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Posh! Nail Spa SS2 Launching

Posh! Nail Spa recently opened a new branch minutes away from my house xD

You could say it was launched with a loud bang!

We were pampered with an array of food, wine tasting and most importantly, a manicure! After all, isn't that why we go to spas? To pamper ourselves?

Customers will be spoilt with the choices of colours here.

More & more guests flooding in during the entire event. Surprisingly, the artists had no problem serving the number of people. They were very efficient!

The gorgeous Belinda Chee was the emcee of the day. The girls were treated to lucky draw prizes as well! Nobody left empty handed.. ^_^

One with Senri~

Nicely shaped and polished nails in a jiffy! A number of people asked what shade is it. Sorry but I totally forgot to see T_T You can go to Posh! and ask though lol

Wore my DIY fringed top!

I DID win something during the lucky draw and I'm wondering if anyone would like to be my guest reviewer for it?


  1. it looks fun!
    love the nail color! really suits you!

  2. Woah, looks fun, and your manicure is awesome! Kinda wished I'd gone that day, lol....
    What item did you win? :P


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