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Functional Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Question: Is it wrong to buy household appliances as a Christmas gift?
Not at all! Some of these items are not exactly cheap so we can't bring ourselves to spend the money. Furthermore, they're so useful and we can use them almost everyday. I would love to receive my wish list items as gifts.

#1 Philips Viva Collection Airfryer XXL HD9630/99 (RRP RM1,699)

Fried food without the heat and sweating? Yes, please! Fry, bake, grill or roast in the largest Airfryer capacity yet, perfect for families. Twin Turbostar technology removes up to 50% of fat from food too.
You can view some of the meals you can cook in the Airfryer in my recent blogpost.

#2 Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker HD2145/62 (RRP RM1,099)

The latest pressure cooker, fresh out of the AirFryer oven.
I have a Philips Pressure Cooker and it's amazing for both beginner and advanced cooks! Dishes and Cantonese soups I never imagined I could cook can be done so much faster and it's cleaner than stove top. This new multicooker has many multi-cook programmes including steaming, baking and yoghurt-making.

#3 Philips ComfortTouch Garment Steamer GC552/46 (RRP RM753)

Trust me: People who have to iron their clothes secretly wish for a steamer!
Dream of wrinkle-free clothes with the wave of a wand? This steamer is perfect for tricky outfits like silk, frills, layers, pleats and more! Safe to use on all ironable fabrics with no risk of burns and easily kills odour-causing bacteria.

#4 Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler BHB876/00 (RRP RM593)

Here's one for the ladies~
Getting ready can be faster and easier even for those of us who do not curl our hair regularly! Easily create beautiful curls even at the back of your head. The longer barrel can curl twice as much hair at one go while the smart curl guards prevents hair from getting jammed. The protective ceramic coating with keratin infusion cares for your hair, while the improved chamber protects both your hair and your fingers from burns.

#5 Philips Air Cleaner Series 3000i AC3259/30 (RRP RM2,451)

If none of the above apply, there's always the Air Cleaner for homeowners!
It effectively removes particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses for fresher, cleaner air. This advanced air purifier allows you to control it through the app - turn it on, change the fan speed or check your filter lifetime. It can also check indoor and outdoor air quality and pollen levels.

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  1. The concept is very nice with different level explanation. Thanks a lot for this article.
    Which is an informative post.
    Keep do the such kind of useful articles to increase the knowledge Practical things.

  2. yeah Christmas just few weeks away, still have to figure on what to shop. Great sharing here as now can tell my friends who are hunting for Christmas gifts. So many types of Philips products to choose from.

  3. Ohh I'm gonna show this to my husband, hints for him hahaha since I need another air cleaner in my living room.

  4. I'm more than happy if get one of the producs because my house chores can be ease and save my energy and time ad well. The one that attract my attention is the air fryer :)

  5. #11 Indeed! Its not wrong to buy household as a gift. I really hope one fine day, will have somebody give me airfryer and air cleaner. Hihi. Its such a wonderful feeling when our list wish achieved!

  6. I memang teeingin nak aorfryer dan air cleaner tu. Airfryer tu mudahkan kerja memasak di dapur Air cleaner pun patut ada di rumah untuk bersihkan udara .Sekarang udara pun tak fresh kan .

  7. wowww all the items are on my wishlist especially air is the best brand for electrical appliances!hope will get one as my birthday present..haha..

  8. Wow there is so much to choose from Philips. I memang akan happy if I dapat hadiah2 ni especially the multi cooker or air fryer.

  9. omg yasss i am indeed looking forward to have all these items in my house later! especially the air fryer, since it’ll definitely made my life easier with less mess and healthier without the excessive oil etc right hehe. and that steamer iron, my mom does have one for her boutique before so yes i do loves having it too for my own haha. indeed, totally dig for all of these items!

  10. I WANT ALL! Hahhahaha. Seriously those are household goals. Oh, adding the dryer and that would be perfect! Why the air cleaner so expensive one T_T Hope I could get my hands on at least one of those beaute.

  11. Thanks for the idea. I should get a Philips Air Fryer for my Mom as her Christmas presents so that she could cook nice dishes for all of us. Ha ha ha...

  12. Philips ni I prefer air fryer tu. Confirm gembira si penerima hadiah tu. Hahaha. Lagi Satu steam iron. Penyelamat!

  13. I like all the products I see here. I especially wanted the Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler . It surely help a lot when come to style my thick and fussy hair. Dear Santa do you hear me? haha

  14. Wahh . Para para ibu mesti suka dengan barangan elektrik yang terpapar dalam entri ni . Semua barangan macam menarik. Ccl tertarik dengan multicooker tu

  15. if you ask me which one? i will choose that XXL Airfryer. Its in my wish list and hope i can get it soon. and the rest is the good gift to give during christmas.

  16. Ada orang nak hadiahka i Air Fryer tu tak?
    Teringinnha hahaha
    Kalau dapat air fryer tu, i rasa dah lengkap perkakas letrik umah i ni.
    Tak payah nak berminyak2 sangat makan nanti.

  17. I dreamed of VIVA XXL Airfryer that I see the day that cook chef can fit the chicken 2 big mistake. It's a lot to reduce the use of oil in it and the food is all good hehehehe

  18. wah so many choices good quality products from phillips. But im looking forward to have air fryer...can help me a lot in cooking hehehe

  19. waahhh Philips Viva Collection Airfryer dah ada size, mine is yang lama so tak besar sangat. i really love their product, their brand. memang tahan lama hehehe kalau la someone can give for free hahaha

  20. AM mmg suka kebanyakan barangan Philips.. Tahap kualiti bagus dan tahan lama.. Selalunya kalu membeli barangan keluaran Philips jadi pilihan

  21. i want that air cleaner so bad as i am a clean freak. lol. it would be cool to own one. plus philips is such a great brand

  22. Thanks for sharing article with us.


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