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Visit to Spinalive Uptown After Slipped Disk

As some of you may know, my sister has been undergoing treatment at Spinalive for her scoliosis (aka s-spine). Right before Chinese New Year, she got a slipped disk too (aduii...) so we rushed to Spinalive hoping they can relieve the pain before CNY.
"A visit to Spinalive is a must for CNY preparation. I'm achieving more flexibility and mobility since the last trigger of my slipped disc. Under Dr. Elaine, a scoliosis specialist, I learned a lot about my body along the way. I responded better to mild approach without bone cracking."

Every session with Dr Elaine starts by checking my sister's condition before anything is done. She's incredibly patient which is great cos my sister is very 'fragile' and treatments have to be gentler over a longer span of time.
Spinalive consultation by Dr Elaine
"I'm currently undergoing mild adjustments coupled with other techniques. Dry needling gave me immediate relieve from muscle spasm."

What is dry needling?
I introduced dry needling in my earlier post - basically using a needle to target tight muscles and knots. The needle is really flexible and the treatment is done by a trained professional so even though it looks scary, it usually doesn't hurt. You will love the relief it brings after!
Spinalive dry needling
"INDIBA helps to reduce the inflammation surrounding my lower spine. As my chiropractor mentions, sometimes less is more. I can now reach for the CNY goodies easily. Time to 'lou sang'!"
Spinalive INDIBA
That's all for now! We'll be back after CNY and I'll share some progress updates in my next post.

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