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Kiwiberry1 Giveaway (International) [Closed]

Since the previous contact lens giveaway was only for Malaysians, this one's international!

Thanks to Kiwiberry1 for sponsoring this giveaway ^_^

What can you win?

1) One pair of contact lenses!

You can choose the colour and diameter size but the exact model will be selected for you. Here's some that caught my eye! Especially love that mint green one omggg~~

2) One pair of falsies, chosen randomly

Natural, dolly or dramatic, Kiwiberry1 has them all! Check out the range HERE.

3) An exclusive 50% discount code

Just fill in your details into the Rafflecopter below to participate! Remember, I'll be checking your entries if  you win so no point cheating =_="

*Contest is open to international readers as well*


  1. Thanks for this awesome giveaway !
    i've entered n.n


  2. Yay for giveaway! :D
    I just have a question about sharing it to our blogs. If we want to put it on our sidebars, which image should we use if at all?

  3. Thank you for the amazing giveaway

  4. I didnt think of that LOL Anything will do aight? It's really flexible =)

  5. Hi ! silly question - what's GFC ?

  6. GFC is Google Friend Connect. It's just the 'follow' thing for blogspot

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I'll admit I had to read the comments to figure out what GFC was :P

  8. Really? Gosh I'll write it clearly next time xP Sorry!


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