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Ikuzo Ramen SS2, Second Try

If you read my previous blog post, my excitement was dampened by the poor quality of the place. I was so disappointed, I left a comment on their Facebook page and surprisingly, they offered me a complimentary meal, promising that conditions have improved. Because I really wanted to like this place, I decided to give it a second chance and accepted her invitation.

Something about this picture is just so hilarious..

They've changed to a new menu that's much smaller which I think is better. Yay to no MSG! They've also improvised on the contents of the menu. I noticed they removed the spicy noodles.

I almost couldn't decide between the Hokkaido Ramen (corn!) and Tokyo Ramen (seaweed!) x_X That plate of handmade gyoza looked tempting too but I knew I wouldn't be able to finish my food.

Not only is the food here affordable, so are the drinks! I've been to places that charge RM 10 for Coca Cola which is absurd! On my previous visit I had blackcurrant soda and this time I had Hot Lemon Tea. Both are quite nice despite the price.

Photo of le bf taking a photo of me.

I honestly think even the food looks tastier and more appetizing this time @_@

The Hokkaido Ramen is what I would call 'happy food' because the combination of the colours is so pleasant. Noodles were no longer like overcooked Maggi but had that bounciness to it. Rest of it is good.

As I thanked Shea Leen from Ikuzo Ramen for lunch, I was handed this little guy.

He actually looks kinda sad and lonely haha! Reminds me of Dunbo which I adore.

Didn't have a fly problem this time but the staff were around to zap them. Guess it's hard to completely get rid of the flies with the nearby morning market.

Address : 52, Jalan SS2/61, Petaling Jaya, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Beside McD's)
Phone number : 03-7865 3254
Facebook page :
E-mail :
Operating hours : Mon - Sun, 10.30 - 23.00

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  1. I always see it when i go to SS2!! Next time must try, because they have PORK! Hahahaha :D


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