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[Lifestyle] Why New Parents Need A Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser

With 2 babies and a young child in the house, it can get really crazy here. Carlson will request for his milk then Chantelle will be crying for hers as well. Then I was introduced to this Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser! If your new baby is sleeping with you, you can place one in your room so you don't have to go into the kitchen at 3am to boil water for milk. So convenient!

Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser and bottle

This is not your regular Spritzer water bottle. After you open a seal you will see a white 'lock' which prevents the water from coming out until you install it into the dispenser.

How to open the seal on Spritzer bottle

Easy to install & refill

The water dispenser comes with this thing that pushes the white 'lock' to allow the water to come out. This way, there are no risks of water spilling when you turn it over. The bottle is also not as heavy as I expected so girls can refill it themselves.

How to install Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser

Make sure you let the water run from the hot water tap before switching it on so there is water in the tank before you heat it up.

How to use Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser

How to know if Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser is ready

Using the hot water tap of Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser

Instant hot water

Carlson absolutely cannot wait to drink his milk so the faster you can prepare his milk, the better. As a test, my Milo is ready in 30 seconds! No need to boil water hehehe Can use this for my late night Maggi as well =x

Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser review


Comparing it to a regular water dispenser, the Spritzer is better in certain ways:
  • Comes with hot water tap
  • Child proof lock
  • Easy to refill (just buy water bottles)
  • Small and easy to move
  • Elevated taps for taller cups/bottles

Comparing Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser with normal dispenser

Child Proof Lock

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Here's to a #ConvenientLife with #SpritzerMY! =D If you're interested in getting this dispenser, it's RM 88 at

Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser

The dispenser is available in 4 colours - Pink, Green, Purple & Grey. I wanted pink at first but in the end got purple hehe..

Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser information

Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser Giveaway

Prize: 1 x Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser worth RM 88

To join this contest, just answer the question in the comments section! =D Remember to leave your e-mail address in the form so I can contact you if you're the winner.

Question: The Spritzer Dispenser is available in 4 colours. Name the 4 colours.

Closing date: 27 June 2015

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing. Good to know there's such a product. Btw the answers are Pink, Green, Purple & Grey! Hehe hope I'm the lucky mummy to win this for my baby hehe :)

    1. Such a good water dispenser with kids around! Safer and easy to use

  2. Whoa!!! that's so easy...especially for working lady like me. I also like the pink one girlie huhuhuh

  3. OMG OMG I need this so badly. I really dislike to wait hot water to boil and sometimes it burn my hand! I want to join ur Spritzer hot and warm mini dispsnser giveaway!

    It is available in 4 colors - Pink, Green, Purple & Grey <3


    1. Yesss!~~ I feel like my time could be put to better use haha

  4. This is so convenient! So nice, I wish I can get this in my room for night time drinking too

    1. You can join the contest ;) Maybe you'll win one! haha

  5. I love this! I used to have it in my previous shop and it was great for instant coffee. The size makes it easy for small sized people like me to refill it

    1. Yess my office has one too but it's the big big one. Not suitable for home use unlike the Spritzer one

  6. Might as well join the contest! Answer: Pink, Green, Purple & Grey

  7. Hi, I've always wanted to get one of these, but I never got around to it. Anyway, great review, keep up the good work :D

  8. I always hear the Spritzer Ad over on RedFM haha. The one I have at home right now is the polycarbonate water container. If only I have Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Water Dispenser, how easy my life would be!

    Anyways, the 4 colours are Pink, Purple, Grey and Green! :D

    Email :

    1. Haha yeah like my house. But now I have two xD

  9. Great review! Probably be very convenient for those who are living away from home :)

  10. Definitely a good thing for those who are away from home! :D nice review!

  11. Wow! Great product! So convenient to use!~ Like it so much!

  12. Pink, Green, Purple & Grey

  13. There are 4 colours Pink, Green, Purple & Grey

    Great to put beside my work table

  14. i love the water dispenser. i always used them. especially when including delivery. convenient and you can see the water in the transparent container. always looks safe to drink compared to the water filter.

  15. Pink, Green, Purple & Grey!

    Want to win this for my mother

  16. Four Colours: Grey, Green, Purple and Pink.

  17. Spritzer Dispenser are available in four (4) colours, they are Pink, Green, Purple and Grey colors.
    email address :
    Thank you for the giveaway.. :D

  18. It comes in four colours! They are orange, pink, purple and green!


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