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My Search For Black White Gum

Nicole & I were talking about 'the old days' (swt.. sound so old now) when I was suddenly reminded of a certain bubblegum..

*Takes time machine back to when I was 7*
I wanted to blow the biggest bubble in the world so I chewed a few packets together.

** Do NOT attempt this at home **

Chew chew chew... And suddenly I started choking on the huge sticky lump that refused to budge. I couldn't breath and my eyes were teary.

Don't know why stupid 7 year old me didn't ask my brother for help even though he was just a meter away.

When I thought I was going to die, the gum somehow dislodged itself and I never ate that gum again..

According to Nicole, it's called "Black White Gum" and I remember it looks like this :

At first I thought it was called Panda Gum (black + white = panda?) so Andrew brought me to buy these, saying the one I remember is the blueberry flavour (it's written Blue & White Bubble Gum). The paper & smell was so familiar.. However, it's not the one illustrated above. I still recall loving these during my childhood though. Can't believe I'm eating them again. Feel like buying the whole jar wtf

Actually I have a bad case of sweet tooth. Back in primary school, I would go to the Indian shop next door after breakfast (during holidays / weekends) and raid his sweets. I actually went back to the same place to buy the gums above and the wife was smiling at me, probably laughing at how the both of us looked like kids in a candy store =_="

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