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DIY Skirt from a T-shirt

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Way overdue on this post. It's been sitting here for quite some time even though my skirt is already done.

For this lil project, I'm using a worn t-shirt which doesn't really fit my shoulders. As there were words on the front, this will be a short mini skirt. I cut it across the chest, below the words. Then I hemmed the 'open' end. It looked pretty plain so I decided to add things to it. I searched through the drawer and tried matching it with ribbons, buttons and lace but in the end, I settled for these round plastics which were meant for tying a string around on envelopes or boxes. Sewed them on at random places on the front only. I left the top 1-2 inches empty in case I wanted to add those 'belt holders' or whatever you call them.

Well, for my first project, I think this is a pass lol It's a little too small though =/ That's why it creases. Also, the material isn't really thick so if I ever wear this, I'll have to be careful with what undies I wear.

The top of the shirt will most probably be turned into rags as I'm unable to think of something to do with it. It's too short to be a jacket or anything. Probably sew a chew toy for Putih?


  1. that's a nice idea, i like what you did with your top :)

  2. The top parts looks okay layered with other stuffs (based on the picture) but I'm sure how it would look in real life..XD Anyway, you're creative! I don't know any DIY..! I'm trying to restore a handbag though but I still don't hv any idea what to use for the handle..>_<


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