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Products Finished in October

So according to my October Resolutions, I was supposed to finish 5 products or more in October.

Here's the list of things I finished last month
*proud* hahaha.. Ah, it's refreshing to see some things gone from my room / bathroom. It actually feels good to finish stuff =) By week 2 I've already finished the 5 items ^^

Now for the other things on my list.
  • Be more patient and careful when I'm driving  - Done
  • Shopping ban - Fail! Utter failure.. My hands were itchy and I bought so many stuff >_<
  • Project 5 pan - Successful as above ^^
  • Wear different stuff - I did wear some stuff that I have not worn in a while but still had my shorts on a lot. I really like shorts lol
  • Wear lip balm daily - Done
  • Put on hair serum - Done
  • Wear sunblock - Absolute failure. I hate sunblock. But since I'm using the Hada Labo AHA/BHA Facial Wash now, I'm forced to wear sunblock when I'm out.
  • Don't buy any sweets - For once, this is a success but I did substitute it with Magnum ice creams =x
November To-Do List
  • Study for exams!
  • Spend less time online. I'm practically glued to the computer every single day.
  • Go out more (I'm suck a geek >_<)
  • Go swimming with my friend
  • Be more active as a blogger in real life & participate in events


    1. congratz on being successful on your 5 pan project! It kind of motivates me to finish stuffs too! ^___^
      LOL, you know, the more we try to enforced this shopping thingie, the stronger the urge to spend! XD I actually bought more than before I declared a shopping on myself..=/ All thanks to ELF 50% off sale.. I saw you ordered some stuff too! XD naughty3x! =P
      I need to spend less time blogging and more time studying too.. but everything seems to not make sense anymore..haha..we're passing by our final year in a daze. XD
      anyway, good luck for exams!

    2. Thanks aisyah~ I'm so happy. Now I don't feel bad about finishing stuff anymore lol

      Actually the Elf one.. I contemplated few days already and I added and removed stuff from my list before finalising it >_< hard decision xD

      Yeah.. Blogging is supposed to be a hobby but I think now it's occupying too much of my time

    3. Ah-- you're right. I never thought of it as such, but it's really satisfying to finish a product, especially if you bought it experimentally.

      That or giving it away to someone else who can use it. (Here's where it's awesome having a best friend who doesn't buy beauty supplies on her own + a little sister without too much expertise comes in handy.)

      I don't blame you for having trouble with the sunblock thing-- it's hard to get into doing it as an every day thing and not just a 'going to the beach' thing. You seem to be doing better than I, though, all the same. Haha.

      Good luck following through with this month's goals~

    4. Wow, lots of empties! Congrats (=

      I should also be more patient when I'm driving... I just want to kill everybody LOL.

      And I should also study for exams... I'm so lazy!!!


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