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Yun Nam Trial

Sorry for the blah title. Didn't know what to write. Signed up for a free first trial thingy at Yun Nam and received multiple missed calls (my phone just doesn't like them) from them during my Kedah Penang trip. Wow.. I would have just given up lol! Upon arrival at their branch in Curve, I was ushered into their consultation room where I got a phone call.

Hi! I'm _____ from Yun Nam Hair Care.
I would just like to confirm your appointment is at 1 pm.
May I know if you are on your way?
Erm.. I'm already inside O_O
Oh alright! See you soon then!

What...?? Awkward...

The consultant came in to fill in the form and analyze my hair blablabla.. Fast forward to.. Taking photos of my scalp! Stop now if you're eating.

She said I had oily scalp with dandruff, blocked pores, dry hair and open cuticles.

Then she used this little camera thing on my scalp and showed me what she saw.


*faints* I asked her why my scalp is so red and she said it could have been caused by the double perm as chemicals can irritate the scalp and make it sensitive. Apparently, my sebaceous glands and cylindrical cells are too active while my hair root cells are not active enough =_= The cylindrical cells keep pushing more cells to my scalp but the cells there are not mature enough to die yet so the cells just accumulate there and turn into dandruff. Yuck.. Dandruff then blocks the pores and the hair root cells can't get enough oxygen etc (and they have to suck nutrients from my scalp as well) and die. Then I'll get thinning hair and become bald.

Alina Isakovich -

Ugh! I had dandruff when I was much younger but it stopped. Recently after I tried 2 shampoos from the same brand, it made my scalp itchy and I had a bad case of dandruff. Should just dump it =_= I didn't have any of these problems while using Loreal!

So anyway... She washed my hair with ginseng shampoo, anti bacterial spray and some kinda essence. The shampoo targets oily scalp with dandruff.

Fishking -

After that was a herbal hair treatment to stabilize my scalp. It's cold when freshly applied but after massaging it in to increase circulation, it will feel warm instead. I gotta admit.. The massaging was kinda painful x_X Gosh.. I smelt like a pot of herbs for a whole day! She said I should expect some itchiness as it's getting rid of the dandruff *scratches head*

She had collected my hair from the hair wash and came to the conclusion that I had premature hair loss, which is bad. After scaring me with thoughts of becoming bald, she proceeded to recommend a treatment package for me, which includes 2 scalp treatments (scraping off the dead cells layer by layer), 5 protein treatments (to close my cuticles), shampoo etc for RM 1800. After finishing it, I will have to return to maintain it every 1-2 months. Phew... Sorta pricey for me x_X She didn't push me to buy it though.

After washing off the treatment, she proceeded to blow dry my hair and it became a complete mess! I didn't expect their shampoo and whatever to be so drying. Maybe they should have thought of using a better conditioner or have some super serum on hand since you KNOW you're gonna wash your customers' hair. Please bring your own wax, mousse, serum or hair styling tools. I would prefer to walk out of your outlet looking presentable please..

Scott Griessel -

She gave me a starter pack in this super bright orange pouch omg its so bright and can probably fit a camera xD

Shampoo on the left, conditioner on the right. They smell of ginseng and jasmine.. Not too strong and doesn't last long on the hair. Conditioner isn't heavy enough so I used my own.

After my experience, I don't think I'll be getting the package.. Maybe later when I'm balding and it's already too late.


  1. D: oh my god this entire post scared me. I think I may be scarred for life. ; w ; why did they have to sling horrible truths at you?!

    . w . ~joins you on the bandwagon of eventual hair loss and dandruff shame~ (I straight permed my hair once at a salon? The guy left the 15 minute perm on my head for almost an hour before the burning made me burst into tears. ...Yeaaaaaaaah my hair has never fully recovered.)

  2. Ouuucchh.. Argh... Putting loads of effort into pampering my hair now =( I don't even blow dry it.

  3. Oh no! :( I'm sure you're not suffering from pre mature hair loss, she just had to say things like that to get you buy it :p It's more believable that you have active sebus glands (i do too!) and you just have to take care of it like you do your face. I am the same way as well.

  4. I also think they are exaggerating. If I ever went to Yun Nam, I think they will immediately make go to hair ICU before I have thin hair. And they will blabber of me balding when my hair actually this thin since I was a baby. They just trying to make you scared.

    I think all we need to give extra care instead of super expensive treatment.

  5. Ahh.. I feel better after reading your comments =) These promoters can really get to your mind, ya know? =( But the herbal treatment works for clearing my scalp (or it was all scratching) as I have less dandruff & no more itchiness for now.

  6. I think I got the same hair problem like u~ I wanted to go YUN NAM to try out before but just don't feel like wanna go in~ LOL~


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