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What Happens If You Drive A Car Without Valid Road Tax In Malaysia

Driving a car on Malaysia Road without a valid road tax is a serious offense that you will be fined for. Though sometimes you probably might forget, too busy, or maybe procrastinating to go and renew it. But let us face it, deep down your mind, you know the police would not take it lightly with you if you will be caught. If your vehicle road tax expires within 1 to 3 years, you would have to renew it. However, if the private car road tax has passed for more than three years, then you will need to go to the Computerized Vehicle Inspection Centre (PUSPAKOM) office nearest to your place to get your vehicle inspected. This vehicle inspection is compulsory by law, and it is called a special inspection.

Preparation For Special Inspection

For you to have a hitch-free outing at the PUSPAKOM office, you need to get some things done. First, you have to find your original vehicle registration logbook (Geran original). Then, you will need a letter from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) because now your vehicle is without a valid road tax, and it is illegal to drive on the road without a valid road tax. The letter from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is called ‘Surat Pergerakan 3-hari”. After that, of course, you need to carry a valid auto insurance policy before you go for the special inspection. You can renew or buy your auto insurance online at, and it has got the best deals in Malaysia. You should note that depending on the type of your vehicle, other documents may be required. More so, you need to make sure your car is drivable and is not posing any danger to other people on the road and the general public. So what will the agents at PUSPAKOM check?

  • Examining the car’s suspension system
  • Examining the car’s body condition
  • Checking the car’s documents, chassis, and engine numbers authenticity
  • Checking the visible light transmittance rating of the car’s windscreens and glasses
  • Checking the car wheels’ alignment
  • Measuring the smoke emission of the car.
  • Examining the car brake performance
  • Checking the car’s under-carriage condition.


Renewing Your Vehicle Road Tax

Once you are done with the special inspection, if your vehicle road tax has exceeded three years, you will now renew your car road tax & auto insurance. You can decide to continue it over the insurer’s counter or through an insurance agent. However, you can save yourself from all unnecessary stress and renew from the comfort of your house online. You can do it online at in a few easy steps by heading to their website.

Final Thought

Whenever your road tax or auto insurance gets expired, you should not be driving the car on the road. Else you are exposing yourself to the possible risks such as incurring heavy losses in case of an accident. Most importantly, you could be getting a summon/ compound from a police officer.

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