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Eff-ing Robbers!

So I have these neighbours who sometimes argue really loudly and storm off in their car. On Wednesday night it happened again but this time it was different.

They weren't arguing. And it wasn't the husband who drove off. The daughter & bf got robbed of their car.

That night itself, my classmate whom I was just telling the story to got robbed as well.

Then tonight, my next door neighbour's daughter came home in her car and 2 men rushed into her porch. She screamed and hid inside her car. The assailants started smashing at her window with parangs while she pressed the honk continuously. I didn't think and shouted at them. The man paused, looked up and we stared at each other for a moment before I dashed to the phone to call the cops. I'm sorry for shouting at you, Mr Policeman. I was panicking T_T

That's 3 robberies in a week, 2 near to home. To think that I drive alone, park outside (sometimes around the block) and drive at night very often just creeps me out now. Seriously considering getting some sort of weapon which follows me from my car into my house and vice versa.

P.S. We pay for security services and this still happens. Can't rely on them anymore. I know making it a gated community is inconsiderate since other people can't use the roads but obviously it's becoming a very heavily considered choice right now.

Girls (and guys) please take care of yourselves and be very careful!


  1. OMG your area sounds so dangerous!!!!!!!!!!! pls dont go home late, if you will ... make sure someone is there to get you at doorstep. Have a baseball bat in your car and also in any case, open another side of the window and throw the bag out! If you can, drive off!

  2. OMG THAT'S REALLY SCARY!! Summore your area is so near to mine, I'm started to feel paranoid now. >__< Try not to go out at night or arrive late, even with the so-called gated and guarded it's still not safe. Buy a pepper spray and keep it handy!

  3. That's quite scary.. and you go home and drive yourself.
    At least take something like a pepper spray with you
    but I know it wouldn't be enough, just keep your eyes and ears open
    be vigilant and stay safe!!

  4. This is just scary, my area doesnt have any security or gated no one is willing to contribute, its scary to know that since i do come home really late night that sucks because i dont enjoy going out during the day light :(

    - stay safe

  5. Gotta be careful! These idiots are everywhere

  6. Dashing straight into my house now lol Actually it's better to go out past midnight cos that's when most exits are closed by the guards.

  7. OH my that sounds so scary, be safe!! Maybe take self-defense or a woman's safety course >: Don't get mugged >:


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