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Item #2 in the giveaway parcel~ This is the first time I'm wearing longer falsies (usually I prefer them short and stubby).

These aren't 'branded' falsies but they're soft and come in a box of 6 pairs. I've seen them at the night market here as well.

Actually love how long falsies open my eyes in photos!

Sadly, only the longest strands are obvious on me o.O

It's more visible at a lower angle but it's definitely not my fav angle =/

Because I take stupid pictures when bored.

Now.. to convince my bf falsies don't look strange lol I found an online store that sells all sorts of pretty lashes!

** I won the product in a giveaway. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I like how these ones stick up! They make your eyes so big, and your eyes already are so big! lol

  2. they look gorgeous on you!! ^_~

  3. The effect is too dramatic, I prefer some natural falsie, any recommendation?

  4. Yup I was shocked by how much they curl up! I prefer something with more volume though. The thin and 'lonely' falsies look a bit strange to me

  5. I'm not very experienced with falsies but usually those from night market are much shorter. Look for the pink boxed ones. Dolly Wink also has a natural range.

  6. oh oh! You can check out Cosmobeaute in PWTC too! Empro is having a Buy 1 Free 2 promo. RM9.90 only

  7. it is kind of weird how only the longer strands stood out O_O but falsies or not your eyes are gorgeous <3

  8. Yeah.. The shorter ones aren't as curled so they're hidden by my thick eyeliner =( Well, falsies aren't the ones making a big difference. It's my contacts lolz Without them I'm like super dull-sleepy face-boring-small eyed.

  9. heyya blogwalking here :D and found your cute blog. i love your big eyes :) would u like to follow each others?


  10. I quite like the lashes, I haven't tried longer lashes yet~ :o

  11. wow these look so so pretty!! i actually got gifted a set of these recently but haven't tried yet~ now I can't wait!

  12. They really make your eyes so big and pretty! I'm really quite rubbish at applying falsies

  13. Still not a pro but definitely better than before! It just takes practice =)


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