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My Week & Current Promos

So I'm in the middle of my exams right now but I still had time off for some fun (well, maybe a little too much lol)

First up, bridal makeup by Nicole. No, I'm not getting married anytime soon. This is purely for fun / practise. You're probably sick of my camwhore photos already so I'll just post 2.

Then the Bf and I went to In House @ Solaris Dutamas for dinner. They serve Arab food and shisha there. I ordered a Shish Tahook (I think) which is chicken chunks and briyani rice. Yum yum! I could only finish half of it though. This was RM 22 and well worth it.

Look at their furry shisha pipes! The normal shisha is RM 15 while the Super Shisha is RM 20. I don't smoke shisha but it smells good~

If you're interested in getting some Elf eye products, there's a 50% off promo right now! $1 items are only RM 3.30. You have until 6 pm today (that's like only an hour >.<). Click HERE. I have my eyes on some items but I don't know if I should spend anymore =(

Hada Labo workshop! RM 20 per person or RM 30 for a pair so grab a partner and sign up! Click HERE for more details.

If you want a FREE hair makeover and appear in a magazine, you can try your luck by submitting your details to CLEO Malaysia.

Also, I finally got around to taking photos today so reviews will done for a bit, before I go crazy studying again.


  1. you look really pretty,hun!

    you're practically glowing!

  2. Lol Thanks.. I'll say it's all because of the makeup xD

  3. Wow! I love the flowers in the hair!

  4. oh my Lord.. the make up on you is stunning... this is my first time in ur blog i think. I clicked from FB, didn't know you're a blogger! your lips.... O_O really..nice........

    (ahem din know nicole got skill wan? nicole dun hit me)

    hey i saw the arab restaurant in solaris mont kiara, didn't dare to go coz look so expensive.. but that plate of yours rm22 O_O aint that enjoy some arabian nights...

    thanks for the recommendations! i will go eat that place :D

  5. Haha Thanks for dropping by, Tammy.. Nice leh.. I get so many compliments each time Nicole does my makeup ngek ngek..

    Actually I don't think it's that expensive? Quite a big portion and tasty too. Not to mention the chairs are super comfy cos it's big enough to relax lol I feel like sleeping each time I'm there =x


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