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Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Okay so I've been wanting to go to this place for quite a while ever since I saw it on several blogs. That super cute black bun with eyes was sooo calling out to me x_X

Since I have no confidence to drive in KL, we decided to walk there from Pavillion without knowing it's exact location. Thankfully, it's in walking distance but we did get honked at as we ran across the roads =x Sorry!

The place is a little mansion-like and is so packed with cars! Valet service available..

Kinda like a normal bakery, you pick the food you want on a tray and pay at the counter where you can also order pastas and drinks.

Take your pick from the wide selection of pastries here! Behind is the specially imported stone oven they use to bake all the yummies.

This is the super cute black bun with eyes!! I promised myself I'll try this despite my friends telling me it doesn't taste as good as it looks.

Actually this is just a sausage bun but they cut the sausage to make it look like an octopus.


I like how they decorated the place to look so cosy ^_^

Some of the food we got. I had the Corone (not bad.. has creamy choco inside. Can be messy), Chocolate Crunch aka super cute black bun (didn't taste very nice =_=") & Seafood Pizza (Yum! Even better than pizza hut IMO. Has prawns, squid & tuna but they were a bit hard to chew) which totaled to RM 13.05.

Jingyi & I~ She just flew off to India to further her studies. The lecturers often got confused between our names back in college lol Gonna miss you!

Because we are vain.. lolol.. (or just me)

The food's not bad for the price.. I was stuffed after having the 3 pieces (actually I didn't finish the Corone cos it was so creamy). Environment is nice as well.. Just that it's not really convenient since you gotta walk there from Pavillion (unless you drive).

Facebook : HERE
Website (view the menu here) : HERE
Address : No. 7, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone number : +603 2142 6611
Email :
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm


  1. This bakery looks divine. All the pastries are so cute and adorable.

  2. Yeaahh! I love that they put effort into making them look good =)


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