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All Asian Girls Look So Ugly Without Makeup

[UPDATE 27 March 2015]

So I went through my popular posts and found out that this particular post got a lot of views. Like tens of thousands of views.

The comments are no longer there because there's just so much negativity going on. Also the comment section got really messed up after importing into Disqus and then going back to Blogger. Random names were being placed on comments. Didn't want anyone to get scolded for something they didn't say..

I went to creep at her FB profile and she has a new name now. Apparently it's her actress/play name. And 2 sons too. Hopefully with the existence of her two boys, she will learn not to spew racist/hate remarks at strangers anymore.


I always feel that we should not assume or jump to conclusions to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. Try our best to maintain a peaceful environment. Try not to get into fights. Being females with unstable hormones (yes, blame everything on PMS too), it isn't always possible to do so though =/ Especially when you meet people like THIS!

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Okay, I admit I have secretly thought that some people are not as pretty as they think. But seriously, different people just see things differently. Someone who is pretty to me may appear unattractive to someone else. I would never go up to a stranger and say things like "you look so ugly" cos who am I to say so in the first place?! These things hurt people and could really mess with their feelings.

And I don't understand why she finds it wrong to wear double eyelid tape. No problem with wanting to look good. We are humans with feelings after all. We wear nice clothes, do our hair nicely, smile in photos etc all to look better.


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This is where it gets racist.. I actually find it quite amusing that she thinks so highly of herself. Americans aren't the only ones with coloured eyes.. Not all Americans have beautiful eyes. Not all Asians have mono lid.. You can't just group everyone together based on their race/origins and assume they are the same.

She blocked me after sending that message. Really stupid. She's the one sending me hate messages. Why are you so scared of me? If you are so confident of yourself and your opinion, why are you hiding? Dafuq!

Then I found thiiisss!!

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Source : HERE

* Photo removed
Source : HERE

Can't imagine this is the same person talking.

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