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Yuberactive Brand Knight Entrepreneurship Programme

If you saw my reviews for Rimmel & Sally Hanson, most probably I got them from Yuberactive. Isn't it awesome that you can apply for freebies to review every month or so? It's not just for bloggers! Everyone can apply for them.

Then there's the Brand Knight Entrepreneurship Programme, which is 10x more awesome!

Are you a 1st or 2nd year student in Klang Valley? If yes..

how do you like the idea of:

  • receiving training on how to think and act like a beauty entrepreneur?
  • learning how to organize House Parties and events such as make-over workshops?
  • working with leading brands to monitor the latest trends and get free / discounted products?
  • earning extra pocket money by doing what you love?
Oh yeah.. That's like being a blogger without actually BEING a blogger xD (P.S. I don't even get all the benefits above)

Benefits of being a Brand Knight!
  • Beauty & Grooming Workshops + Make-Over consultation.
  • Starter kit worth RM1000.
  • Latest product sampling before they hit the shelves.
  • Magazine ad opportunity.
  • Print modelling opportunity.
  • Paid on-the-job training / event opportunities.
  • VIP invites to new product launches / events.
  • 30% discounts on all products based on RRP.
Omgomgomg sounds so nice, right? Unfortunately, my degree has not started yet so I can't join. But if you qualify, you should give it a shot! Nothing to lose but much to gain!

Apply HERE.


  1. I love all the opportunities you posted about! Who doesn't enjoy getting free stuff?

    ~Zabrinah[your everyday girl,writing about guys]

  2. xD true! But nowadays I try to only take free stuff I'll actually use


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