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NOTD : Pink Blue Leopard

After my first leopard nail attempt, I realized that I LOVED having leopard prints on my nails. So simple and easy to do ^_^ Total no brainer too lol Don't have to crack my brains to think of a design since I'm not creative. Done using 06 Pink from Elianto (one of my favs), baby blue & black nail art pen from night market.

Before applying the black, I was a little worried cos it looked kinda weird. Refer to pic below lol!

Leopard prints done with contrasting colours are actually really interesting ^_^

Talking about leopard prints.. I'm looking for a pair of leopard print shades =/ Spotted a nice one at the night market but wasn't sure if I would actually wear it plus the lenses were normal tinted ones (no UV protection).

darak77 -

Will experiment with other colours next time xD I find that after abandoning my nails for quite a while, it's harder to use my left hand =_= So shaky and I didn't have the strength to squeeze the nail art pen. Pfft..


  1. I can't do my left hand even when I haven't skipped out on my nails for a while. My aunt is ambidextrous. I like what you've done with your nails here, though. Makes me want to pick up a nail art pen and try for myself.

  2. great nails! I have to stick to Konad, free hand is a little too hard for me

  3. @ Eden
    Ahh.. I envy people like that! x_X Such delicate designs.. Btw, using a nail art pen is much much much easier ^_^ You just squeeze and dot away xD

    @ Pepper
    Thanks! I don't have Konad =( I think my sis used to have a set though. I don't know why but I failed terribly at it. The images just didn't transfer

  4. love the pastels you used. very creative :)

  5. Why are your nails so gorgeous!!!!!!! :)

  6. cute nails and I like that shade of pink and blue :)

    I'm not afraid of the pearls coming off but don't
    really look forward to taking them off lol. I'm
    most likely not going to add any more 3D designs
    because they kind of peeled a tiny bit of my nail ><

  7. Pretty~!! Not only I love the leopard print, I also the love color combination!! Sooo cute ><

  8. very cute color combination!

  9. @ miss syukur, Jen, bunny & thiamere
    Thanks babes! ^_^

    @ Peiji
    Yes! My 2 fav colours.. I love pastels xD
    Ouch.. That happened to me when I was trying to remove those big chunky glitters from my nails.

  10. Archana Shrestha08 March, 2012 09:02

    woow! like the color combination :D


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