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MAC Cleanse Off Oil

First MAC product in my house! xD Nicole gave this to me or I would never have gotten it. One of the things I check when purchasing cleansing oil is the presence of mineral oil (obviously after ability to remove makeup). It is said to cause skin problems & clog pores. Foundations with mineral oil don't really bother me but it seems cleansing oils do (none in this!).

Moving on to it's ability to remove makeup.. Here I have waterproof mascara, liquid liner, pencil liner, foundation, dark eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil on my hand. Plus I added some falsies glue on top.

Art fail.. lolz This is why I'm bad at 'Draw Something'.

Firstly, I must say that the pump is a big PITA! It's not easy to control and the liquid comes flying out, splashing around. The pump also doubles as a lock. Twisting it in one direction locks it but it's really loose so definitely not recommended for travel.

2-3 pumps is sufficient for my face. Don't be stingy with cleansing oil.. When using too little, it feels like all the dirt and makeup is going back into my skin! The consistency of this is great. Not too watery or thick. Plus it smells nice ^_^

** Must be applied on dry skin with dry hands

Yuck.. Don't open your eyes when massaging with cleansing oil or you will face an ugly sight xD Plus, it might get into your eyes and make it cloudy. It's quite easy to dissolve makeup with.

Emulsifies easily with water~ Normally it's whitish but I used dark makeup here.

It removed everything except for the eyelash glue which required my Maybelline Makeup Remover with a cotton pad.

I always prefer to double cleanse with a facial wash to remove the cleansing oil or I'll feel uncomfortable. This doesn't leave much of a film or oily feel though.

Product says : An industry-strength oil-based makeup remover that's gentle on the skin. Botanically formulated with oils of olive fruit, evening primrose and jojoba seed and absolutely 100 percent mineral-oil free. Massages onto the skin to loosen all makeup, including waterproof mascara. Emulsifies into a lotion-type liquid with water: rinses off easily, no tissues required - and no residue! Protects with vitamin E. Skin softening and conditioning. Good for all skin types.
Size : 150 ml / 5.0 us fl. oz.
Price : RM 95
Made in Japan

Pros : No mineral oil, nice smell, emulsifies easily, removes makeup well, not too hard to wash off
Cons : Bad pump & lock, pricey

My conclusion : Overall, I think it's a good cleansing oil if you can afford it (my sis bought 1 after trying it). If I do purchase this, I'm thinking of transferring it to another bottle =/ I washed my bottle and somehow, water managed to get in and it emulsified a little =_="


  1. Anything transparent on a black background screams epic to me! It was really interesting to see how the product worked too! 

  2. Looks like its a good one! But I just don't like it when it goes gooey black XD!

  3. will it make the skin goes dry? :)

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  4. Not as bad as other cleansing oils I've tried, definitely. But I think the drying effect comes from the facial wash I use after =/

  5. HAha! Well, if you're not wearing any dark makeup, it's a milky colour.

  6. the eye you draw look so cute 

  7. Haha...really creative how you did 'eye make up' on your hand to show its abilities! Sounds good to me but I'm sticking to regular removers until my skin improves from its semi oily state...just paranoid about oils I guess. thanks for sharing! :)

  8. saccharine015812 March, 2012 19:18

    hmmm... this looks like a good product. will look into it! :)

  9. I saw it from another blogger but her version was much prettier LOL
    Hey, if what you're using right now works for you, don't change it =)

  10. Lol, very creative demonstration! Seems to be quite effective though it didn't remove the lash glue.

  11. Even my oil based eye makeup remover could not, without the cotton. So I guess it's the method

  12. haha I LOVE how you drew the eye on there! its like,, your eye got itchy so you rubbed your eye and it fell on the back of your hand :D this looks like a great product btw!

  13. LOL would be weird if that really happened!

  14. MAC is pricey :S I prefer other makeup removers though, since I dislike super oily ones >< haha

  15. Well, it's cheaper than a lot of high end products. You mean like cleansing creams or milk? I find those unbearably greasy

  16. i love cleansing oils that emulsify. i had no idea mac had one too. but i still hv to follow up w another cleanser too. i still find it a bit oily after.

  17. I wonder if the oil is harmful if left on. But considering all the stuff it just melted off my face, there is no way Im not removing it completely

  18. sriously I never tried anything from MAC XD , wish I can try MAC someday :D

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