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My Beauty Diary Chocolate Mask

Sorry about all the mask posts.. I haven't been touching much makeup lately and these were less time consuming to write. I first read about this chocolate mask from Anna's blog. The packaging looks so cute and I've been so curious about it. Then I got a pair of these from sweet Nicole. She must have read my mind! The mask is supposed to be for firming, moisturizing and brightening.

The picture on the packaging is actually chocolates (so cute laahhh). The moment I tore open the top, this sudden wave of chocolate fudge scent blasted me in my face. I literally shouted 'Omg!' and proceeded to sniff it again and again. It smells THAT good. I can't believe a mask can actually taste that yummy! If the mask was brown in colour like chocolate, I think I'll be tempted to lick it.

It has enough slits to adjust it sufficiently to cover my face and not leave any extras in my hair or jutting out. However, I do think that the mouth hole could have been higher and there was a tendency to 'bubble' at the nose region. For the entire duration of having the mask on, I smelt chocolate fudge all the way. Needless to say, it was a pleasant experience =) There was only a tiny bit of extra essence left in the packet so reuse is not possible. Btw, like my ear studs? Ice cream ^_^ Too bad they broke! =(

I left it on for 30 minutes (packet recommended 20-30) so it kinda dried all the way and patting was not needed lol It wasn't sticky or feel gooey at all. Even after the mask is dry, I could still smell that delicious scent lingering around the sheet. Sorry for my panda eyes. Staying up late to study is not good.

'After' photo was slightly darker but they're both taken at the same place, half an hour apart. Not much difference except my face was slightly brighter (compare the cheeks). It didn't feel particularly more moisturized or anything.

My Beauty Diary masks can be purchased from for RM 2.50 to RM 3.50 but please read the comments first to see if there are any negative feedbacks as there are many fake masks nowadays. Please DO NOT buy them from the night market >_< Guardian's is selling a box of 10 for RM 50. Even though it's twice the price, you can be confident that it's authentic.

Price : RM 2.50 - RM 5 per sheet
Seller : Search HERE or at Guardian's
Pros : Slightly brightening, smells very good, cheap, good fit
Cons : Not really moisturizing
My conclusion : Even though it doesn't do what it says, I will definitely repurchase this just because it smells so yummy! xD Since this was manufactured nearly 2 years ago, a fresh one might work better.


  1. herm normally I will just apply mask for 15 minutes (maximum 20 minutes) , because if you leave it too long time on our face , the mask paper will absorb back the hydration in our skin =)

  2. I like the packaginG! Oh so CUTE! XD Thank God I don't have any major liking for mask sheets. If not, I'll be more broke than I am right now..hahaha

  3. the pro should be the smell! :) YUM!

  4. @ Anna
    Really? Ok.. I wont leave so long anymore lol! Usually Ill remove once it begins to feel dry.

    @ aisyah
    I suddenly have a thing for buying sheet masks xD Feel like buying MBD masks but I still have some others to finish

    @ Toesthattwinkle
    Absolutely! The smell is very very yummy!! ^^

  5. reply to comment

    Isabel: I still haven't found that HG product for dark circles just melts off my face in a matter of minutes..U__U but you're completely right, I think I have to get rid of those dark circles first before trying this look again =)) Thanks for the input! By the way, you cover dark circles pretty well by implementing all kinds of product! =D I just fail at that..>_<

  6. i love chocolate mask.. never try this. but seems a good product too.. thanks for sharing =)

  7. Lol aisyah, for me, the only 'cure' is sleep! >_< Unfortunately, I never get enough of that. Why does foundation melt off? Too oily? Actually my coverage is very very light. I don't want to cover everything to keep it looking natural (since all my frens know I have it).

  8. No..actually, too sweaty..XD I have a really bad sweaty face..U__U and it's just on my face! I gave up foundation months ago because they becomes patchy with the sweat. The Rimmel one I'm using sux..Maybe I need a higher end brand to cover up that stubborn dark circles. =( BUt for now, I'll let it be..haha

  9. Wah.. Okay.. I've never actually heard of that problem before. So means you can't wear mascara lo?


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