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The .scr Virus Solution

Writing this because I could not find a solution on Google when the virus hit my computer. Hopefully, someone else who needs it will see this!

Nickname : .scr Virus

Symptoms : Virus changes folders to a screensaver with extensions '.scr'. For example, Movies becomes Movies.scr and Photos becomes Photos.scr. These folders cannot be opened and are only 40kb or so. However, the space previously occupied by your files is still taken up.

Kaspersky detected as : Worm.Win32.AutoRun.ftd

What happened?
The virus copies the folder name and creates a .scr file with the same name, PRETENDING to be your folder. It is in fact NOT your folder. It then proceeds to HIDE your original files so you naturally assume that the .scr files are your folders which have been locked somehow.

1) Scan with your anti-virus and delete all .scr files. I know these files may have scary names like WeddingPhotos.scr which you might think "oh no.. I can't delete my wedding photos!" but it's not your wedding photos so just delete it.

2) Show hidden files. For Windows 7, it's Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options. Check "Show hidden files, folders and drives". You will now see your REAL folders (real wedding photos) but they are faint coloured (hidden).

  3) Permanently unhide folders by right clicking on the folder > Properties > Uncheck "Hidden" then it will prompt you to apply for all sub folders. Click yes to make your life easier.

Problem solved!

The virus corrupted my camera memory cards (yes, a few) as well and I could not access them at all. Thanks to the super awesome HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, I managed to open the card and format it! You can download it for free HERE. Thank you Google and all the nice people on the internet T_T *tears of gratitude*


  1. Whoa! Glad you managed to find the solution!! :)
    Thanks for sharing this btw, it's definitely helpful. :D

  2. Omgee this is really going to come in as useful. Especially since you said not even google had the answers! Glad you found the solution, viruses freak me out way too much as I have heard too many horror stories x)

  3. Your blog entry juz saved my laptop!!! Thx a lot!!!

  4. Many thanks... you just save my day!

  5. Thank U Isabel!!


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