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My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Mask

Wheee~~ Finally got to try out the new My Beauty Diary mask. These weren't sold separately so I had to buy the whole set which contains 22 pieces. Isn't the packaging just so adorable?!

Sweet Teatime Set
7 x Black Pearl
7 x Bulgarian White Rose
8 x Earl Grey Tea & Macaron

I don't mind since I like the Black Pearl & Bulgarian White Rose masks. Was planning to repurchase them anyway..

The new mask packaging is different from the old ones. It's not so shiny and doesn't have the normal look (compare it with the rest and you'll notice the huge difference). There's a paper doily, a cup of tea and colourful macarons ^_^

I've stopped popping my masks into the fridge as I forget about them and they're left in there for days =_="

Emmanuelle Guillou -

Springfield Gallery -

Macarons and Tea?? I wasn't sure what kind of scent I was expecting but this smelt mildly of tea, which is quite pleasant.

Just like the other upgraded masks, this has a very moisturizing thin sheet that stuck to my face firmly and perfectly. After 20 minutes, it was still very moist and didn't feel like it dried out my face like the old version did (they say if you let the mask dry on your face, it will suck moisture out of your face instead of putting it in). There was also a cooling sensation even without refrigerating.

Omg.. Why do my cheeks look so puffy here? I look like a hamster keeping food in my mouth =_=

Now the result.. This mask is for brightening and whitening. My face was uber soft and smooth! So so so hydrating.. ^_^ It's love at first mask! Lol.. Face was also brightened, plumped up and firmer.

Ingredients :

Size : 23 ml
Price : RM 79.90 for a box of 22 pcs (Black Pearl + Bulgarian White Rose + Macaron)
Bought from : Guardian
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Pleasant smell, moisturizing thin sheet, sheet stays moist for long, cooling sensation, hydrating, brightening, firming
Cons : Limited edition

My conclusion : Omg.. Why must this be limited edition!?!?! T_T~ Worth repurchasing but I'm hoping I can get this for a lower price from Taiwan since my friend is coming back from there and has asked if I wanted to buy the MBD masks.

Would anyone be interested to join in? =D


  1. whoaaah! How much that the whole box from Taiwan? let me know! =D

  2. I'm waiting for the price list. Will inform you when I get it! ^_^

  3. Normally, masks sold in Taiwan are cheaper than what we got here. My friend went there and borong masks cz one only around RM1. Cheap but the quality is good

  4. I love MBD masks. Didn't manage to get my hands on this limited ed one, though :(
    I would borong with you except that I'm in the UK. Sighhh SASA for me, I guess

  5. Om nom nom--- those tea and macaron pics made me hungry. Haha.

    And wow--- sounds like you've found another great mask. o:

    I may just stop being stingy with my $$ and buy some MBD masks finally...

  6. How much per box? I would like to know too.. =)

  7. @ Joey
    Ah.. I would offer to post them to you but I don't know how to post stuff overseas x_X In the end, Sasa would probably be better lol!

    @ Noxin
    Yes! Fotolia has some awesome photos ^_^ Actually MBD masks aren't that expensive. Even those 'pharmacy brand' ones are about the same price!

    @ Angel
    Will inform you too when I find out! ^_^ Wheee


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