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Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Hair Recovery Treatment

Finding hair products that can make my hair look more tamed has been a lifetime battle (lol exaggerated). Since I was younger, I've always been mesmerized by the Sunsilk advertisements. Then there was this thing about a group of professionals making different ranges just for different types of hair. The one that I needed was the pink one, created by Yuko Yamashita.

Quote from Sunsilk website :
Yuko Hair Straightening was created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, a hair stylist, salon owner, and entrepreneur who wanted to make people's lives easier when it came to hair care. As a young Japanese stylist, Yuko met countless women who were unhappy with their hair. The most common complaint was unruly hair that had to be constantly styled every morning and the mere suggestion of rain would make it frizzy and uncontrollable. Yuko wanted her customers including many celebrities to have beautiful, straight and healthy hair without spending hours getting it that way, so she created Yuko Hair Straightening, which has been taking the world by storm for over 10 years.
Before this, I have been using Loreal hair treatments but I decided to give it a try since it was cheaper. I was surprised that it actually worked quite well. The product came in a jar which I don't quite like since my finger nails are long and much of the product collects underneath.

It's white, creamy, feels oily and slippery and smells nice. It's not too watery so it stays on my hair but not too thick as well so it's easy to spread. After leaving it on, my hair is noticeably silkier and softer. I actually don't mind using this in place of my usual Loreal treatment.

Oh yeah, if you buy the I Feel or female magazines, you'll get 2 sample sachets of the shampoo and conditioner along with a 'test comb' to see if your hair is tangled.

Size : 200 ml
Price : RM 1x (sorry it was a while back >.<)
Bought from : Pharmacies
Made in Thailand

Pros : Cheap, works (average), it's PINK!, doesn't make my scalp overly oily
Cons : Tub form, not strong enough for damaged hair
My conclusion : Not bad for a cheap hair treatment (Loreal is more expensive but works better). I have long hair so I tend to use more and this doesn't burn a hole in my pocket =)


  1. I have a colored hair. (dyed in salon) If i were to use this Sunsilk Smooth & manageable hair shampoo, will it harm my colored hair as in make my colored hair faded?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Sorry but I'm not experienced with coloured hair so I can't answer your question..

  3. hello Isabel,
    i have a question for you...
    what type of sunsilk hair treatment should i use for my re bonded hair??
    i have search a lot of tips how you take care of your re bonded hair they say i must use hair treatment once in a month, what should i use? please answer!! i really need your help...

  4. Hi Anthony,
    I assume you have long hair since I can't view your profile.. I actually would recommend the Loreal Total Repair 5 range as it works best for me. My hair is not silky straight (naturally frizzy) but it did seem healthier when I used it. No split ends & less breakage. Usually hair treatments are recommended to be used once per week but I use it every other day, when I wash my hair. You can also go for hair treatments at salons every 2 months (as told by the stylist) but it's quite pricey.. These are supposed to be more intense but I'm not sure if they are any better. I've also heard of using olive oil as a hair treatment but have never tried it.

  5. Hello again isabel,
    you really think that i have a long hair? hahaha no its not, i have only short hair, look at my picture that i have uploaded.. by the way im a boy not a girl to have a long hair..hehe^_^. hmmm.. wow your so cool.. you really got a lot of experience in re bonding tips, im starting to think that you are a professional stylist hehe, anyway, you said it will take 1 week but this site tells me i have to use it once in a month..please visit this site...
    .. Does Loreal Total Repair 5 can be use to short hair too? you know im using creamsilk conditioner currently, & it really works great but the salon stylist said i have to use hair treatment to mainntain straight, please give me some advice

  6. Hahaha! So sorry.. I assumed you were a girl cos guys don't read my blog xD Thought it was a girl using her bf's account to comment. LOL no way. I don't do anything to my hair (except salon lah). Far from being a stylist. Truthfully, you should just refer to a stylist friend for recommendations xD People who took the course would know better.

    Oh the site says at LEAST once a month. So you should use more than once a month =) Treatment does not damage your hair so no harm using more, right? Since you have short hair, you should use much less. Actually hair treatment not meant for near the scalp cos afraid it'll be oily. Loreal is not that heavy(oily) so maybe okay.

    Rebonding is a permanent straightening process. Shouldn't turn curly or anything unless you always use hair clips etc. Even for my long hair, it stays straight except for the part I put behind my ear. Are you planning to let your hair grow long?

  7. ahahaha! no its ok no need to apologize, its not your fault anyway, its my fault for not uploading my picture, hehe, sorry. hmmm oh i see, so is this the first time you've met a boy in your site? cuz all of your followers are completely girls, haha LoL, oh i thought youve completed this course cuz your picture tells me your a professional, your very beautiful indeed, hehe..sorry.. i think you are a programmer instead of professional stylist for making this site really cool, am i right?.

    So your telling me that i can use it everyday? haha or maybe once in a week, i get it now...
    for short hair ok, small amount of treatment can be use, right? hmmm im afraid to have oily scalp , it feels like sweating haha ahm, you mean Loreal Total Repair 5? ...

    Yes your right....ahm i haven't put any clip before or any materials for hair, i just let it go to its free will, cuz im afraid to have curly hair. hehe. oh no you tack your hair in your ears, am i right? have you read the site that tells DO’s and DON’Ts that i have given to you yesterday? it said that .."do not tack your hair in your ears"...
    Yes, im planning to grow my hair long but it takes a lot of time you know hehe and also im planning to mimic Kim bum's hair from boys over flowers...hahah his my idol,
    Isabel, how many days do i have to use shampoo, and what type of shampoo should i use?? to maintain straight and healthy...

  8. Haha yup! Congrats.. You're the first one xD LOL programmer is even further.. I'm absolutely hopeless with everything IT related. I don't even know how to reformat my computer (which is why I'm still stuck with dad's net book) =_= blog template is from Blogger =P

    Everyday would be too much! lol Your hair doesn't look dry. I don't think you actually need treatment but if you're concerned about your hair looking damaged then abit of treatment on the tips of your hair once a week should be okay. Reduce if it's oily. This range is not for straight hair btw. Just for damaged hair. But I find that when your hair is damaged & dry, it gets bent and frizzy.

    How is your hair naturally like before rebonding? And yes, I tack my hair behind my ears lol It gets so annoying when I'm eating or anything then my hair falls into my food =_= Hahaha.. Ive never watched that but just googled his pic.

    I seriously dunno how to answer you on that hahaha... I don't know about guy's hair.. Washing too frequent dries out hair too much, causing it to overproduce oil. No more than once a day ya. Usually guys just wash everyday la lol Different brands work differently on people so you have to try yourself.. If you want, you aim for those with straightening / repairing effects. Avoid for oily scalp shampoo if you are afraid of drying out your hair.

  9. ahahaha, Oh yeah!, im so glad im the first one LeL haha, hmmm thats absolutely not true, your very good at computers i know that, actually your site is much better than mine, your site got a very good designs and a very good formation of the codes you enter in your page, by the way im a IT computer studies thats why i know a plenty of this kind of stuff, hehe me too i dont know how to format before but when i visit youtube, it teach me how to do it wisely, try it isabel. ahm
    your dad working in office?

    ahahaha, im just joking when i said everyday.. everyday is little bit too much you know, im budgeting my allowance too cuz im still a student, im not just spending money for no reason , hehehe hmm oh i see so i have to put small amount to the tips of my hair right?, i get it now, thanks btw i have the solution for bent and frizzy, there is Loreal paris that controls frizzy, Loreal Elseve Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, I’ve only been using this product for a little more than a week and I already see amazing results. My hair not only feels soft and smooth, but it’s also dandruff free. Maybe i will use treatment when my hair gets long, what do you think? hehe

    My hair before? hahaha you will get extremely laugh at my hair when you see it, my hair is so annoying, im look like a gay with that hair, my hair was long, very dry and knot like a thread and always hair falling, haha yeah me too it really get annoying when im eating, one of my hair is always fallen into my food and accidentally ate it hahaha LoL thats why i decided to cut my hair and rebond, and now i feel great for what ive done hehehe damm im never going back when i was before. haha,
    Oh you just look at his picture, how is he?
    his very cool, i like his personality,

    hehehe, i see, you know guys hair is the same as gurls hair, it depends on this person attitude,
    i remember when i was before ,this is always i do everyday thats why my hair gets dry, but i learn so much from everyone thats why my hair is very shiny and healthy..
    Oh! and especially to you, even if you haven't take this course at least you gave me some of your ideas that i must do, thank you so much isabel,

  10. oh yeah! Why didn't I think of that?! But nvm la. Bro said he'll do it this weekend lol And I don't want to mess up and erase everything anyway LOL Nah, my dad works from home =)

    Oh icic.. I'm using the serum from that range and it's good ^_^ But you don't need that lol Yeah, Loreal is pricier but it definitely works better for me. Sure, you can postpone the treatment =)

    Hahaha.. Sounds like a rocker dude. I've permed my hair now so putting it behind my ears is no problem xP First impression of that guy is 'wow nice hair' LOL looks so thick and healthy, like wig =_= But I think your hair is a lil too straight to look like him, right? Maybe you should go for soft rebond or something 'softer'.

    Haha same here.. I used to wash everyday and comb comb comb until it's so fluffy and frizzy. Thank god I 'woke up'. THank you for commenting here so I can chat with someone xD


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