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Winter Solstice & Christmas

Well, it's 2.30am on 25th December here so... Merry Christmas! No, it isn't snowing here and no, I did not go for Christmas countdown etc. Just me and the dogs at home =)
I hope I don't turn into those old women who live with their 100 cats.

Aaanyway.. Since the whole world is probably posting about Christmas, I'm gonna show you something less popular but still sorta related to this season which is the Winter Solstice. On that day, we're supposed to make tang yuan which is glutinous rice ball in syrup.

Looks like quail eggs huh?

Yes, I'm a perfectionist so my tang yuans have to be arranged in a nice circle with the big ones outside =/ But no, I'm not perfectionist enough to make them perfectly round and in the same sizes lols The lazy side of me took over then.

Yum! It's tradition to eat tang yuan every year so you will grow 1 year older (does this mean people who wanna stay young should avoid this? xD)

I know this looks gross

But it's actually coffee tang yuan! Just replace water with coffee while making the dough.

'Quail eggs' were actually sesame paste filled tang yuans. Mix the black sesame with butter and wrap it with the dough. Recipes can be found online.

Actually spent like 3 hours doing these cos my sis & I were slow hahaha.. Nowadays you can buy ready made ones from the supermarket but it tastes horrible! Cannot compare with the homemade ones at all..

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