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Make It Easier to Disqus

Le random post on why you should get Disqus (or anything similar).

I freaking hate this :

*@#$&@#$! I get these ridiculously-hard-to-read ones sometimes and it just annoys the hell outta me. Once in a blue moon, it gets buggy and denies my answer even though I'm very sure I wrote the correct one 5 times.

Because of the verification, I have to reload the page and depending on your content/layout, it could be really slow sometimes.

Disqus has some useful functions..

Replies or comments on my blog are sent straight to my e-mail where I can choose to Approve, mark as Spam, Delete or reply by replying to the e-mail. Very useful since I can do this using my phone.

But then I started getting these weird e-mails and when I checked my Disqus account, I found out that it was being used to send spam comments on my own blog and as replies to others WTF! Don't know how it happened but I've changed my password.

There are also problems like Disqus not appearing at the bottom of posts (server was down, perhaps) but most of the time, I don't have any problems with it.

Don't take it personally if you don't get comments. Yeah, sometimes it's because your post isn't interesting enough but in my case, it's also because I'm too lazy to use the comment box =x

I love commenting on blogs when I see Disqus xD

* I was not paid or asked by Disqus to write this post


  1. Those prove you're not a robot comments erk me too. I haven't figured out how to get rid of them on my blogger??

  2. I think it's under settings? Cos I see some blogs that don't require verification

  3. I totally agree! if I love to read your blog and I've decided to take 2 minutes and write a comment, then I'm freaking out if I must type those 'words' few times!

  4. yes I also prefer disqus! it's easier both for the bloggers and the readers! ;D

  5. I think the verification is just a waste of time.  It it's been set to be approved first what the big deal? Robots really so free to come and spam our blogs? i don't think so! I did change to disqus a while back but it messed up some other layout I already had...i will comment if the post interest me, disqus or not but the verification is a pain!

  6. Im happy when I read this post! mwahahha  Im not alone xD

  7. SAME! Love disqus haha soo much more convenient! And I even wrote that I highly dislike those word type things =.='' Just like how you described it!

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  10. July, 2012 23:57

    What does it mean sugar coated muffin?

  11. You mean my blog name? Ah it's just a random name..


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