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Marie Beauty Fake Eyelash Glue

Don't be tricked! This is not an 'eye cream'. In fact, you should never ever let this get into your eye. I think this is easy to find locally since when I mentioned it, quite a number of girls know what I'm talking about.

Comes with 12 ml of product (honestly, some of it dries/hardens on the sides but it's still a lot of product).

For those who can read Mandarin..

This is my first glue so I can't compare it to others but I do like the applicator. Great for touch ups if the ends come out or something. Much easier to use this compared to those in tubes. Plus the bottle is hard so I don't have to worry about it bursting in my bag.

If you noticed, the glue is actually purple but when it dries, it turns white/clear. I don't have to use a lot of this. The amount above is sufficient for 1 side. Apply a thin layer to your fake eyelash and wait for it to dry a bit before wearing it. If you use too much, some white gunks will be visible & the falsies tend to slide about initially, creating a mess.

There's also a 'y' shaped tool inside the box which I *think* is either to help you apply the eyelash or... create double eyelids. The seller said it's for the latter. I did try it but it was disastrous. My eyes just aren't meant for double eyelids =( *forever alone monolid*

Comments I heard from others :
Smells soo bad!
- Yes, the smell is horrible but you won't notice it on your eyes

Very hard to remove
- I just 'tear' my falsies off and remove the remaining glue with my Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. Gentle ones/cleansing oils/wipes won't remove it easily.

Size : 12 ml
Price : Around RM 10, depending on the seller
Bought from : Night market (cheaper than in shops)

Pros : Not very noticeable when dry, easy to apply
Cons : Very hard to remove when used to create double eyelid, smells bad

My conclusion : Already have an extra but looking into other alternatives. Any suggestions? I don't wear falsies everyday so a cheap 1 will do. And it must be available locally!


  1. That is so misleading that it says eye cream!!
    But this is not so bad for a cheap alternative compared to DUO.
    I've only used duo so can't really recommend any other alternative but this seems like a good cheap alternative for me XD

  2. Today is my 1st time using that glue for my customers, since I forgot to bring my own. I like the applicator, it's much more easy to apply on the lashes than the tube one. but the bad is it really smell so bad and super hard to remove. Make sure you put your lashes on the right way if not you gonna remove and reapply again. that's pain! ouch! DUO eyelash glue is my all time favorite, but I just don't like it doesn't have a applicator, u gonna estimate no to put too much. hahah~

  3. Ive seen quite a number of people recommending duo. Should check it out~

  4. Worst case scenario : Putting so much glue, your real lashes get stuck in it. AAAHhh!! Happened once to me and it was a super PITA to remove. So painful! So now I use much less glue and make sure it doesn't stick to my real lashes =( I do love the applicator though.. Wonder if I can find another 1 with a wand.
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Marie Beauty Fake Eyelash Glue

  5. Im using this glue too. So far I think this is the best glue I've ever used. Many famous blogger are using this too. And I dont think you should directly tear your falsies off cause you may tear your real lashes too. Pour your makeup remover on a cotton and press the cotton to your eye for few seconds, then, falsies will come out itself.

  6. Oh really? I'm using it cos it's cheap hahaha!! I thought the famous one is DUO. Yeah, I make sure my real lashes aren't stuck before pulling it off. The glue isn't very strong and is usually already coming off when I get home so no problem. So far I have not yanked any of my real lashes out. There are times when the glue is really messy though so I will use makeup remover first =)

  7. which pasar malam did you went to? 

  8. Is this glue a permenant one? How long do lashes last with this glue? 

  9. This is definitely a temporary one.. My fake eyelashes only last a day with this glue. (they are not extensions)

  10. Yes, it's the same for the black version of this except you have to be real careful not to smudge it ;)

  11. I hace just purchased the black eyelash glue! Will post my results when it arrives!!

  12. SAYA nak oder eye cream ni macam mana?

  13. SAYA nak oder eye cream ni macam mana?

    1. Eye cream ni boleh beli kat pasar malam


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