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MagicColour Contact Lens Travel Case Kit Set

Once upon a time, I suddenly felt an itch in my eye and soon it got so irritated that I had to remove it (lens, not eye). I did not bring my contact lens case nor my glasses so I was kinda half blind (1 eye only) and had to ask my dad & sister to come get me + drive my car home. Gosh.. I've been afraid of it happening again (bf says I'm too paranoid) so I always bring my case & glasses out. I would fill my lens case with solution and keep it together with my glasses in my spectacles case. Because it's wet, sometimes it fogs up my glasses or makes it wet.

Apart from that, my lens case is never dry since it's either soaking my lenses or filled with solution when I bring it out. FYI, you should let your case air dry so bacteria doesn't grow in it.

Then I saw that MagicColour brought in these contact lens kits! First impression : Omg so cute! It's pink, roundish and clear.

Comes with a mirror, contact lens case & tweezer.

Let me demonstrate how the tweezer works. As you can see below, the tip is really flexible so you use it to pick the contact lens out of the casing. Extremely useful if you have long nails! The tip is rounded and rubbery so it won't ruin your lenses.

This kit is RM 8 and is also available in blue.
Size : 6.4 x 4.2 x 2.4 (cm)

I also received another one that's slightly different. It's a rather simple white design but love the pop of colour. So fluorescent..

One thing I like about this is the button to open. It just feels more expensive than the pink one. Yea, I know I'm weird lolz

Inside is a bigger mirror (wth I didn't capture it but you can see it HERE), contact lens case, tweezer, contact lens remover/holder (actually I'm not really sure) & solution bottle.

The price of this is slightly higher at RM 12 and also comes in black.
Size : 7.5 x 7.2 x 2 (cm)

Comparing both, the pink is smaller but white has a solution bottle which means you can keep your case dry until you need it. Or you can fill your solution into the case then fill the bottle with saline.

Now, I don't have to keep my casing with my glasses anymore & it's more convenient ^_^


  1. I've tried lenses and just can't make then work.  Have to stick with glasses. 

  2. Oh dear, what was wrong? The first time I wore contacts, it took me half an hour to put them on and twice the time to remove! Now I can just touch my eyes and it's like 'meh..'.

    Could also be a problem with the lenses. Some brands just don't work for me. They move about, get sooo dry or just blurs my vision.

  3. i had a case that also comes with solution bottle and i'm totally love have such a cute case..
    -i hope you will join my first giveaway

  4. oh i love the white one. looks like a 2-way cake compact! classy~

  5. Whoa! I feel like I need a case like this. Lenses saves my butt as I look really ugly with glasses... 

  6. Halloween Contact Lenses23 June, 2012 17:01

    The case is looking so beautiful it is looking like a compact.Liked it especially the white one the lenses are safe and easy to carry and the look is also attractive.

  7. September, 2012 22:03

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  8. Blue & pink are RM 8 while the other 2 are RM 12


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