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Bright Yellow Leopard Nails

You're probably sick of seeing my leopard nails by now lols~ Sadly, it's like the only nail art I know =_=" But this is an improvised version =/ More dots but smaller ones. Almost killed my left hand drawing the circles around the dots. More dots = more work! x_X

Yellow base is my new nail polish from The Face Shop. Quite cheap for about RM 5 ^_^ 1st coat was streaky but 2nd coat made it better. It applies easily without being sheer or 'lumpy'. It also dried quite fast so yay~

Orange dots are Essie's Haute As Hello. It's a tad bit more salmon IRL.

Also got a white as I've been looking for a good white base for some time. So far all the ones I got suck =(

The reason why I like this? Look at the brush! It's the flat kind.. Covers more of my nail with one swipe so it's smoother with less lines.

I'm quite pleased with this nail polish. It's good for the price.. Will consider getting more shades!


  1. such a cute manicure!!! love the pale yellow base. i love brushes that are flat too. so easy to control.

  2. Omg~!! I really really really lOOOOOOOOOVE your leopard nails! They are soooo pretty!... *jealous*

  3. Archana Shrestha08 March, 2012 09:04

    U r really talented ! m really happy that i found ur blog where i can get everything i want :D

  4. Thank you for the compliment but I assure you.. I'm a newbie.. Hahaha.. Here are some of my nail art reads: - simple & nice designs - hardcore-crazy-how-did-she-even-do-that designs - step by steps


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