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Thinking Outside the Yolk

When my bf and I just started dating, he offered to bring me lunch to my house. He was gonna cook me lunch, he said.. After some waiting and building up anticipation, he finally arrived and passed me the food. And.. it was a bag of pan mee obviously bought from a coffee shop LOL Still insisted that he 'cooked it' though pfftt...

I've learnt since then that guys can be really cheeky like Adam here!

BUT to be fair, it wasn't mentioned HOW or WHICH =P

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is meant for everyday creativity. It helps you to think outside the box. It allows you to jot down your ideas and inspirations the moment you see it. It allows you to express yourself in the most creative ways imaginable.

It allows you to BE CREATIVE.

And guess what? Your creativity could win you prizes!

Just head on over to!

Depending on the artist you choose, you have 4 different kinds of templates to work with.

I chose Razif because I LOVE EATING! Each template comes with 3 choices. This one already has a piece of steak on it. Possibly from Prime (you'll be dining there if you win)!

Fill in your picture with colours or add extra stuff! There are 5 drawing tools to choose from.

Well, if your drawing isn't really Picasso, you can even insert text to maybe gain you some points =P

Another attempt lulz

After you finish your masterpiece, remember to submit it!

What are you waiting for? Click HERE and let your creativity run wild~

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