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Liese Bubble Hair Colour (Chestnut Brown)

So my curiousity finally got to me and I bought a box of Liese to try out. I wasn't sure how it would fare so I got a dark colour just in case.. Besides, I desperately wanted to cover my golden bunches. Being called a 'kam mou' (golden hair) isn't exactly a compliment here lols

I expected it to look more like the 'Light colour' but it was more of the Dark one.

Instructions on box (there's a more detailed leaflet inside)

Items included in the box.. The yellow sachet is hair conditioner (quite good).

Before you start mixing the solutions, put baby oil on your skin! I had to include my forehead since I have fringe but it's mostly hairline, ears, neck etc. This is to make it easier to remove any dye that has gotten on your skin.

For you lazy people, here's a summary of the instructions. Okay I totally skipped the applying on hair part lols Basically I applied it on my roots first then the rest of my hair. The whole process of mixing, photo taking and application took me 20 minutes.

For people with past shoulder hair, I would recommend separating hair into smaller sections and applying to 1 section at a time. This is to ensure you get all your hair and it's even. When it's all covered, bring your hair up while applying more foam everywhere and massaging it.

I almost suffocated from the horrid ammonia smell so... Please do this in an open area or leave your bathroom door open. Wipe off any dye that has come in contact with skin asap. I didn't experience any staining though so no worries.

I left it on for half an hour but if I'm gonna use Liese again, I'll probably leave the roots for 15-20 minutes before foaming the rest of the hair for another 30 minutes. My main concern was my roots and this did not cover it =( It did however even it out a lil.. As for my originally black hair, it was slightly lightened (colour is darker than on the box). From this angle, it's also quite obvious that my hair condition improved after Liese! @_@ It's softer and more manageable now.

This is why I don't tie my hair. Urgh.. =_=
Can you see the smoothness and shine in my 'after photo'?

I would say the colour is quite even and I'm glad it darkened my hair + made it less orange. I intend to get lighter hair again but I really hated those random super light streaks so I HAD to do something with them first. I would definitely go to a salon next but I think I'll stick with this for a while more.

After looking at the photos, I just realized how orange my hair was omggg... It didn't look like that when I dyed it at M9 5 months ago.

Update : I think the colour's fading after a few weeks. I'm beginning to see those yellow bunches again
Ingredients :

Price : RM 34+
Bought from : Pharmacy
Made in Japan

Pros : Easy to use, cheap, even, actually improves hair condition
Cons : Can't cover roots properly, very strong ammonia smell, colour fades

My conclusion : Would I recommend this? If you have virgin hair/no regrowth, yes. But please choose a colour lighter than what you want. It is much cheaper than dyeing your hair in a salon but not being able to cover the roots is a problem. I don't know why people say this makes their hair coarse.. Maybe my hair is already super coarse so becoming coarse is an improvement xD


  1. I use the ash brown color and just loving it! It makes my hair softer too!

  2. Too bad its not easy to cover my roots though :(

  3. I dye my hair with liese too 
    but I can cover my roots!!!
    I a new blogger and it's my blog 

  4. I dye my hair with liese too but I can cover my roots !!!
    I'm a new blogger ;) It's my blogger

  5. HMMM... Any strategies needed? lol

  6. you need to apply it layer by layer!! :)

  7. What do you mean by that? Doing the roots first? Or did you mean sectioning the hair? I did both and it's still like that. Maybe the colour I chose wasn't bright enough.

  8. yes I did the roots of different layers first ...the colour I choose is dark chocolate :)

  9. This looks adorable! I can't cover my roots but oh well. I plan on dying my hair back to black eventually and then no more dyeing for a long long time!

  10. Oh I like that's it's bubble dye, I'll consider trying this brand after I go through all my etude house dye. I had the oposite issue with etude where my roots were completely dyed but the ends were still slightly darker although I did them first. 

    I feel like I'm in  your before phase as I have golden brown hair but intend to go darker once my roots start to peak out and annoy me. The after darker colour looks great on you for sure.

  11. I did the roots first too =( Maybe the difference in colour was too big and I didn't leave it on long enough

  12. I won't be going back to black for now since everyone says I look better with lighter hair. I'm planning to go slightly lighter now but that would ruin my hair so maybe just colour the roots =/

  13. I didn't know Etude House sells hair dye! That's strange.. My tips are always lighter (most damaged). I want a soft light brown colour but so sad that it turned orangey after a while

  14. i got a few strand of white hair and liesse cant cover them sob sob

  15. I hate the Liese hair dye. :P it's super duper easy to use and even out my entire head but the smell !!
    If it didn't make your hair coarser, good for you, it literally turned my super fine hair to straw T.T

  16. I think Liese makes your hair dark to light as you wash your hair.

  17. Hmm.. I think that depends on your original hair colour? This isn't exactly permanent so the colour fades back to your original hair colour (or whatever colour it was prior to Liese).


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