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Curvey Christmas

First time testing shots at night with my new Olympus Pen Lite. All of a sudden, I'm beginning to like Christmas deco at malls although I wouldn't go all over the place to see all of them =_="

This one's at Curve/Cineleisure. Taken using night mode or something. Sorry pics are blur. Should have used Manual mode dammit! A guy and girl were originally sitting at the bottom right corner but I smudged them out lol~

This pic does not require a caption lol

Then we went in and 'played' with the hanging presents =/

I'm supposed to look like I threw the presents up *fail*

When we walked away, we noticed that actually the crew was there cleaning up and they were giggling away =/

Both top & bottom from Tanks for 5! Couldn't really decide between wearing it normally or high waisted but I think with the top out, my torso looks strangely long~

Wore the MagicColour Ballerina Pink out again.. Gosh.. I need to trim my fringe and dye my hair! =.=

Another close up cos I felt the one I posted was sub par =/

Remember that day I took photos of the Christmas deco at Sunway Pyramid? Gosh... I forgot to rant and I just remembered LOL While I was about to shoot Nicole & the reindeer (with a camera, not a gun, mind you), this mother decided to drag her 3 brats between us =_=" Then when Nicole was taking a pic of me, she decided to place them brats right beside me to take photos WTF! Hello..? I don't want your ugly children in my photo. And before anyone asks, no, I did not take my own sweet time as there are probably other people waiting. Btw, the lady had already taken photos at that spot before me!


  1. I like your tank top! it's cute and fun~ suits u a lot too~~ ^^
    and the pictures are so nice.. i love christmas~ <3

  2. Nice colourful leopard prints! Great combi with the skirt.


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