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Aqualabel Workshop & Haul

* Today's photos will all be from my phone as my sister is having the camera T_T I also didn't have any photos of the event as the rest were whipping out DSLRs (so embarrassing lol)

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this workshop as there were only 30 seats and I was only able to go because someone sold her ticket. Thanks to Nicole for telling me about this opportunity. Because of her, I went to my very first workshop today ^_^ I met many wonderful people and learnt some new things. It was a good experience.

Anyway, I don't remember the exact events of the day but we were given some Aqualabel products to try on the spot (moisturizing line). We tried the Creamy Oil Cleansing, Moisture Lotion, Moist Essence GG, Moist Essence HA, Moist Essence CL, Moist Charge Mask & Aqua Enhancer. (I can't recall if we used the Moisture Emulsion) Wow.. That was a lot of moisturizing for my face. After each step, my face felt fresh and it wasn't heavy at all. And most of the products smelt really good too! The emcee / trainer showed us slides, explained the products & their uses and guided us through the process. There was also a skincare guide which shows all the products, their uses, prices etc and you can get them from Watson's.

Goodie bag! ^_^! 1 full sized Moisture Lotion S (S is for oily, R for dry), sample sized Moisture Emulsion R, Aqua Enhancer MO & Milky Mousse Foam.

After our faces were moisturized, we got to use Majolica Majorca makeup! I must say, their eyelash curler is really good! Price was pretty steep at RM 70 though lol I used the Lash Bone Mascara Base (made my lashes curl very well and it stayed curled until I removed it), Lash Gorgeous Wing (trainer said it was volume but I find it more of lengthening), Cheek Customize & Rouge Majex (it's a lipgloss that hydrates your lips and my lips weren't all dried out from it). They also had 2 other mascaras, some auto eyebrow pencils and the lip glosses.

Look at my lashes! So long and curled~~ I like MM mascaras because they're soft and not crunchy. Sorry my lashes are flying here and there. I'm not used to comb mascaras (the base).

Here's my FOTD using the makeup they provided. Darn panda eyes! Blusher not visible here but it actually lasted quite a while. Lipgloss was also completely gone =/ After 6 hours, my face was not as oily as usual. Just a slight shine.

We were also given a piece of paper to figure out our skin type.
  1. My skin is smooth without pimples, blemishes and blackheads. (A)
  2. After I have applied foundation, my face tends to be flaky and parched. (B)
  3. No tight feelings on my face after cleansing. (C)
  4. My T-Zone area is shiny all the time. (D)
  5. My skin feels soft and supple everyday. (A)
  6. I have more pigments and freckles than my peers. (B)
  7. When I wake up in the morning, my face is greasy chine all over. (C)
  8. My skin tone is uneven, especially on the nose, cheek, forehead and chin. (D)
  9. I do not put extra care on my skin, but it glows and looks luminous too. (A)
  10. I found some tiny dehydrated lines. (B)
  11. I have visible pores. (C)
  12. Blackheads and clogged pores can be found easily on my nose and chin. (D)
  13. My makeup / foundation holds well for the entire day. (A)
  14. My complexion looks dull and lifeless. (B)
  15. After half a day, I feel the greasiness on my face. (C)
  16. I require separate treatment on my T-zone and cheek. (D)
Count the number of As, Bs, Cs and Ds.
A - Normal skin
B - Dry skin
C - Oily skin
D - Combination (sorry, not too sure about this too >_<)

I was oily (4 points) but somehow also dry (3 points)  lol

Then Nicole, Sexy Mama and I dropped by Watson's & Daiso @ Curve/Ikano so I grabbed a few more stuff =x That's it.. I've failed my shopping ban T_T~

Pink driving gloves from Daiso, RM 5
Deary Mask (Rose Co-Q10), RM 5.90
Watson's brightening facial mask, RM 15.90 PWP with above RM 20 (Ori RM 24.50)

Actually I just bought the Deary mask to add on to sexy mama's purchase to get the PWP lol Nicole informed me that it's from the same company as My Beauty Diary.

Photos below from Nicole's camera :

MM makeup!
Emcee/ Trainer of the day

'Tofu test' : 1 Tofu is soaked in water while the other in Aqualabel. The water tofu was hard and dry while the Aqualabel tofu was soft, moist and bouncy.

Group photo
Nicole & I
The Bf and I went to Centrepoint for dinner last night and we ate at this place called Black Canyon. Yum yum! The first time we went there, I ordered number 23 (pasta with tuna) & Blueberry Delight (this was so tasty like Sugus!) then last night I had Udon with Prawn Tom Yam & Strawberry Delight. The udon noodle was really good & chewey but the soup was way too spicy for me T_T


  1. nice to meet you on Saturday!!
    I like the liquid foundation so so so much!
    definitely gonna grab it when i go watson next time!!^^


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