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Mentholatum Lip Ice Lip Balm (Apple)

This is my first lip balm and I have just finished it this month. My sis picked it for me as she was using it as well. I always carry it around in my bag, use it before lipstick/ lip gloss and even on its own. I wouldn't say it's very moisturizing but it helps a little. There is a slight scent (apples?). It's clear and uncoloured which makes it great for using under lip colours.

All in all, I find nothing special about this lip balm that makes it stand out among the numerous other lip balms. There's no taste, no weird film on lips afterwards and the texture is not too soft so it doesn't melt easily when I bring it out. I also like that it's not sticky.

Product says : Lip balm. Sunscreen. Protectant. Cooling, refreshing relief for dry, chapped lips. Apply as needed.
Size : 3.5 g
Price : RM 1x
Bought from : Pharmacies
Pros : No weird taste, not sticky, no film feeling on lips, smells okay, not too soft, doesn't melt easily when hot, spf 15
Cons : Not moisturizing enough
My conclusion : Will not repurchase. It's definitely not moisturizing enough for my very dry lips.

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