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Garden of Eden Serum Review (Scar Removal)

Yes.. Finally blogging about this. My all time favourite scar serum - Garden of Eden!~~~

Garden of Eden scar serum

TLDR version : This product which contains Vitamin E removes scars and dry skin lol

Garden of Eden scar serum review

This is an 'upgraded version' with a dropper that is so much better than the previous ones which were just fitted with a plastic pump which had a tendency to leak. This is cleaner and looks more expensive xD

The serum is an orange gold colour and feels oily. I use 1 drop for my scars or 2 drops if I want to apply all over my face. It gives my face a nice glow but can be oily so I only use this at night or when I am 100% sure I'm not going out. It is fully absorbed by my pillow by morning and doesn't make my face extra oily.

I usually see results overnight if it's a pimple scar so I'm really impressed.

Garden of Eden scar serum testimonial

I do find that the effectiveness is decreased if I apply this after my Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Milk so I try to apply it before moisturizer.

Product says :
With natural Vitamin E that is 36% more potent and better absorbed than synthetic Vitamin E.
Quick absorption, non-greasy formula & non-allergenic.
No mineral oils, animal derivatives, alcohol, SLS, artificial colour or fragrance and preservatives.

Ingredients :  4000 iu Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Medium-chain triglycerides and Isopropyl Myristate.

Size : 5 ml / 0.17 fl oz
Price : RM 22.32 Update 10/3/2015 RM 30+
Bought from : Guardian
Made in Malaysia

Pros : Has dropper, works in removing scars, small amount needed
Cons : Takes time to absorb

My conclusion : Definitely repurchasing this ^_^ My HG scar remover~~


  1. thanks for the review. been looking for a cheap scar serum that actually works :)

  2. how long does it takes to fade the scars completely? I'm looking for something like this for ages. Thanks for the review anyways. Maybe I'll give this a shot.

  3. @ miss syukur
    Results may vary for you though =/ I myself have tried this and that (including BioOil which girls have been raving about) but none of them work on me =(

    @ annyss
    Depends on the severity of the pimple. Usually about a week (excluding waiting for the pimple to 'reda'). But some are very STUBBORN and can take weeks =/

  4. I bought it yesterday...but now price is rm33 - 36.

    1. Wow but I guess it's still affordable at 30+.. Thanks for the info!

  5. This is affordable. I have a scar that I am trying desperately to get rid off. Lol


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