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My Lip Stuff (Mixed Mystery)

I'll keep this post short since I'm supposed to be studying real hard. I was in a lip balm phase once and purchased this. I think they kinda made this themselves or something so the packaging doesn't look as pretty (low cost) but it's okay.. There are over 500 flavours and I've heard of many absolutely crazy ones like Monkey Farts or Dog Poop lol I don't know if I want to know how they taste like.

Mine is in Mixed Mystery. Sincerely, I don't really know how to describe this. It's a really sweet smell (but not sickening) and perhaps it smells like rainbows lol It also tastes good (sweet) and the smell + taste lasts for hours! (Obviously only if it's still on my lips)

My lips have been acting up again so I have to use lip balm whenever I can.
I don't really see this as a lip balm. It's more of a lip treatment or something lol I slather on a thick layer (just by patting it on as it's really soft) and leave it there when I'm home. I would never wear this beneath lipstick or lip gloss as it feels heavy, sticky and oily enough. I don't think my lipstick can even glide on top of it. I have also used this for my DIY Lip Gloss.

You can buy their products from HERE. When I got mine, I turned the entire thing up to see how much was there inside and I was surprised that the entire tube was filled with lip balm! However, because of it's soft texture, I scraped some off the side while turning it down.

Product says : The finest natural butters & oils blended to create the ultimate lip moisturiser for kissably soft lips.
Ingredients : Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Essential &/Or Flavour Oil
Size : 0.15 oz
Price : RM 10 or less (sorry can't really remember)
Bought from :

Pros : Moisturizing, smells and tastes good, cheap, a lot of product
Cons : Unsuitable for beneath lipstick, sticky, not available locally, soft
My conclusion : I might repurchase if I don't find a good lip balm locally. There's not many sellers for My Lip Stuff here. However, it would still maintain only as a 'lip treatment', not to be used with other lip products.


  1. Huh.... interesting. o: I'm super-addicted to my Nivea Lip Moisturizer right now, but I very well might try something from My Lip Stuff. o:

  2. Lol Gaby, maybe you can try them and tell me how they taste like xD

    I've wanted to try the Nivea one but I've heard bad things about it =(


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