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Daiso Natural Pack

I know I said I don't really use peel off masks but this is only RM 5 and Nicole recommended it so.. =x

Hate hate hate 'strawberry nose'! Must find a way to get rid of it =( The blackheads, that is.. Not my nose.

I think it smells like talcum powder and perhaps a little floral. Not bad..

Love the consistency of this. It's watery enough to spread easily yet thick enough to somehow cling on to skin without dripping (it was almost dripping off my finger though). Like other peel off masks, you must spread this evenly without gaps in between or else it won't come off in 1 piece. I found that applying this in a circular motion is better.

Avoid eye area!! It's very painful x_X I only applied this on my nose area as I know it'll hurt elsewhere (except my chin). It's the gentlest peel off mask I've tried so far though ^_^

After 10 minutes, it should have dried and turned into a stiff matte black sheet. Make sure all parts are dry before peeling! Peel it from the top as instructed. It was surprisingly very easy to peel off compared to my other mask.

Thankfully, easy to peel off did not translate to not doing it's job. I peeled it off slowly and saw it pulling out the gunk from my pores (gross but strangely amusing). Like a million of my fine facial hairs also got trapped in it. Can't see much difference in the photo but my pores appeared cleaner than before. Skin wasn't very much  dried out either. In fact, it looks smoother and more moisturized than before??? o_O

The white flakes are my dead skin (nose dandruff?). Some white/black heads were stuck here but it's mostly hair.

Don't attempt to wash or wipe peel off masks from your finger. Simply wait for it to dry and peel it off. It's that easy. You'll get a cool fingerprint too xD

It did cross my mind that a black mask would look uglier than a clear/light coloured one though =/ Wonder if someone will come out with a pink mask. Hehe~~

Size : 80 g
Price : RM 5
Bought from : Daiso
Made in Korea

Pros : Smells nice, does its job, gentle, not very drying, good consistency, cheap!, easy to peel off, dries fast
Cons : Black colour stands out

My conclusion : Yay! A peel off mask I actually like using ^_^ And it's so so affordable too. Don't think I'll be purchasing other brands now lol


  1. i love this too!

    i make sure that i have a stock of this. so everytime i drop by daiso i buy one.haha

  2. I hope you dont go to Daiso every week, then.. or you'll have a mountain of this haha

  3. I really want to try this product or any product similar! I have a lot of black heads on my nose :(

  4. All my life, i saw that at Daiso and I never wanted to use it since it was from Daiso.. but now when I leave japan, i want to try it... *face palm*

    i really love how it doest pull out your hair from the nose!! I WANT ONE!!

  5. I know.. Cos it's so cheap, right? You don't trust it. But actually.. It's cheap cos it's 'extras' from the factory. Imagine Company A orders 500 units from the factory. Some of these units will be broken, leaking, faulty etc so they make 600 to be safe. In the end 570 are perfect products but since company A only wants 500, the remaining 70 go to places like Daiso =) At least cover back a fraction of the cost instead of throwing it all away. This is what I've been told anyway..

    And no, it DOES pull out the hair on my nose @_@ But not strong enough to pull out eyebrows/baby hair. All those white dots or whatever are the super fine hair on my nose (gosh my whole body is so furry =/)

  6. Hi Isabel!

    Why oh why my local Daiso doesn't sell this!! Thank you for being so kind and leave the information about MBD masks! It's right on time, I'll be leaving to Penang tomorrow. I'd definitely get some, and if I could find Daiso stores I'd buy this, too, I love love love mask!

    Hahaha, some have said I look better with glasses, but you know I hate them, rite. ^_^
    Please visit my blog again soon! I'll definitely visit your blog once I'm back from my vacation!

    Visit me:LeeAnne, Style N Season

  7. If I'm not mistaken, there's one in Queensbay Mall. Nothing wrong with loving masks xD!!
    Have fun~~

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