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G6, Earrings & A Brown Poodle

First up.. G6 Club's Birthday Bash. Keyword : Free flow lols

I can't remember everything I'm using but there's Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil (Ocean Blue), Solone Eyeliner (Golden Black), Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Mascara, Empro Triangular Brow Pencil & a Maybelline tinted lip balm. And MagicColour lenses. Still loving my Blushy Green! And my super awesome camera that makes me look flawless LMAO

OOTN was a grey mini dress I got during my Kedah Penang trip for RM 29 (retails online for RM 22 but the colour I wanted was OOS dammit). Clincher from I-dunno-where, bought some time ago. I so need new clinchers... Somehow most of my old ones are way too loose so my sis has taken them to her new house. Shopping for clinchers is hard since I can't find my size. And it's frustrating especially if I really like the design!

Trying to get into the habit of wearing earrings again =_= Pretty pretty earrings from the night market, RM 15 ^_^ These are really light and shiny.

We had dinner at Cinta Ria (near Atria) before heading there. Not advisable to take alcohol on an empty stomach... Food wasn't the best but it's okay.. Waitress was kinda blur though.

I was gonna post another picture of Nicole as payback (since she posted an absolutely horrendous picture of me) but nah.. This is enough xD Somehow she just kept blinking!

We ended up leaving early cos it was kinda boring (I guess clubbing just aint my thing..) and headed to Redbox instead =_=" Nicole and her karaoke.. I'll never understand..~

My brother generously provided me with RM 30 worth of cash vouchers for Cove in Uptown. The prices there were way out of my budget *kiamsiap* so I picked up 2 pairs of earrings for RM 15.90 each. I didn't think they were worth it but there wasn't really anything else I could get (or was willing to get) without topping up much more.

I think my pasar malam earrings looked better LOL

If you've been reading my blog for months, you may remember Mocha, Nicole's poodle.

She has a friend, Feunnie who crochets stuff and you can ask her to custom make toys according to photos. This is.. Fat Mocha lol! Complete with a pink tongue hanging out ^_^ Given by Nicole since she wouldn't let me have the real Mocha =(

Some of her other ridiculously cute work..

If you're interested, you can drop orders at her Facebook page ^_^


  1. muahhahah thanks for promoting for my wife XD wahahhahahaa

  2. xD Oh no! Bad picture revenge!

    Mocha is so adorable! ; w ; And the plushes are cute too.

  3. you look awesome,sweetie!
    sorry if i've been mia & have visited your blog for sometime. was just sooooooo busy!

    i don't find clubbing fun either so we're the same..haha!

    those stuff are really to die for!
    soooooooooo cute!
    your friend is talented!
    look at those angry birds miniatures!

  4. Love your outfit and the earrings!!

  5. @ Eden
    xD *evil*

    @ thiamere
    Thanks babe ^_^ Ah.. We all get that sometimes.. No worries =) I think I'll only go clubbing for the company (you can't really hear each other talk though lol)
    YEA I know!! So crazy.. Ah I think the same about your nail art skills though LOL

    @ Crystal
    Thanks! ^_^


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