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This Week 150611

A friend came back from overseas so we went out to catch up. I think camwhoring is the best thing to do when you're alone with a camera waiting for your friend xD

Love my sunnies! Wanna get other designs though.

I applied the yellow/orange shade of my Elf Transformer onto my black eyeliner & also around the tear ducts to soften the look. Can't really describe it but I'll post about it one day. Mascara is Maybelline Magnum and lenses are MagicColour Dazzle Greys.

Crap.. I think my eyeliner skills are getting worse lol

My friend was craving for satay so we dropped by Haji Samuri at Uptown. It's so famous it has a page on Wikipedia LOL

Kheng Guan Toh -
*Picture of random satay, not from Haji Samuri

I don't eat the peanut sauce (pimples!!) which really enhances the flavour of the satay so I don't fancy satay (without the sauce, it's kinda meh..). Oddly enough though, I like the tasteless ketupat =_=

Shariff Che'Lah -

Dropped by Malaya Optical to get a new lens case. RM 10 for this but I thought it was pretty.. Purple!

Oh! And my mum finally went for the bonbrow thing at Empro so I'll be posting about it soon! ^_^


  1. Satayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. ~cough~ Now i'm craving some!

    I don't get what you're talking about. Your eyerliner skills seem perfectly intact to me. But if you don't want it I will take your amazing abilities off your hands ;D

  2. Lol! We had leftover that day. Blergh.. Ordered too much.

    Still not satisfied with the wing. I'm kinda a perfectionist hahah.. xD

  3. you look really pretty in the photos! Camwhoring is the best XD
    I think your wing looks really nice I can't find what's wrong with it :(
    and wow satay~! I miss eating that but I hate the sauce... :( opposite of you, and I dont like the ketuput? *scrolls up for spelling* KETUPAT! So I shall eat the satay and you can have my ketupat... hehehehe!
    Love the lens case its so pretty~!

  4. xD!
    LOL ketuput hahahaha! I like it cos of it's soft kinda creamy texture due to being compressed in the leaf.


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