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[Food] Awesome Canteen @ Taman Paramount

Sorry, this is not really a food review. Just wanted to share about this place that serves paleo diet food in Petaling Jaya! The prices may be a little steep but the food is healthy.

Awesome Canteen, Taman Paramount Petaling Jaya

Awesome Chicken RM 29.90

With a name like that, you better be awesome. Juicy chicken topped with mushrooms & onion. Served with salad and mash on the side.

Verdict - It tastes like siu yok LOL The slightly burnt taste of the crunchy skin really has some similarity to siu yok. But apart from that, it's pretty much a yummy chicken chop. An expensive chicken chop =/ I read some comments saying the food here is bland but my food was okay.

Awesome Chicken Awesome Canteen

Paleo Beef Burger RM 22.90

I was torn between the Awesome Chicken or this. But since Clarissa was already ordering this, I went with the former. This 'burger' is not your typical burger. Instead of burger buns, you get a treat of big fat portobellos!

Awesome Canteen Paleo Beef Burger

While the Awesome Chicken reminded me of siu yok, this Beef Burger tasted like beef satay LOL Except a very juicy version unlike the dried satay.

Awesome Canteen Paleo Beef Burger

Mushroom Swiss Cheese Melt Beef RM 19.90

I did not try this but it looks pretty big. Comes with a small bowl of coleslaw but I found the taste off-putting. Charlotte said it's fine though. Maybe I'm spoilt by Kenny Rogers' coleslaw?

Mushroom Swiss Cheese Melt Beef Awesome Canteen

Here's another version of their burger which uses eggplants instead. However, as most eggplants are, it was rather oily.

Awesome Canteen paleo diet food in Petaling Jaya

One of the walls is covered by plants and it gives a really nice and relaxed feel to the corner. They do have canteen tables and school windows too lolol

Address: 19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7865 8048



  1. wow! looks yummies.... hm hmm delicious !!!

  2. food look awesome. Love the part you described that chicken taste like siu

  3. your friends very pretty (Y)


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