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[Beauty] A'Lotos - Berry Flavour Collagen Drink

I'm not new to beauty/collagen drinks and this is one of the better ones. Not only is it effective, it also doesn't taste as bad as the others.

There are 30 sachets in a box which will last you 2-4 weeks. I took 2 sachets a day so it lasted me 2 weeks.

The best time to consume A'Lotos is before breakfast and before bed for optimal results. So I just chuck a bunch in the office so I won't forget then I have a cup of oats after it as my breakfast.

Sweet & Sour Berry Taste

Right now you might be like 'yuck' because you can imagine the taste but nooo.. A'Lotos has cranberry and blackcurrant extract in it to improve the taste so it has a sweet and sour berry taste. I would recommend mixing the powder with only half a glass of water to ensure you aren't diluting the berry taste. I don't even need to use juice to mask the flavour.

Got into the routine of drinking it every morning and night =D

Lotus Seed Germ Extract

So what's in this powder drink? Apart from collagen, the magic ingredient they use is lotus seed germ extract. Through their tests, skin cell growth is 59% higher than normal with the extract. Collagen drinks paired with them are also more effective and effects last longer.

Results after 3 weeks

I looked in the mirror to try to find a word to describe how I looked after 3 weeks of A'Lotos. As cheesy as it sounds, the word that popped into my mind was 'younger' LOL

Results after drinking A'Lotos

With just a few days of consumption, I started noticing fairer skin that was smoother and glowing. My cheeks were also rosy looking when they used to be pale and dull.

I still get pimples and my skin is still dry but it is improving. Just check out the photo below! My wrinkles are slightly smoother now. Collagen drinks are a long-term thing as your body's collagen is continuously depleting.

Less wrinkles after A'Lotos

A'Lotos retails for RM 238 per box BUT my readers will get a special discount~

Get 20% off your A'Lotos! Which makes it RM 200 including delivery charge and GST.

To redeem, WhatsApp 017-281 2748 / 017-486 8096 or e-mail
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Want to try A'Lotos? Just leave a comment below with your e-mail address ;) 

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  4. ohh nice! I didn't know that these drinks has more benefits other than just keeping us young. I've also never tried any though.

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  5. Reading this post actually makes me want to have sour stuffs. LOL
    I've actually tried only one type of supplement drink before so I hope I can try out this one :)

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  11. Im checking out all this collagen drinks this month, never used to be interested in this before. Would really love to try this one.... my issues here would be that I have very uneven skin tone and pigementations. Would love to see if this can help me improve my skin :)

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  12. wahh you really got fairer! i wanna try as well ^_^

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  16. Amazing how it really makes a difference to your skin!
    Your skin looks more youthful :)

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