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The Best Winter Dishes to Try When in Switzerland

Known for its spectacular view and snow-capped mountains, Switzerland has been on my travel wishlist ever since I saw the cast of SBS Running Man Korea visit during their Luxury Tour Package (it’s episode 406 if you wanna know). Switzerland is an amazing holiday destination with its cool weather, vast nature, and various outdoor activities.

There are plenty of things to do in Switzerland and you can easily spend a couple of weeks here. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the snowy slopes offer a world-class skiing experience; choose a large ski resort if you enjoy company or smaller resorts for a more serene trip. Daredevils may visit Switzerland to go paragliding, glacier climbing, cliff walking or dogsledding! If you’re not sure how to plan your trip, you can always engage an agency like Sedunia Travel for their Switzerland tours and holiday packages.

For those who do not enjoy skiing, in the summer the snow melts to reveal charming hiking trails with a view. You can also explore the bustling Christmas Markets, unwind in the healing, mineral-rich waters of a thermal bath then spend the night in an igloo or check-in at one of their many luxury resorts. However, for me what caught my attention was their food! Ahhh imagine making this your winter holiday destination for 2022 and dining against the backdrop of breathtaking mountains! After watching the Running Man episode I decided to find out what are the top foods to try when you visit Switzerland in winter.

#1 Swiss Cheese Fondue

At the start of the trip itself, their first meal on the mountain was none other than the famous Swiss Cheese Fondue that cannot be missed! For centuries, locals have enjoyed this warm delicacy made by heating cheese (you can have a variety of gooey cheese including gruyere, emmental and appenzeller) in a special ceramic pot called a caquelon with a burner underneath that will keep it constantly warm. Swiss wine, garlic or even brandy is added to enhance the flavour.

Originally, the idea was to dip old hardened bread into the melted pot of cheese to soften it enough to eat. But now it’s just a yummy delicacy that will definitely warm your body from within with each bite! I consider this a mandatory activity when you’re travelling here to truly complete the full experience!

#2 Potato Rosti

Now this is something I really enjoy! Essentially potato pancakes and similar to hash browns, potatoes are thinly grated then pressed into a medium pan or made into small circles. You can either bake or pan-fry them in butter for that added fragrance until they become a beautiful golden brown that is sooo addictively crispy. Usually eaten for breakfast, potato rosti is normally served on the side with savoury bacon, fried egg or cheese.

#3 Raclette

You might have seen this before as the raclette suddenly rose in popularity in the past few years here but nothing beats eating the original one! An entire wheel (or rather half) of cheese is heated up in front of a fire (but now restaurants use a portable heater lah) to melt the cheese on the surface. When it starts to bubble slightly you know it is soft enough - the server will then scrape off the melted cheese onto your plate to be eaten over potatoes, pickles or onions. Sounds absolutely delicious!!

#4 Macaroni du Chalet (Älplermagronen)

If you’re thinking this looks like mac & cheese, it actually is a photo of mac & cheese HAHAH but Älplermagronen is actually very similar! Also known as the Swiss Alpine Macaroni, the pasta is cooked then layered with cheese, potatoes and milk or cream. There are several ways this dish is made and most add their own unique twist to this classic Swiss dish; some people make theirs with fried onion, bacon and serve with some apple sauce on the side.

#5 Polenta

I’m seeing a trend here.. So far I love everything on this list! You might think, hey isn't this just mashed potatoes? No, it is not! While mash is made from potatoes, polenta is made from cornmeal that is boiled and stirred until it reaches this thick porridge consistency. Although they look similar, the taste is very different. Polenta is a great alternative when you don't feel like having potatoes, rice or pasta as it goes well with almost anything! Normally served as a side dish with butter, cheese or a stew OR on a plate with braised beef and pork.

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