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[Food] Tossed!, Jaya Shopping Centre

Despite the name, Tossed! isn't just about salads but they do serve pasta, mains, coffee and dessert as well.

Food review at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

The place is divided into 3 types of seating - normal tables, grass area and suspended swivel chair thingy. Young ones would love the grass area because they get to roll on the grass, bring their toys and move about instead of being seated in a chair.

Grass sitting area at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Hanging chairs at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Looking chubby at a food review omg

Me at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Mocha, RM11
We were glad to find that this mocha actually had a good amount of chocolatey taste unlike others where the flavour is too mild & they use sugar to compensate for the taste.

Mocha drink at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Cafe Latte, RM10
Smooth and milky but I didn't understand why Elie didn't add sugar. I guess I like my drinks sweet? hehe..

Cafe Latte at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Lychee Virgin Mojito, RM 12
I'm a big fan of lychee so I thoroughly enjoyed this. Mixed with the virgin mojito, it had a bubbly taste with hints of mint in it. Refreshing drink!

Lychee Virgin Mojito at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Tossed Signature Fruit Salad
So the story here is that the creator of this salad made this combination for his wife lolol I'm sure she loved it because I love it too! It's so colourful and cheerful that it will brighten your day. The fruits used are fresh and sweet with the homemade vinaigrette. I especially enjoyed the orange and blueberries which were super sweet.

Tossed Signature Fruit Salad at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Strawberries, blueberries, orange, cherry tomatoes & watermelon in a salad

Healthy fruit salad at Tossed

Truffle Fries
Tossed!'s own version of fries brings it above those from fast food chains. Large wedges of crispy fries topped with cheese and served in this cute lil fryer basket. The truffle taste was very fragrant and we all loved the garlic sauce so much, we asked for more.

Truffle Fries at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Basil Pesto, RM18.90
Honestly, I ordered this because it reminded me of the Conchiglie with Spinach Cream at Epicuro. To my surprise, it was on par with the other green pasta. The fusili was great at picking up the creamy pesto sauce and I enjoyed the bouncy bite along with the crunchy pine nuts. Also in the pasta was chicken fillet, cooked til soft and flavourful. I would highly recommend you to try this pasta but if you're looking for something unique, you might wanna check out the next one ;)

Basil Pesto at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Salmone, RM20.90
When the taste first hit me, I thought it was rather strange but it grew on me and I ended up finishing it! To me, the tomato based sauce tasted like tom yum (which I like) and was really exciting on my taste buds. It is richer than the Basil Pesto and comes with slices of cooked salmon.

Salmone pasta at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Salmone tomato based sauce with salmon

Royale Pudding
Luxurious vanilla pudding topped with raspberry coulis and a fresh blueberry, sitting on a base of toffee. Dig in~ Literally! Make sure you get all the layers in each spoonful to truely enjoy this sweet treat. I found it to be a tad too sweet which is probably why it's served in a small jar.

Royale Pudding at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Food review of Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Salted Caramel Brownie
Now this dessert is something Malaysians will like! When I took a bite, I was immediately reminded of the good ol' days with Milo because of it's incredibly fragrant taste! The combination of a warm brownie and cold vanilla ice-cream was delectable. This is what I call comfort food.

Salted Caramel Brownie at Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre

Overall, I had a pleasant experience at Tossed and would love to return for more of its unique flavours!

Tossed Jaya Shopping Centre seating area

Address: 4.51, Level 4, Jaya Shopping Centre
Contact number: 03-79318994
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm (Mon - Sun)

Instagram: @tossed_at_jaya


  1. Salmone & Salted Caramel Brownie, noted! Thx for sharing hehe... I go crazy over food will drop them a visit one day when I'm there hehe must note down these 2 dishes before I forget lolx!

    1. Yeah you better not forget! =P these 2 are quite unique

  2. wow didn't know kids are allowed to roll around in the grass area, wish i have a chance to dine there with my kisd coz the food also looked amazing

    1. They don't tell you that but I saw a family having fun. The son even brought his toy cars haha

  3. Royale Pudding looks so cute!!!

  4. beautiful place! the food presentation looks nice too. i'm fasting and drooling. *cries*

    1. Haha can buka puasa there but need to check if there are halal dishes ya

  5. Yum! The dessert looks superb! A little cracky but.. yum! The kid in me love the swivel chairs, look so fun haha

    1. First thing I noticed were those swivel chairs xD but in the end I didn't sit there because I just keep turning and turning. Not very ngam for eating

  6. Wah, the food here looks super healthy haha. If I am need for a detox/cleansing, I shall pay this place a visit for a change of diet haha.

    1. Not sure if healthy... but sure was delicious HAHA

  7. The cafe and the presentation looks so cute! haha. Its interesting that they have like an outdoor concept in an indoor mall :p

    1. Yeahhh! Because the shopping centre has a glass roof, natural day light floods the place =D So you feel like you're having a picnic in the garden but with air cond =x

  8. The salted caramel brownie looks very tempting! Who can resist ice cream? Fries look yummy too

    1. If you like Milo taste, confirm you like it!

  9. i think they have facebook account also right? previously added all the bloggers. haha not sure if they have it in penang..

    1. LOL yup that's them... I got to know about the restaurant through the add xD


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