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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go To Dash Resort Langkawi

Dash Resort Langkawi was recently launched and there was a hype around it. Is it really worth going? I have so much to say about this resort:

#1 The beach was too clean

The resort cascaded right into a private beach with access to the Andaman Sea, and lush greens providing privacy. We could even spot the resort from our flight! However, we didn't expect that the sand would be so clean, soft and fluffy.
Dash Resort Langkawi beach
Dash Resort Langkawi sand
There were ample daybeds with complimentary sky view for guests.
Dash Resort Langkawi daybed on beach
If you're feeling hot, the cool sea is right there in front of you!
Swimming in the sea at Dash Resort Langkawi

#2 The pool was ridiculous

-ly beautiful. The water was so inviting especially during those sunny days. A bridge ran over the uniquely shaped infinity pool which overlooked the beach. This was the favourite hangout spot for the guests.
Dash Resort Langkawi infinity pool

Dash Resort Langkawi Beach front infinity pool
Dash Resort Langkawi

#3 We ate non-stop

We were hungry all the time from the activities and swimming. Time to head to Mya Kitchen & Cocktails! The menu changes throughout the day so we got to try a variety of fusion food influenced by Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Balinese food. The big portions are perfect to be shared and passed around the table.
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails
Went light for late lunch with Mexicana Salad - a rainbow combination of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cheddar cheese, baby romaine, red cabbage, tomato salsa and sour cream. I do recommend adding the Seared Prawn mmmm...
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails Mexicana Salad
Lunch with a side of Amazing View. Seafood Spaghetti Aglio E Olio was superb! Seafood was fresh and we (technically I) cleaned the plate. Next to it is Rusty Anchor pizza and a huge Nasi Lemak Chef Zilal platter.
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails lunch
Food at Mya Kitchen & Cocktails
For dinner we had a hard time choosing from a menu which included Golden Fried Soft Shell Crab, Peking Duck, Salt & Pepper Squid, Kalbi Jim (Korean style braised beef short ribs slow cooked with Asian red dates, chestnuts and kimchi), Lamb Shank Rendang and so much more!

Pictured are Asian Long Eggplant stir fried with Thai basil and minced chicken, and Tom Kha Gal served in a coconut.
Mya Kitchen & Cocktails dinner
You might also catch one of their monthly Mad Hatter Tea Parties where they serve up a variety of pastries to go with some tea (or coffee).
Dash Resort Langkawi Mad Hatter Tea Party

#4 Morning Yoga & Sunset Pilates

I regret to inform that yoga will never be the same for me after experiencing the most beautiful Savasana at Dash. As we lay on our backs, I was greeted not by my ceiling fan but a bird flying gracefully across the blue sky with the sound of waves crashing onto shore in the background.
Morning yoga at Dash Resort Langkawi
If morning is not your thing.. you could always switch to sunset version.
Sunset yoga at Dash Resort Langkawi

#5 No massage beds on the beach

Only a whole spa for guests to relax and unwind for a truly good night's sleep. The Rabbit Hole Spa offers a full range of treatments in an oasis of peace and tranquillity.
Rabbit Hole Spa
Rabbit Hole Spa massage options
Outside Rabbit Hole Spa

#6 Sunset only once a day

Imagine my disappointment to find out the sun set only once a day at Dash Resort Langkawi! The sky turns a beautiful flaming colour as night fell upon us.
Dash Resort Langkawi sunset on beach

#7 Couldn't sleep at night

Because we didn't want to end the night yet! Cocktails on the beach to complete the island experience. The Dash Beach Club became alive thanks to the DJ and a few glasses of delicious cocktails.
Dash Resort Langkawi cocktails on the beach
There is an actual bar inside the restaurant and at The SHACK Pool Bar with seating in the pool (yup).
Dash Resort Langkawi cocktails
Dash Resort Langkawi bar
Right when the night breeze starts to feel a little chilly, the fire show starts.
Fire show at Dash Resort Langkawi

#8 We had to return to our rooms

Sadly, we had to end the night for a fresh morning tomorrow. We stayed in the Studio room and my mornings consisted of a hot cup of coffee and some morning sun.
Dash Studio room at Langkawi
I absolutely LOVE rain showers in hotels! Dash Resort has also put a lot of thought into the rooms as they provided hair conditioner and moisturiser which were sorely needed after swimming under the sun.
Dash Studio room rain shower
Guests were also welcomed with a sweet treat - a box of cookies or scrumptious peanut butter macarons.
Dash Studio room table and free macarons
I admit I normally spend minimal time in hotel rooms when I'm on holiday as the trip is all about exploring and being outside right? For once, it was nice being in the room. Curling up on the rug with macarons, coffee and a good book or movie on the super king bed?
Dash Studio room review
Dash Studio room
You may also opt for an upgrade to the Dash Garden room with an outdoor bath in your private garden. Oooo!
Dash Garden room
The old ballroom was converted into a row of exclusive Dash Deluxe Jacuzzi rooms. You will have your own private terrace with day bed, outdoor Jacuzzi and private access to the Dash lounge.
Dash Deluxe Jacuzzi room
Didn't mind skipping the lift as this is the stairwell to our rooms!

#9 Had no chairs for breakfast

Because we dined by the pool! Ok this is absolutely optional as you can eat in the restaurant or at the outdoor beach club. Please be careful not to drop anything into the pool okay..
Dash Resort Langkawi breakfast by the pool
They had an extensive menu for breakfast including super seed bowls, yoghurt, granola, smoothie bowls, international full breakfasts, and pastries. I recommend the Royal Berry Smoothie as it was delicious!
Breakfast at Dash Resort Langkawi

#10 The staff were too amazing

Anywhere you go in the resort, you're always greeted by a smiling staff. They were very friendly and always ready to help. Just give them a buzz if you need anything. For everything else, there's the dashoppe right downstairs for your beach necessities.
Dash has indeed taken local vacations to the next level with this picturesque island getaway. My friends were shocked to know this beautiful paradise was right here in Langkawi! I hope you enjoyed my full review on Dash Resort Langkawi and it has inspired you to take a trip there. It's an amazing location for a girl's weekend, birthdays, anniversaries and... actually you don't really need an occasion for a holiday 😂


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