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October Resolutions

I've never made New Year's Resolutions before (or never stuck to them) so I'm making October Resolutions now.
  • After scratching someone's car the other day, I've decided.. I have to be more patient and careful when I'm driving. This means waiting for the cars to pass and not driving like I'm in a hurry. Those cars behind me can honk all they want!
  • Shopping ban (oh noooooooooo!!~~~~) for the whole month of October. Of course, this doesn't include essential stuff like shampoo, toothpaste etc. It's mostly for skincare and makeup products. I hope I can stick to this! So I guess the blusher I bought from Daiso yesterday will be the last item =(
  • Project 5 pan. I don't have any specific products but I've decided I'm going to finish/hit pan on at least 5 items in October! May it be small, nearly finishing or sample sized.
  • Wear different stuff to fully 'utilize' my wardrobe. I'm so used to wearing shorts that it's become the only thing I wear! I need to wear more of the other clothes before they turn yellow.
  • Wear lip balm daily. I need to save my lips! They're becoming drier and drier everyday.
  • Put on hair serum every time I wash my hair. I've gotten lazy with this and I fear my hair will suffer from it.
  • Wear sunblock! I posted about a sunblock some time ago and I did wear it for a while but I don't anymore, because I feel it makes my face oily.
  • Don't buy any sweets in October. I have a real bad sweet tooth =/
And that's it! Wonder if I can continue doing all that for the whole month lol I'm usually all into it for a week or so then after that I start getting lazy and all =x I have poor self control! T_T


  1. I used to apply lip balm every night before I sleep one , but after I sicked from last month then I become lazy ady >_<
    My lips is getting more dry now too !
    For the sunblock you can try Loreal one ! that's good and I don't think it is oily ^^

  2. im sure you can do the 'no shopping for this month',hun!
    i did the project 10 pan before & i thought at first that i can't but i did! i was even able to held back from buying too much up until now.

    good luck too on the 'no sweets for this month'... this is tough for me.

  3. I also havee to be more patient when I'm driving... I get mad at other drivers really easily and I always swear at them LOL.

    I'm also on a project to use most of my stuff as it's inside how many products I have! I don,t really buy anything anymore so that's great, but I like to post my monthly empties to keep me motivated. An advice: strat with sample sized products. They are so quickly used up that you will motivated to continue (=

  4. @ anna
    Thx for the suggestion on the sunblock but I have my eyes on the Biore Face Milk or sth like that. Of course, this will have to wait until I finish my current sunblock and after my shopping ban lol

    @ thiamere
    I have done the no shopping thing before so it shouldn't be that hard. But the 5 pan thing.. lol I barely finish anything!

    @ Gaby
    LOL! I have a tendency to rush here and here. Pretty risky sometimes..

    Yeah! I have already finished some small samples but that's last month. Aiming to finish more this month lol


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