MYFM radio announcer Emely Poon.
Home owners were also excitedly taking part in the photo contest at the little studio setup outside the hall.
Have your made your smart property investment yet? This was only the first block but the whole 3rdNvenue will have 4 blocks with 2,400 units of lifestyle office suites, serviced apartments and retail lots.
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[Beauty] Human Nature 100% Natural Products Review

Got another set of 100% natural products from Human Nature! They do not contain harmful chemicals so they're better for your body and the environment.

Natural Shampoo with CREAMFoam (RM24.90/200ml & RM46.90/500ml)

I've been using the Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo which works great to get rid of build up and itchy scalp. Thus, I decided to give these a shot. They're meant to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall. After trying out both bottles, I'm sad to say that they have not helped with my hair fall but does reduce irritation.
With the formula being sulfate-free, silicone-free and paraben-free, do not expect it to lather up like your normal shampoo which is aided by SLS. In fact, I found this hard to use due to the lack of suds. I ended up using more than I usually need. I do LOVE the smell and minty cool freshness that comes with the Cool Peppermint version though. It makes your scalp tingle with mintiness even after you're out of the shower.

100% Natural Detoxifying Mask + Scrub (RM 33.90)

I've always liked a nice face scrub to get rid of accumulated dirt and dead skin. The Human Nature scrub uses strawberry seeds and bamboo granules instead of plastic beads (which are really bad for the environment). It also contains kaolin clay to dissolve excess oil and clear pores but it does NOT harden.
Use like a regular scrub or leave on for 3-5 minutes as a mask then dampen to scrub away. I like to put this on while I wash my hair so it's ready to scrub off when I'm done with my hair.
Do not overscrub as this is quite densely packed with granules. You'll find that a light massage is enough.
Oh I forgot to mention that it smells heavenly!! The sweet berry scent totally makes you wanna eat it.

All-Natural Calming Massage Oil (RM26.90/95ml & RM44.90/195ml)

Make your own spa at home and pamper yourself or your loved ones with this lavender, orange and lemongrass essential oil. The scent is bound to help you relax and lemongrass keeps mosquitos away! The oil has just the right viscosity to massage with and absorbs into skin without a thick oil film.
Comes with a lock pump so no accidental oily floors.

Tough Love Powder Detergent (RM39.90/1000g)

Since I have eczema on my hands, hand washing my laundry is typically NOT preferred. But Human Nature's powder detergent does not irritate my skin since it is free from harmful chemicals. If you're having skin irritation all over your body, do consider checking your detergent and try a natural one.
Came in a huge hard block which took some effort to break. The bag was also perfectly fitted so I risked spilling it when I cut it open. Perhaps that's something the brand should improve on. So far it's working great at removing dirt even though it's a natural product.
With these 100% natural products, I can keep my home safe even for children and my dog =) You can get these Human Naure products at Down to Earth.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Tech] Sudio Vasa Bla - Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

The Sudio Vasa Bla has been a permanent addition to my table with its studio sound quality and classy design. I've been pretty attached to my Sudio Tva since I got it in 2015 and it's no surprise that I came to love the newer Sudio Vasa Bla too.
One of the reasons why I like Sudio is how they represent their brand and products.
Each Sudio product comes with it's own box of accessories - manual, guarantee card, guide, leather case, 4 sizes of ear tips and a cable clip.
I know most headphones/earphones do come with accessories but do they ever look like THIS?
Also comes with a micro USB charger but since I own an Android phone, I just use the same cable.
The quality is good and I'm loving the white, pink and gold plated combination. The earphones are sturdy yet soft and comfortable to be worn. The sweat proof and tangle proof cable comes with 8h battery time (doesn't take long to recharge), remote and mic. After using this tangle proof cable, I can never go back to the normal kind that tangles at every opportunity.
I like how it's so elegantly small and light at only 14 grams. There are 3 controls - Increase Volume, Decrease Volume and Play/Pause. The middle button also functions to switch the Vasa Bla on and off.
The sound quality is amazing as ever, just like my pair of Sudio Tva. I mean like really.. If you've been using cheapo RM 15 earphones, you will definitely hear a difference once you switch to Sudio.
Colours: Pink, Blue, Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Black
Price: RM 398, Free delivery
Instagram: @sudiosweden

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.
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[Entertainment] Laugh Die You is Back in Genting!

LAUGH DIE YOU is back with comedy at the highest level (literally) because it'll be 6000 ft above at Genting International Showroom!

Be Entertained

This round features:
Will be hosting and singing in English, Cantonese and Hokkien

Dapper, ‘leng chai’ with a smile and quick wit that kills

Singapore’s Asian-wannabe and multi-lingual travel-bug

Not only that, our very own Malaysian crooner, MICHAEL LEANER will be making a debut at this highly anticipated comedy show unlike any other. Be serenaded by his soulful voice and dance along to the latest
hits! It’s not only a night full of laughs; it’s a night full of entertainment - Your chance to bring your parents for
a wonderful family bonding time!

The best from Malaysia and Singapore will be battling it out to leave the audience in stitches. Who will win?? There's only one way to find out.. Be there!
Date : 11th February 2017
Time : 7.30pm onwards
Venue : Genting International Showroom, Resorts World Genting

Ticket Prices

VIP - RM 308
Gold - RM 258
Silver - RM 158

Buy tickets at
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[Beauty] Busting Hair Myths - Colouring After Black Dye & Damaged Hair

Myth #1 Once you go black you can't go back (to colour)
Myth #2 Damaged hair should be left black and natural
Wrong, and WRONG. After my previous 3rd round of bleaching, my hair pretty much gave up so I dyed my entire head black and cut off whatever I could. I was quite sick of my black hair already considering I haven't had black hair in a long time. BUT at the same time I didn't want to kill my hair all over again.
So GLAD to have coloured hair again! Even though it wasn't the pink/red/blue that I wanted.
Got this done at A Cut Above Salon in Sunway Pyramid. Really clean and spacious place with lots of chairs and friendly stylists.
After telling them about my 'bright plans', they were shot down due to the Sahara Desert condition of my hair. Admittedly, I already knew bleaching to get those colours would be a bad idea but I guess I'm just stubborn as hell. In the end, I was advised to go for light brown highlights instead.
Also got a bit of a trim.. It's important to go for a salon you can trust because your hair is in their hands!

Myth #1 Once you go black you can't go back (to colour)

The last few inches of my hair were from my previous bleaching + black hair dye but as you can see, the colour came out fine and very evenly with the rest of my hair. That did not happen without a fight though.. The stylist did mention that it took a little bit longer for the colour to stick.

Myth #2 Damaged hair should be left black and natural

Obviously that would have been better but let's experience it all while we're still young eh? I specifically asked for a colouring that would not touch my roots and bleaching was ruled out. Hair blowing and a good brush can make your damaged hair feel super soft and smooth. Hair masks and conditioners have been a GREAT help in making my hair go from 'quite damaged' to 'manageably damaged'. I've also ordered a hair vinegar online which everyone is raving about so we'll see how that works out.

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