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TGV Indulge 1 Utama Review (Dinner & Movie)

INDULGE in a new experience, unique and different from the others at TGV Indulge!

TGV Indulge

TGV Indulge lounge and private counter

With its own counter at TGV Indulge, you need not queue up with the other halls and treat yourself to some VIP-ness.

Indulge ticketing counter


Are you ready to see what the TGV Indulge cinema looks like?

Path to Indulge movie hall

Ta-da! Each patron gets a reclining chair, a small table, their own fluffy blanket and a button with which they may call for the waiter. The blankets are kept clean with daily washes and it was certainly one of the most comfortable cinema experiences I've had so far.

TGV Indulge movie hall

TGV Cinemas Indulge

Food in cinemas are no longer limited to popcorn and nuggets! Items from the restaurant may be brought in with a bento box. Food such as steak or chicken are cut into smaller pieces for easy eating.

Bento boxes at TGV Indulge


Now back to the restaurant.. Treat yourself to classy fine-dining with jazz music softly playing in the background. There are proper tables for eating and coffee tables with sofas. If you fancy, you can opt for a drink at the bar.

TGV Indulge restaurant

Coffee table at TGV Indulge

Bar at TGV Indulge

Fine dining at TGV Indulge

Price & Portion

Surprisingly, the price is kept reasonable with nothing over RM 30, considering the type of food they serve and the look of the place. No complains about the portion size. You can see it for yourself below.

TGV Indulge food tasting


Excellent service provided by the Indulge staff will leave you happy to be dining here.

Waiter pouring drinks at TGV Indulge


Pumpkin Salad
Rocket leaves, honey roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and capsicums. I especially enjoyed the generous Balsamic dressing with the crunchy salad.
Price : RM 15

Pumpkin Salad at TGV Indulge

Smoked Duck Salad
Smoked duck breast served with mesclun greens, capsicum, & skewed with kiwi and balsamic vinegar. The duck had a moderately smoky flavour but it was enough for a starter, without potentially ruining your main course.
Price : RM 15

Smoked Duck Salad at TGV Indulge

Lamb Koftas
The round balls of lamb patties had a heavy taste of tumeric and were absolutely delicious. They were slightly salty but alright when paired with the green salad.
Price : RM 14

Lamb Koftas at TGV Indulge

Stuffed Potato Skins
This was one of my favourites of the night - potato skins stuffed with turkey bacon and mozzarella. The crunchy potato matched with the savoury bacon was so simple yet so delectable. I recommend you to tapau this into the cinema!
Price : RM 12

Stuffed Potato Skins at TGV Indulge

Cajun Chicken
This was another favourite at the table. The boneless chicken thigh was perfectly grilled to give juicy and soft flesh packed full of flavour with Cajun seasoning. Yum! I absolutely loved this.
Price : RM 20

Cajun Chicken at TGV Indulge

Grilled Salmon
A thick slice of salmon resting on mashed potatoes with vegetables on the side. I did find the salmon slightly dry but nothing the lemon butter sauce couldn't fix. It was fresh and not fishy. I also liked the mushrooms in the greens.
Price : RM 28

Grilled Salmon at TGV Indulge

Grilled Lamb Rack
Treat your date with this platter of lamb rack with seasonal vegetables and rosemary sauce. Just the right amount of bite and not too dry. I'm usually sensitive towards the taste of lamb but this was actually quite tasty.
Price : RM 28

Grilled Lamb Rack at TGV Indulge

Panna Cotta
Thick Italian cooked cream topped with fruits. I enjoyed it with the raspberry puree. Only wish they had more raspberry! This dish had me scraping the plate to pick up every bit.
Price : RM 12

Panna Cotta at TGV Indulge

Nutty Tortilla Banana
Tortilla slices filled with peanut butter, cornflakes and freshly sliced banana. I found the tortilla too tough and potentially messy to be eaten in the cinema hall. However, I do like peanut butter and appreciate the combination of textures.
Price : RM 12

Nutty Tortilla Banana at TGV Indulge

If you would like a 3-course meal, I would say go for the Stuffed Potato Skins, Cajun Chicken and Panna Cotta~

Ended the night with a cup of hot chocolate (RM 9) and small talk with the girls. Never thought I would say this but hanging out at this cinema was fun!

Drinks and hot chocolate at TGV Indulge

Indulge is a perfect meal & movie combined in a posh environment. Suitable for dates, families or even to have a meal with clients. They also provide space for events, product launches and company dinners.

TGV Cinemas Indulge experience review

For more info or to book tickets at TGV Indulge, log on to or download the TGV Cinemas' Movie Buddy app on Apple App or Google Play Store.
TGV Indulge movie tickets are RM 45 per seat.


  1. Yeah! Hard to believe it's a cinema xD Must try the cajun chicken and potato!

  2. Taking your close relatives members out for lunch and a film is getting more and more expensive. Even with some theatres extending matinee prices and restaurants offering a range of "2-for-1" or "kids eat free" deals, children members supper and film night for four can quickly run over $100.

  3. When we are talking about Movie Manor Restaurant-Lounge then the most important thing to notice in this matter is the uniqueness of this concept. Cathay Cineplexes

  4. Tried it once. really comfortable!


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