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OOTD : Striped Long Top & Skinny Pants

I have never worn skinny pants before. In fact, you would barely ever see me wear long pants or anything near my knees and below lol Almost everytime I wear long pants, I get a lil itchy, it's so hot, the ends drag on the ground, I have to keep pulling it up (heavy so it drops) and somehow I feel very restricted from movement. And that's only if I find my size. I have biiigg problems finding perfect fitting bottoms. I have a big hip, butt and thighs so it's really hard to get affordable bottoms. I think the main problem is usually my thighs. Sometimes it fits but when I squat down to test it, it's really tight on my thighs. Or when it fits, it's really loose at the waist cos it's 3 sizes bigger. So I don't know if getting this skinny jeans in my possession was good or bad.

Long story short-er : I used to run a blogshop. Someone on was selling clothes at wholesale price, clearing her stock as she used to open a stall @ Curve. I asked for photos, agreed with the price and COD. She sent a 'delivery boy' who drove a really noisy car. He claimed the receipt was at the bottom of the bag and went off. After inspecting the clothes I found holes, stains and broken threads in the clothes. Plus, there was no receipt. I immediately contacted her and she was giving excuses for everything. I knew I got conned =( This skinny pants was one of them. At first I couldn't fit in it but I lost 3 kg (4 cm from thighs!) some time later and I can wear it now, although a little tight.

Anyway, before I blabber too much on skinny pants and end up renaming this post to 'Skinny Pants', I'll show you my OOTD.

- Striped long top from Tanks for 5
- Black skinny pants

Sorta boring but I like it. My friends in college were shocked at the sight of me in long pants. lol

I didn't have the mood for any makeup on my face so I just drew on a brown eyeliner. I was using the L.A. Colours auto eyeliner. It kinda smudges on me so it creates a mild smokey effect, as opposed to liquid or gel liners.


  1. haha omg soo oposite with me. i use black skinny jeans almost everyday ^^
    nice ootd .. love ur t-shirt .. :) LA eyeliner stay long on you ? :)

  2. Haha.. Well, it's my only pair of skinny pants =/ Can't seem to find one in shops that fit me so I just gave up looking.

    The LA colours eyeliner smudges and fades (but not completely) =/ But I like the effect. It's different from solid dark eyeliners


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