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December in Photos

Dunno what to blog about today so I'll show some pics.

Recently had cravings for gummy bears (gummy bears!) and found them at Cineleisure. RM 5.50 for 100g. I was almost done with the bag before realizing they're actually butterflies, not gummy bears? =/

Mum cooked shark for dinner. It's actually quite yummy with a single long cylindrical bone in the middle.

Wore another top from Tanks for 5 to work. I'm eye-ing more of their skirts. Should I get more? =/ Think I already overspent though.. Feel so broke..

Because.. I bought more contact lenses from MagicColour! xD Had to take advantage of their promotion.. Was so shocked as the parcel arrived yesterday when I haven't received their account details to pay. Hence I concluded...

MagicColour's service is so fast, your orders arrive even before you make payment xD

I got Moonlight Pink, Sparkling Aqua (omg backup of my favs), Stilette Gray & Violet, Blushy Brown & Blushy Green.

Major rant about this job.. The 3rd girl came super late (apparently a replacement), wore high heels, didn't tie her hair (we were told to) and wore heavy makeup (jobscope was event crew & setup). Then she didn't wanna help out, probably feared she'll ruin her pretty gel nails and pedicure (she stood there admiring them while we went around doing work). After work, she was the first to leave because she wanted to go back and 'needed to be somewhere'. Yeah, like the rest of us didn't want to go back. Selfish bitch.

My Pop Phone arrived.. Chose PINK! Hehehe..

Finally couldn't take my stupid weirdly orangey/golden/yellow & desperately needs redye hair and drowned it in Liese. Not sure if I like it. Review coming soon =/

Beginning to love coffee! One thing I don't understand though.. I bought a packet of Nescafe 3-in-1s for RM 12 which contains 30 sachets so if I drink a cup everyday, it'll last me a month. 1 cup of coffee at Starbucks is also about RM 12. Why are people still drinking it?!? @_@ For the price of your 1 cup, I can drink coffee for a month!

Saw Anna updating her FB status about being in Taiwan and I buey paiseh asked her to help me buy Solone eyeliners xD 2 black & 2 golden black! Which added to my broke-ness. Then apparently there were also Shiseido curlers for RM 15 only omfg @#&@*!

Oh yeah, bought a birthday present for Andrew. A pair of shoes.. Which actually he picked and I forced him to let me pay for them =/ Suck at surprises. But I was desperate! If I didn't buy the shoes, I had no idea what to buy T_T! Then got him a pirated computer game for Christmas (omg so cheapo) which actually he let me buy to settle the whole what-to-buy-for-him dilemma. As he would say.. I'm just horrible =/

Apart from the above mentioned products, I also got a Maybelline Hypersharp liner & Babylips lipbalm (I'm so sorry, wallet). Seriously thinking if I should buy Essential haircare products as I saw someone selling it on Lowyat but it's quite pricey considering the price in Singapore Dollars. Later buy already then they decide to bring it in to Malaysia /wrist

HOW?! Only have a few days to decide as the girl is leaving to Singapore soon =(


  1. I've had shark fin soup before (which I love!) but I've never seen actual shark served before! Very interesting :)

    And great lens haul! You got some really pretty colors ^^ Sorry to hear about your job btw - I'm sure that girl won't last long though - she'll probably be fired pretty soon if she keeps acting the way she does...

  2. Oh.. I don't eat sharks fin soup .. They cut the fins off and throw it back into the sea to die slowly :( Shark's fin is easily replaceable with glass noodle. It's quite similar

  3. angelvalerie198521 December, 2011 15:03

    Ooh, that's me, going to SG. Hahahahaha!!!

  4. not you lahh.. The seller is also going to SG. Perasan betul.. xD

  5. U wan buy essential jer...ask me buy la.. :))

  6. haha..starbucks coffee makes no sense..XD once in a while is fine lah but I can't fathom those who drink it like its some kind of morning elixir or something. meeh..

  7. Yeeessshhh! My friend told me his friend drinks it a few times everyday =_=


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